ABOUT BEASTPK BeastPK is a RuneScape Private Server; RSPS; based on both 667-vision and OSRS. BeastPK has been running for 2+ years! BeastPK is the first 667-vision RSPS with a working OSRS data! We also have an active wilderness, 20+ custom bosses, and a scam-safe dicing system. There's always something to do, such as; Bossing, PK'ing, Slayer and much much more! Feel the nostalgia of the old PK'ing you were used to combined with new, balanced custom weapons. BeastPK has been up and running perfectly without any DDoS and also includes DDoS Protection for over 2 whole years and more! Among many of these features is our vote for donator. You can enjoy yelling, and much more by just voting! When voting, not only do you receive free donator rank, you also support the server a ton, which we all appreciate! BeastPK is an RSPS that strives for player enjoyment, and the best MMORPG RSPS experience possible.

As mentioned about us; We have an active Wilderness. This includes that we have a perfect ticking system. We have plenty of Special Attack weapons that you can choose from. We definitely know you will enjoy every single one of them! We also offer a temporarily Special Attack weapon for the beginners to try out!

Game Updates
Beastpk Update Log #38 (Major)

+ Wilderness Skilling

People have been requesting a way for skillers to make money. We decided to add wilderness skilling at the bandit camp.
Each activity you do you will gain 1 wilderness skill point. If you're afraid of having to keep going home to back, don't be.
There is an npc  at bandit camp that notes your items for free. Right click your item and use it on him.
He also has a shop for you to spend your wilderness skill points on.
To teleport to bandit camp use the command ;;banditcamp.
Like castle, there's a teleport to teleport home quicker.

Benefits of skilling at bandit camp: XP is increased by x1.5% at bandit camp.

Wilderness Skilling.png

There will be more benefits and a unique item in its shop, if you have any suggestions, let us know at forums.

+ The Giant Orc (Timer based boss)

The Giant Orc is a new boss addition to Beastpk.
He drops various rare items and a 100% billz bag drop and spawns every 2 hours south of ;;castle.
Some say he's weak to range/mage, but I've heard rumors rapiers are very effective.


Giant Orc.png


+ Removal of Statuette Shards - Replaced with Blood Money

The statuettes and shards were an annoying problem, it spammed you with a but-load of items that were rarely picked up.
We've decided to remove those and replace it with blood money, trickster, vanguard, celestial have been discontinued. (For now).
Every kill rewards you with 100 blood money, but  the higher your rank the more blood money you will get.

These are the exact stats:

Vip - 200 Blood money
L33t - 150 Blood money
Super - 130 Blood money
Legendary - 120 Blood money
Extreme - 110 Blood money
Regular - 100 Blood money

The new shop looks juicy, but we could use some more suggestions on what to add in the shop. If you know of anything let us know!


+ Toxic Crossbow (Obtainable through http://www.beastpk.com/store.php)

The new crossbow is based off the ascension crossbow and toxic blowpipe.
It hits as fast a magic shortbow, and it has a devastating special attack. It also stuns the target for 1 second.
The Giant Orc drops the toxic crossbow, it's also obtainable through our website store.
To start using the toxic crossbow you need toxic bolts.

- How to obtain toxic bolts?

You need to create toxic bolts by using blurite ore on dragon bolts (e).
1 Blurite ore will give you 1 toxic bolt.

- How do we mine blurite ore?

The blurite dungeon is now filled with blurite rocks you can mine. You need lvl 95 mining to start mining blurite rocks.

Special attack Toxic Crossbow:


+ Beginner Armour

We want Beastpk to be more player friendly, so we decided to create our own beginner Armour.
The beginner Armour will degrade after 6 hours of wearing it, giving new players a lot of time to make use of it.
Benefits of the Armour: 1% increased drop rate, bonuses are equal to doomed Armour.

Beginner armour.png

+ Arclight Defender

This will be the new best in-slot strength defender. It has no passive effect, but if there are any suggestions, we're willing to add it.
The arclight defender is obtained from the blood money shop, for 50K blood money.


+ Drop Rate Buffs

Abyssal Demon: Lites from 1% to 1.25%
Zulrah: Toxic blowpipe from .25% to .35%, Toxic staff of the dead from .9% to 1%, Serpentine helmets from .4% to .55%, pet from .3% to .5%
Cerberus: Heroic wings from .3% to .35%, Heroic boots from .35% to .4%, Primordial/Pegasion boots from .25% to .4%, Eternal boots from .35% to .55%
Armadyl: Armadyl Wings from .78% to .7%
Sunfreet: Undead Bludgeon/dagger from .5% to .65%
Dark Lord: Dark lord main pieces from .35% to .4%, dark lord gloves/boots from .45% to .55%
Solari: Solari pieces from .24% to .3%, Armadyl wings from .24% to 35%
Tekton: Elder Maul .24% to .30%, demon horn boots fire, .7% to .75%
Skeletal Dragon: infernal cape .28% to 35%, Infernal pickaxe/hatchet .55% to .6%, Beasty wings + boots (fire), .35% to .45%
Olmlet: Dinh's bulwark from .28% to .35%, demon horn boots ice, .6% to .7%
Kraken: Heavy Ballista from .45% to .55%, golden octo, .35% to .45%
Beasty: Beasty pieces torva pieces from .55% to .65%, Beasty virtus pieces, .67% to .75%


+ General Additions/Fixes

- Vip Donators & L33t Donators now bank pvp rewards upon killing a player. (Coins, pvp tokens, upgrade tokens, blood money).
- Made the starter and starter items more new player friendly.
- Added examine messages for certain items.
- Slightly nerfed the blue octo on enchanted chests and clue scrolls.
- Merged Rogue shop in to the Bounty shop.
- Added a Beastpk FAQ npc, that answer's most FAQ. If you have any questions we need to add then tell us!
- Added a dialogue before you claim your dice permit. So that people don't accidentally claim it.
- When typing an incorrect pin, it will now send you a message explaining what to do if you forgot pin.
- Drop Catcher now catches slayer drops.
- Drop catcher now catches color drops.
- Fixed missing map data, such as Draynor.
- Fixed resetting 500m xp.
- Removed the Spirit Tree from home.
- Reset statuette shards and statuettes.


+ Redeems Store

- Added abyssal whip brutal ice to the weaponry redeems store for 5K redeems.
- Added sled functionality, and added to the cosmetic redeems store for 5K redeems.


Hope you guys will enjoy the update :)


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Beastpk Update Log #37

- Double Store Purchases

You can now receive double store purchases from the website store!

You buy 100 redeems, there's a 10% chance to receive double that! So 200 redeems.

- What are the chances to receive double store purchases?

5-25$ - 10%
25-50$ - 15%
50-100$ - 25%
100-200$ - 35%
250$+ - 45%


- Removal Blacklist

Black list has been toggled off for a week or two, to see how it goes.

Certain rules have been implemented back in so please check rules for wilderness rules.


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Beastpk Update Log #36 (Major) + Client Update

+ Tormented Beast

Tormented beast is the newest addition to slayer. It's a custom monster, never seen before.
Its attack styles are melee & magic. Beware though, if you're not wearing a certain item. You will be poisoned.
To attack the tormented beast you need 95 slayer. To get tormented beast tasks you need to talk to Lapalok master.

Where is it?

The tormented beasts are located in the tormented lair. Tormented lair is found at the slayer cave.

What does it drop?

It drops the new best in slot weapons, and some other goodies! Find out more in-game. Examine the monster to see its drops.

Tormented beast requirement: Kill Tormented Beasts 5,000 times.


+ Tormented Weapons (New Best In-Slot) - (Also obtainable through website store)

With the release of the new slayer monster, we've decided to add new best in-slot weapons.
There are 3 new weapons. They're named from worst to best.

- Tormented whip
- Tormented rapier
- Tormented longsword

They have the same attack speed as the lite weapons, though they have a 40% chance to hit twice.
These weapons also have better stats.

How do I obtain them?

Tormented weapons are dropped by tormented beasts. Also obtainable through the website store at http://www.beastpk.com/store.php


+ Zilyana Wings (Best In-Slot Mage Wings) - (Obtainable through the redeems store)

Zilyana wings are now the best in-slot mage wings.
It's obtainable by killing the commander Zilyana at Godwars.


+ Referral Giveaway (New Players)

By filling in the YouTube refer, you will be entered to a giveaway.
At the end of the month 5 winners will be picked to win something very cool and pricey!


+ Slayer Additions

After a lot of suggestions we decided we'd give slayer a little revamp on the rewards side.

- Slayer Monster Per Kill Reward

All slayer monsters now drop a certain amount of coins depending on the slayer master & Donator rank.
The higher your Donator rank & slayer master, the better the coin loots are.  Note: Better coin rewards start from Super Donator.
Coin drops are given each slayer monster kill. Not assignment. So check your drops.

Note: These coins drop aren't affected by x2.

- Slayer Box

The slayer box will be randomly dropped on each slayer monster kill. It has a pretty high drop rate. You will be notified when one drops.
The slayer box contains various beginner goodies. Ranging from Armadyl Godswords to Bandos pieces and more goodies.
You will not receive a goodie reward at all times, if you don't get a reward, you'll receive 1-10m.


+ Blue Octo

When equipping the blue octo, it will give higher chances at a rare reward from any chest/casket.
Blue octo is obtainable through opening enchanted chests and clue scrolls. Or the website store.


+ Shift Drop

Shift dropping has been added. This is a client update. To get this feature, you have to update your client.


+ Screenshot

You can now use f11 to quickly screenshot your game screen. If you don't have f11, you can click the screenshot button to screenshot.

You need to update your client to get this feature.


+ Bosses Additions & Buffs

- All boss coins drop have been buffed.
- Evil chicken spot has been moved due to many requests.
- Flambeed spot has been moved due to many requests. (You can now attack it with range).
- Celestial dragons have been removed from the PvM - Teleports. Celestial dragons are in the blurite dungeon, enter the cave.


+ Shop Revamp

Most of the shops were revamped. That includes the rogue shop, bounty shop, damage shop & the general shops.
Find out in-game what new items the shops contain.


+ Drop Catcher Bugfix

Drop catcher didn't catch items with colors in their name. This has been fixed.
You simply have to type in the item name, regardless of its color. E.g. 

Octo f* Will catch all octos.


+ Sailing

It's about to we enabled sailing. It's a very unique feature that no other server has. 
To start sailing click on the sailing skill.

We will revamp the shop in the future, but for now enjoy sailing!


+ Small Item Reset

- Blue Octo has been reset. - Obtainable by opening enchanted chests & Caskets. Or Website store.
- Armadyl pieces has been reset. - Now in shop for 25-50M each piece.


+ Redeems Store & Website Store

- Zilyana Wings  - Redeems Store
- Tormented Whip - Website Store
- Tormented Rapier - Website Store
- Tormented Longsword - Website Store
- Tormented Weapon Package - Website Store


+ Effigy

Effigies now have a chance to drop from any monster kill. 
Effigies are used to obtain free xp and at the end you will receive the most XP. Though there are requirements before you can use the effigy.
The rate is 1 in 500.


+ Item Models

- Fixed female version torag body.
- Armadyl wings inventory model changed.


+ Skills Manager, Skills Cap Raise & Prestige

- Skills Manager

The set skills npc has been renamed to "Skills Manager".
It now has a feature to reset your capped xp back to 13m xp.
This will allow you to see xp drops again.
You can now also reset your Constitution level.

- Skills Cap Raise

The skills cap has been raised to 500m xp. It's very easy to gain xp.
This also means people will compete more for the highscores!

- Prestige

Prestige xp has been nerfed.


+ Item Nerfs

- Doomed Armour defence, attack bonuses has been nerfed.
- Ganodermic defence, attack bonuses nerfed. +2 Strength bonus added.
- All lite weapons have been nerfed, including undegs.


+ Bug fixes & Additions

- You can now see the last plant when playing flower poker.
- Trade-Gamble bug has been fixed.
- Blacklist bug when being frozen you could attack others on blacklist fixed.
- Duplicates names in friends chat has been fixed.
- Fixed issue when you go to instance and teleport out you get sent home multiple times.
- Slayer monsters now have a requirement when attacking them based on slayer level requirement.
- All slayer master pieces are now tradeable and able to sell to loot store.
-"My info" now has a dialogue with other useful options.
- Npc's now face a certain direction instead of facing all the same. upon server restart
- Announcement system fixed, was overlaying with private messages.
- Restore special through task tab fixed (now uses the Heal box instead).
- Regular energy potion fixed.
- Removed a lot of useless teleports from global teleports - will soon remove it forever.
- Overload flasks are now noteable.
- L33t Donator shop has noted overloads.
- Sending message when you drop a pet notifying you of its benefits. Many weren't aware.
- Beasty wings (ice) have a 120m trade price.
- It will now ask if you want to reset your task instead of instantly reset your boss task.
- When you bring an item to the wilderness, it will now notify you which item has been blocked from the wilderness.
- Removed all items restrictions from wilderness except chaotic staff undeg and beginner whip.
- Being the "king" or "queen" now has a benefit to attack players regardless of blacklist.
- Added a few new trivia questions.
- Added godsword making
- Removed l33t animation on rapiers.


+ Useless Content Removal

- Evil tree minigame has been removed.
- Noticeboard has been removed.
- Tournament minigame has been removed.
- Setting login message has been removed.

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