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    So, I am thinking of an idea where A NPC with decided values for different items in cash could be traded. So for example, you may trade in a full set of elite torva, and for Exchange you get like 10-15b cash, Etc. (Prices will have to be decided by the staff team ofcourse.) And you may ask yourself about cash becoming a problem if so? Well, we did create heirlooms to keep the majority of the cash flow out of the game (right?). In that way we will be able to get a item sink, aswell as a Money sink into the game. That was really quickly how it would work, if people like the idea then I could explain further. Cause I myself feel like the problem at the moment is the items, nothing is Selling due to all people got to offer is items vs items which is useless. A item sink would solve the problem in some ways atleast, I don't know if that's something that will be able to get into the game but it would really be a good thing I Think. Take Care, Ipottt.
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    Home tele - i think it would be a lot easier that home tele should not bring up options of where to tele, just create the options into a command for people wanting to use them, home should be an instant tele Re sizeable transparent chat box - this is annoying for me especially as i play re sizeable and when i miss click the options. this could be sorted by adding the space bar key bind to select 'click here to continue' or by making the chat box 0% transparent and unable to click through Options in chat box - i think the feature of being able to click 1,2,3 on the keyboard to use an option in the chat box will be very effective mostly for lazy people like me yes, its just a burden having to click through the options. Key binds - i like to use personal key binds for different tabs especially when im pking and this isn't an option which i can open and then alter the key binds to my own personal preference. which will also include enabling 'Esc' to close windows. Zoom - i would absolutely love for the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out just like it does in actual runescape, this would be an amazing feature for the server. hold CTRL + Scroll mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Profanity filter - this button needs fixing as you should be able to turn it off and on to your own preference. thanks for taking the time to read through this hopefully a lot of people agree as id like to see these updates in game. ashb0ne.
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    happy to share my thoughts with you all, trying to help improve the serve in every aspect! edited the post about the zoom, figured out you just hold CTRL + Scroll mouse wheel to zoom in and out. thanks again.
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    to sign up , like this video, comment ign and subscribe! thanks for watching! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz7LvTfNwIw