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    + New Best In-Slot Accessories (Available at http://www.beastpk.com/store.php) For a long time BeastPK had no good accessories that go well with your equipment. We've solved this issue by introducing new custom sets of accessories. Each accessory has a combat style, Dragonic is for Melee, Poison Claw is for Range and Crystal is for Magic. These are not only the best in-slot for its combat style, but also give you a benefit of hitting 4x with a chance of 10%. What makes these so good, is that by wearing all 3 that effect gets tripled! - How do you create them? Each accessory has a respective boss to it. That boss drops a sigil that you need to use on an unidentified glove, ring or amulet. The unidentified items are obtained through the bosses, and so are the sigils. It costs nothing to create them, you just need RNG on your side! + New Bosses (Ice Demon, Dragonic Demon, Poison Claw) To obtain a certain accessory, you need to kill the boss that drops the sigil you want. Ice demon (Crystal Sigil), Dragonic Demon (Dragonic Sigil), Poison Claw (Poison Claw Sigil). Each boss also drops unidentified gloves, ring and amulet. To visit the new bosses, use the pvm teleports interface to teleport to them. + Additions & Changes - Added Ice Demon completionist cape requirement: Kill x1000 - Added Dragonic Demon completionist cape requirement: Kill x1000 - Added Poison Claw completionist cape requirement: Kill x1000 - Lowered Angelic Aura Wings value to 250M. - Lowered Demonic Aura Wings value to 250M. Coming next update: Able to transfer redeems to billz & more.
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