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    Beastpk Update Log #38 (Major)

    + Wilderness Skilling People have been requesting a way for skillers to make money. We decided to add wilderness skilling at the bandit camp. Each activity you do you will gain 1 wilderness skill point. If you're afraid of having to keep going home to back, don't be. There is an npc at bandit camp that notes your items for free. Right click your item and use it on him. He also has a shop for you to spend your wilderness skill points on. To teleport to bandit camp use the command ;;banditcamp. Like castle, there's a teleport to teleport home quicker. Benefits of skilling at bandit camp: XP is increased by x1.5% at bandit camp. There will be more benefits and a unique item in its shop, if you have any suggestions, let us know at forums. + The Giant Orc (Timer based boss) The Giant Orc is a new boss addition to Beastpk. He drops various rare items and a 100% billz bag drop and spawns every 2 hours south of ;;castle. Some say he's weak to range/mage, but I've heard rumors rapiers are very effective. + Removal of Statuette Shards - Replaced with Blood Money The statuettes and shards were an annoying problem, it spammed you with a but-load of items that were rarely picked up. We've decided to remove those and replace it with blood money, trickster, vanguard, celestial have been discontinued. (For now). Every kill rewards you with 100 blood money, but the higher your rank the more blood money you will get. These are the exact stats: Vip - 200 Blood money L33t - 150 Blood money Super - 130 Blood money Legendary - 120 Blood money Extreme - 110 Blood money Regular - 100 Blood money The new shop looks juicy, but we could use some more suggestions on what to add in the shop. If you know of anything let us know! + Toxic Crossbow (Obtainable through http://www.beastpk.com/store.php) The new crossbow is based off the ascension crossbow and toxic blowpipe. It hits as fast a magic shortbow, and it has a devastating special attack. It also stuns the target for 1 second. The Giant Orc drops the toxic crossbow, it's also obtainable through our website store. To start using the toxic crossbow you need toxic bolts. - How to obtain toxic bolts? You need to create toxic bolts by using blurite ore on dragon bolts (e). 1 Blurite ore will give you 1 toxic bolt. - How do we mine blurite ore? The blurite dungeon is now filled with blurite rocks you can mine. You need lvl 95 mining to start mining blurite rocks. Special attack Toxic Crossbow: + Beginner Armour We want Beastpk to be more player friendly, so we decided to create our own beginner Armour. The beginner Armour will degrade after 6 hours of wearing it, giving new players a lot of time to make use of it. Benefits of the Armour: 1% increased drop rate, bonuses are equal to doomed Armour. + Arclight Defender This will be the new best in-slot strength defender. It has no passive effect, but if there are any suggestions, we're willing to add it. The arclight defender is obtained from the blood money shop, for 50K blood money. + Drop Rate Buffs Abyssal Demon: Lites from 1% to 1.25% Zulrah: Toxic blowpipe from .25% to .35%, Toxic staff of the dead from .9% to 1%, Serpentine helmets from .4% to .55%, pet from .3% to .5% Cerberus: Heroic wings from .3% to .35%, Heroic boots from .35% to .4%, Primordial/Pegasion boots from .25% to .4%, Eternal boots from .35% to .55% Armadyl: Armadyl Wings from .78% to .7% Sunfreet: Undead Bludgeon/dagger from .5% to .65% Dark Lord: Dark lord main pieces from .35% to .4%, dark lord gloves/boots from .45% to .55% Solari: Solari pieces from .24% to .3%, Armadyl wings from .24% to 35% Tekton: Elder Maul .24% to .30%, demon horn boots fire, .7% to .75% Skeletal Dragon: infernal cape .28% to 35%, Infernal pickaxe/hatchet .55% to .6%, Beasty wings + boots (fire), .35% to .45% Olmlet: Dinh's bulwark from .28% to .35%, demon horn boots ice, .6% to .7% Kraken: Heavy Ballista from .45% to .55%, golden octo, .35% to .45% Beasty: Beasty pieces torva pieces from .55% to .65%, Beasty virtus pieces, .67% to .75% + General Additions/Fixes - Vip Donators & L33t Donators now bank pvp rewards upon killing a player. (Coins, pvp tokens, upgrade tokens, blood money). - Made the starter and starter items more new player friendly. - Added examine messages for certain items. - Slightly nerfed the blue octo on enchanted chests and clue scrolls. - Merged Rogue shop in to the Bounty shop. - Added a Beastpk FAQ npc, that answer's most FAQ. If you have any questions we need to add then tell us! - Added a dialogue before you claim your dice permit. So that people don't accidentally claim it. - When typing an incorrect pin, it will now send you a message explaining what to do if you forgot pin. - Drop Catcher now catches slayer drops. - Drop catcher now catches color drops. - Fixed missing map data, such as Draynor. - Fixed resetting 500m xp. - Removed the Spirit Tree from home. - Reset statuette shards and statuettes. + Redeems Store - Added abyssal whip brutal ice to the weaponry redeems store for 5K redeems. - Added sled functionality, and added to the cosmetic redeems store for 5K redeems. Hope you guys will enjoy the update
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    Lewis <3

    Tawmeh's SS Application

    because hes only a server support so he should jail them until a moderator or an admin can come online to ban them
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    Hey im pinsbe1 . Iam the one who are always poor and cant sell anything because no1 wants to trade
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    Hi everyone, I played BeastPk for the first time when it got released it was around Dec, 2013 and played for a half year after getting into college and quiting it. For nostalgia reasons I came back in 2015 when suprisingly the game was still alive so I played another few months and left again. Now I'm back and for the most time I'm active in the forums just poppin out ideas that come through my mind to keep the forums a little alive. My ingame name was Brutal Painx and Brutal Vainx back in Dec 2013. I still love that version of the game as there were no custom weps and the quality of graphics were better( my opinion) The simplicity of the game got it for me. Even though it has that ghostly custom made op set that you could get by killing npc's for endless of hours that was the only one.
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    Hello Beastpkers, Many of you know me as Fallzon, although a lot of people call me master. Some of you may remember me as the best staff member, from a few months ago when I was staff:). Hope to see some of you ingame.
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    Small trash vid + 50b giveaway

    Bad quality ik ik
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    Small trash vid + 50b giveaway

    and at vidding
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    Add a working clan system pls, k ty
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    Donor Request

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    #SneakPeak - New Customs

    - Toxic Crossbow (It's based off of Ascension Crossbow & Toxic blowpipe) - Need Name - Beginner Armor (Beginners will receive this armor. We made it really basic yet very clean.) - New Defender (Need Name)
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    so many players stop playing on the server so good of the beast you draw your own conclusion is not the pure truth I did not lose anything of purpose I was betting usually is lost the bet you told me in private that I was banned because I bet with yara mine solari for shit now you have already changed your own word it's another thing if you can not bet remove dicegame from the server I was simply betting this is not illegal I wonder where you got your conclusion that you wanted to lose my items. I said that I would stop playing because of personal problems I did not say anything I want to lose all of it so you are judging it wrong. I called several friends of mine to play on the server, some even donated I always did the best I followed the rules I'm a veteran on the server I know all the rules I did not give anything to anyone I did not lose anything for purpose, just bet it's lost I'm wanting to play go prohibit even playing in my account?
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    Old Video I Found

    Old gambling video I found on my computer, none of the people talking were me btw.
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    best setup for pking/pvm?

    More detailed: If you're low leveled and don't have alot of cash, best thing to do with 10m is o buy full dharoks with a rock cake, otherwise if you have around 1b+, invest in these current items: PVM Chaotic lites ( 1b each, excellent for pvming due to how fast it is) Doomed armour ( 1b/piece, strong armour that does really well in both pvming and in pvping) Cheap setup: Full dharoks + steadfast boots + bring i +goliaths (rest spawn gear will handle) = 152m Bit expensive: Chaotic longsword + full doomed armour + Demonhorn boots + demonic aura wings = 7.5b Expensive: Chaotic longsword (undeg) or Tormented weapon + Full beasty torva/darklord + heroic set or infernal cape + upg fury + tormented gloves with erow and gold octo = 50b-1t. PVP: Cheap setup: ::Gear - meele with a korasi (200m) or upg ags (1b) Bit expensive setup: ::Gear - dharoks with an illuminessence (10b) or doomed claws (5b) Expensive: ::Gear - dharoks with a fluressence or an elder maul (300b). Hope this helped you out a bit
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    Redeems into Billz Bag

    Redeems can already be turned into billz bags by buying magic logs or addy ore from the store! They even relate to 100m ea redeem that way...
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    Target and Slayer suggestion

    Hi All, Could we have a wilderniss level interface to see which level of the wildy your targets in? If you want to take it to the next level! Might aswell add a tele to target tab. Or just rework some of the other teleports as they aren't configured. Also could we get a instant buy option for slayer gear? Really bugs me to talk to him over and over again. Thanks for your attention. Kind Regards, Chainz
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    Mass unbanning (READ)

    Hello. Under these upcomming weeks, we will introduce a mass unbanning towards the community, if you have a banned account that you want unbanned please pm it to Beast via forums and you will receive your unban. If you are an old player that got banned a while ago but now you've received an unban, here's some guides to put you back into track: Be sure to keep up with the upcomming updates and remember to read the old update logs on forums. Thank you for reading.
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    How to become a Youtuber for Beastpk

    Hey, We at Beastpk love Youtubers that make content for it. It helps the server and the Youtuber out with subscribers. Interested in becoming a Youtuber for Beastpk? Look no further! To be able to obtain the Youtuber rank you need to fulfill certain requirements. Requirements: - Upload at least 5 Beastpk videos. - Videos must be quality. (No shitty videos with you typing telling them to join the server). - Every video must be at least 5 minutes long. - The Beastpk site has to be in the top of the description for every video. - You are not allowed to upload any other RSPS. There's no "subscribers" requirement. As long as you make consistent & quality Youtube videos you will be fine. By reaching these requirements, you will be rewarded with the Youtuber rank. Which has a Youtube icon and a Youtube cape. Also by becoming a Youtuber with a rank, you will be given certain items for videos (E.g. Crate keys, mystery boxes, special weapons). These items would of course be emptied. After you have used them for your videos. Do we sponsor Youtubers? Yes, we do. If you have over 300 legit RSPS subscribers we will pay you per video. If you would like to start getting paid for videos, send me a message on forums. Note: We do not give or "lend" items to non certified Youtubers. Hope to see some new Youtubers for Beastpk!
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    Small trash vid + 50b giveaway

    Bad at pking and at dicing
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    Blue octo

    Hi I am buying a Blue Octo for 20 billion cash! Yes that's right, cash! IGN: Jletts
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    rich as fck

    Redeems into Billz Bag

    no since it would ruin the economy for coins. also stop players from selling there donations to players, however more people would donate since it would be easier to make money