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    Update #46 (Sea-Dweller, Mini-Update)

    + Sea-Dweller Sea-Dweller is the new best in-slot magic equipment. With a set effect, giving you increased drop rate by 1%. You are able to obtain Sea-Dweller from opening enchanted chests and castle chest. Here's how it looks: We will be doing another update very soon, this is just a small teaser for you guys
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    Forum shortcuts for new players.

    Here i will compile a list of forum posts that will help newer players with most of their questions. RULES, make sure to read this before you start playing. New player guide, these are the best to do when you first start out. PRICELIST, you should always use this list when trading/dicing/risking. Most recent update Donator benefits Droprate modifiers, these items will help you alot in PVM! Shoulder pets Max cape/skilling guide, to get to most skilling areas just click the skill and teleport to training area. Comp cape guide (outdated), you can see the new requirements at home/skilling at the cape stand. Slayer Boss drop lists, even though you can see these in PVM-teleports, its a simple overview with dr%. Clue scrolls For people wondering what the blank phat in their bank is used for. L33T PHAT! This is alot of information to take in at once, so take your time reading it and it will help you so much further down the line Thank you for all the people who put effort and time to make these guides/lists. there are alot more form posts to be discovered by newer players, i suggest when you have time, check other posts/guides aswell!! Keep making progress and grinding!! -pce