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    Beastpk Update Log #39 (Major)

    - Heirlooms (Base Heirlooms obtainable through the website store www.beastpk.com/store.php) Beastpk is introducing a new type of set items. Along with a new equipment slot in the equipment tab. These items work with items such as auras & shoulder pets. There are 4 types of heirlooms: Attacker [Adds a certain amount of Strength/Ranged Str/Magic Damage per level] Defender [Adds a certain amount of absorb defense per level] Healer [Heal certain amount HP in seconds per level] Collector [Increases drop rate by a certain % per level] Heirlooms go up to level 5 and it needs a certain amount of redeems & billz bag to upgrade it to the next level. Base heirlooms are obtainable through any npc-boss however, it's a very low drop rate. Healer: 1 in 50K Defender: 1 in 60K Attacker: 1 in 75K Collector: 1 in 100K Stats: Healer: Tier 1 - heals 1% health every 5 seconds // its a new equipment slot i added ah okay Tier 2 - heals 1% health every 4 seconds Tier 3 - heals 1% health every 3 seconds Tier 4 - heals 1.25% health every 3 seconds Tier 5 - heals 1.5% health every 2.5 seconds Defender: Tier 1 - (2% absorb all) Tier 2 - (4% absorb all) Tier 3 - (6% absorb all) Tier 4 - (9% absorb all) Tier 5 - (12% absorb all) Attacker: Tier 1 - (10 range str/12 str bonus/5% magic damage) Tier 2 - (13 range str/15 str bonus/8% magic damage) Tier 3 - (15 range str/18 str bonus/11% magic damage) Tier 4 - (18 range str/23 str bonus/14% magic damage) Tier 5 - (25 range str/30 str bonus/20% magic damage) Collector: Tier 1 - (0.5% Drop Rate Increase) Tier 2 - (0.75% Drop Rate Increase) Tier 3 - (1.00% Drop Rate Increase) Tier 4 - (1.50% Drop Rate Increase) Tier 5 - (2.00% Drop Rate Increase) - PvP Bots We are introducing the new beastpk PvP Bots. They come in melee, range and mage. There's a rare chance a rare bot comes along with good gear. Rewards range from upgraded gear to high end gear. So make sure to snipe those! The current spawn rate for bots will be 1 per 5 players. There may be bugs with the bots, but we will fix it of course. Just make sure to report them! - Sky Dweller (Obtainable through the website store www.beastpk.com/store.php) Sky Dweller is dropped by Skotizo and is also obtainable through clue scrolls. It is the new best in-slot melee armor. You can also change its color, by using the color changer you get it with. Not only will Sky Dweller be the best in-slot melee armor, it will also have increased drop rate (1%) & prayer bonuses by equipping the full set. Here's how it looks like: - Skotizo Skotizo is the newest boss addition to Beastpk. It is suggested to use range-mage type combat on skotizo. To see Skotizo's drops, right click and examine the boss. Skotizo is also a completionist cape requirement - kill 750. To get to Skotizo, talk to the pvm teleports npc and then go to the last page. Media: - Looting Bag (Obtainable through the redeems store) Everyone knows how annoying it is to loot some items when PKing and having to re-bank when doing wilderness bosses. By introducing we're making it easier for people to loot items and continue PKing. As well as being able to stay longer at wilderness bosses. By adding their drops to the loot bag. All npcs drop the looting bag, you may also buy it from the redeems store. How it works: - PvM Hiscores I know some of you guys would like to show off with your amazing high kill count! That's why we've introduced the PvM hiscores. It will show the top 100 of each boss. We will do events with the hiscores soon, so stay tuned and be competitive! To see the hiscores go to your task tab > my info. Here's how it looks: - New Announcement System Our old announcement system was very buggy, and didn't feel good. We have revamped our announcement system. We can have long sentences and other symbols in the text. As well as having a timer in our announcement. It also supports queues. It looks like this: This will be very useful for events, and important content polls. - Sailing Optimizations For the longest sailing has caused a lot of networking issues. We did some optimizations, this will fix the lagging it caused on the server. However, we had no means to test it. So if it still causes lag, we will disable sailing and do further optimizations. - Bug Fixes & Additions * Fixed double hitting when tormented whip is equipped with any combat styles being used. * Fixed the invisible bank when clicking on the bank tool. * Fixed kraken yell from 750 to 500. * Fixed certain pets being dropped as an item instead following you when getting a drop from the boss. * Fixed zulrah shift dropping as an item. * Fixed zulrah pet not giving extra drop rate on zulrah. * Wilderness master will now give you the correct wildslayer set. * You now have to complete 100 wilderness task to obtain the wildslayer set. * Added more giant orc spawns. Not just rogues castle. * Crate Key drop rate increased. * It'll now say which npc you got an effigy from, instead of "monster drop".
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    Redeems Into Cash?

    Do you guys think we should make redeems convertable into cash in-game? Please submit your vote so we can take an action.
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    This weekend's events.. A- Hide and Seek Event :- There will be three hide and seek events and the winner will choose a number from 1-28 to get his prize. B-Anagram Event :- Will be 10-15 anagram over yell and first to guess it right will win and he will choose a number 1-28 to get his prize. The anagrams will be Beastpk/Runescape related. C-Trivia Event :- Will be 10 Trivia questions and who ever answers correct first wins. Also it will be Beastpk/Runescape related. http://prntscr.com/ifmk56 The Events will start 7:00-8:00 PM GMT Time. Make sure to be here! -Beastpk Staff Team.
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    Which time is this? 100th?

    Ingame Name: EWONY X Rank you're applying for: SERVER SUPPORT Age: 20 Timezone: GMT +2 Why did you decide to apply for staff?: Cause of the new found motivation to help BeastPk players reform and become a nicer community for hundreds of people to enjoy. What is your relationship with the current staff members?: I get along quite nicely with every staff member out there. Have you ever had fights with current staff members?: Not at all, atleast none that I know of Do you like the current staff members?: Yes, I really enjoy spending time with the current staff members because they're layed back but strict at the same time, it's a great combination. Have you ever been staff on another server? [Owner doesn't count]: I've been moderator before on BeastPK itself, also I've been server support multiple times, but have resigned due to lack of motivation + upcoming exams and such. When did you first join Beastpk?: I've been around BeastPK for 3 years now. Are you planning to stay on beastpk for atleast 6 months?: For sure. Lets say your bank is 1t and you get cleaned, will you quit the game?: No thanks, rebuilding is pretty easy. Have you ever been banned on beastpk, other servers?: Haha... Yes it has happened. If so what were you banned for?: For supposedly scaming while being an administrator. What is your intention as a staff member? : To help everyone that is in need of it the best I can. Please in no less than 3 sentences explain why you would be a smart choice to be added as a part of the staff team: I could be a good addition to the staff team since I've been around BeastPk for ages. I can be very responsible and dedicated, even in the worst of times. I also think that people are kind of attracted to me and tend to listen to my requests more. Tell us a little more about yourself: Hey, Im NICK ;') Im a calm and collected person, but everyone has those "someone startled the witch" days, but i just choose to contain myself even then. Im a very friendly a helpful person if you get to know me better. I really hate liars and people who abuse/make fun of my friends. What would you do? : 1. A player say's that they have been scammed; what do you do? I would contact a moderator+ via our skype chat to help me out because I couldn't do much myself, or I would not take any action at all if there was no proof to be given of the scam actually happening. 2. Your friend is online and they are breaking a rule; What do you do? Treat them like every other player, 3 warnings, punishment. 3. There's an argument over yell and its gets out of hand what will you do? Tell the players to calm down, if it continues, mute them. 4. A player is needing assistance with things you do not have access to, to assist them what do you do? Call an moderator+ via the skype chat or pm them ingame if they're online at that time.
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    Weekly Saturday events - 03/02/2018

    This Weekend event = Infected How does this work? If you ever played Call of duty, you'll get an idea of this event. There'll be 2 infected people to start out with - These people will have a dds / whip / 6 rocktails only Everyone else will be the survivors - These people will have ::gear - melee (rune) / dds / 2 rocktails or anything else in inventory. Everyone who is a survivor will be told to run in a certain location in wilderness, the infected people will come after you and will try to hunt you down. When an infected person kills you, we will know and you'll have to join us as infected. The last survivor will win the event and the event prize. Don't worry, as an infected player, you will also get something. This event can effect your kills / deaths (KDR) or any killstreak that you acquire. Rules - Can only use ::gear - rune / dds / nothing else, as a survivor - Can only use Whip / dds / 10 rocktails as an infected player - Going out of the certain location appointed will lead to a warning then a disqualification from the event. (I will know :P) - Backstabbing a member from your own team will lead to a disqualification - Follow what ever a staff member / myself tells you during the event. - Ask any questions to me (rek3dge) if you have any to ask. Will begin at Saturday 8pm (gmt +0) - Join the friends chat "events" before the event begins, you will be reminded an hour beforehand. Goodluck!
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    Shoulder Pets

    There are two types of shoulder pets:- A-Octo F*/ Dragon F*/ Monkey F*. Their action depends on their colour:- 1-Gold pets :- They give extra drop rate. 2-Red pets:- They heal you. 3-Orange pets:- They restore run energy. 4-Blue pets (Octo):- It gives better chances on getting good items from caskets and echests. 5-White pets: They give extra xp while skilling. 6-Black pets:- They give extra slayer xp. 7-Green pets:- They have no use so far (suggestions?). N.B:- Octo is better than Dragon and Dragon is better than Monkey. B-Boss shoulder pets:- They are useless so far and just cosmetics.
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    Noobs Own

    Beastpk Update Log #39 (Major)

    if you are to lazy to read:
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    Beastpk Update Log #39 (Major)

    Very good. Thanks Beast!
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    Beastpk Update Log #39 (Major)

    Very nice, good job.
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    Beastpk Update Log #39 (Major)

    Awesome updates beast
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    leo zerbinati

    Beastpk Update Log #39 (Major)

    holy ***! thanks boss!
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    Things are way too un-organized from the view as a player, and yeah pretty much want to change that '-'. Small suggestions, not going to go too in-depth about it. Forum Staff: These would be 'Forum Moderator & Forum Administrator'. They both have two different authorities/responsibilities, and holds less of a value/power than a server support do (dependent on what power/limitation is given by the owner). This would pretty much result with the forum being much more clean, and a better view & as well as several forum requests can be done much much much faster, instead of people having to wait days/months. For the love of god... do something about the forum please Head Administrator / Manager This rank would be given to the head of staff, who basically has a role of being a 'server manager'. Which includes, managing staff/the server, just making sure everything is as it is as well as the normal staff duties. This person would also be given specific additions of powers, that a regular administrator wouldn't have. This rank can in which case sometimes be considered a sort of co-owner rank, as it's almost the same. By having this person, people know who to go to other than beast, as he's not the easiest person to contact. Problems will pretty much be taken care of much faster. Alternative's incase the first 2 aren't appealing: Give staff more power, make server moderators limited to moderate the forum (making them a global mod), as well as making admins limited to certain things within the admincp (this isn't a too much of a deal if you limit it right, which isn't hard to do at all, frankly they'll have no power to ruin the forum). And give all administrators access to handle stuff that people have to contact beast for. Everything is better when it's organized c:
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    It was me, sorry that I went missing
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    Redeems Into Cash?

    Rate would be at 1 redeem for 50m.
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    Make sure to enter the give away!! ►How to enter the giveaway! • Like the video • Comment your IGN + Kc I got ice aura wings at. • Subscribe to my channel • Make sure to join the server, set me as your referral (If you're new) so people don't steal your username! ~Noobs Own
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    thanks mate I will
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    Important info

    Good luck, Omega. Hope you come back soon
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    Important info

    Yeh, Irl is a lot more important than this xd Gl man
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    Important info

    Good luck in your life!
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    great job man, just a suggestion to get rid of the security warning by setting a 6 digit pin or something ~Noobs Own
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    Redeems Into Cash?

    If we're going to make this happen, It will be fair.
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    Noobs Own

    BrandonRSPS One Hour of FlamBeed

    Gj bud, more content creators
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    Nice video!
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    Pk To Riches

    Beastpk ~INTRODUCTION~

    My introduction to ~BeastPk~ Including a starter guide for people who are all starting to ~BeastPk~ If you get cringed easily Don't click on this !
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    BrandonRSPS Road to Stacks

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    Omega Ruby

    BrandonRSPS Road to Stacks

    Cool video man!
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    Make sure to subscribe for more! ~Noobs Own
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    We specifically planned to eliminate Dylan first and move on :/
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    A small montage of a few pking/risking/rushing clips that i threw together! ~Noobs Own yt!
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    More activity

    I'm kinda new to this forum. But I love to chat on the forum. Just let me know
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    Item overlay & Left-Click

    1. I love PvM a lot, but sometimes when i want to do slayer or killing bosses, its so anoying I need to right-click attack on a monster lvl 170 sometimes , while corp lvl 785 lvl is and left-clickable is. Maybe its good to add a option for left-click NPC. 2. And it would be awesome to have a item overlay for drops on the ground tbh. x Jenni
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    1 appeal

    Appeal has been denied.
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    Our Repents SS Application

    HE IS AMAZING! he always help me when I have a question he immediately answers me and help me. He would be excellent as a support staff, I totally recommend.
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    Tankedbro STAFF APP-new zealand

    If you just less AFK and more helpful over yell. Good luck!
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    Our Repents SS Application

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    Weekly Saturday Events! 27/01/2018

    2V2 Tournament Will start at 9pm (Gmt +0) How it works: There'll be teams of 2 that will go up with another team and fight against each other in a multi area between the 2 teams. You may pick who you want to be paired with, if you do not have a pair, then you'll be put into one. A team will only win if both pairs are dead. If there is no other pair available for 1 person, you will be paired with me. Rules: - Can only use ::gear (No dh / claws / karambwams allowed) - Rocktails, overloads, prayer renewals are allowed to be used - Can use up to 4 saradomin brews - All matches are death matches, meaning when you're out you can't run - If you have no pair and don't want to be with the person you are appointed to and there's no one else, you'll have to leave - You must fight with your partner and must not backstab them, else it'll lead a disqualification for the backstabber. - Only the remaining 2 teams can win the prizes - Any further questions, pm rek3dge ingame Once it is 9pm, wait on the server until further instructions is given. Prizes will be only a certain amount of Cash for the 2 teams remaining. Goodluck
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    Player Owned Shops

    10vs2, rekt we win
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    Pussy Slayer Unban Appeal

    Appeal has been accepted.
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    100B cash Hide and seek Event

    Gday Everyone Swagtastic and i will be hosting a 100B cash event in wildy this time tomorrow. RULES: One hint will be given every 10 mins Pking other players trying to find us is allowed Teaming is allowed If you die and lose bank that's on you do not bother spamming Swagtastic or myself WILL BE MULTI AND DANGEROUS DO NOT BRING WHAT YOUR NOT WILLING TO LOSE!!!
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    water cup

    Our Repents SS Application

    +1 Great guy would really like seeing this man on staff team. Incredibly helpful and always going out of his way to help community. Responds super fast and always has answers!
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    Official staff list (2018-01-03)

    Cleveland has resigned from Server Support. 3/1/18
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    Official staff list (2018-01-03)

    Rek3dge has resigned from Moderator to Regular player. 4/12/17 (Personal reasons)
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    How to become a Youtuber for Beastpk

    Hey, We at Beastpk love Youtubers that make content for it. It helps the server and the Youtuber out with subscribers. Interested in becoming a Youtuber for Beastpk? Look no further! To be able to obtain the Youtuber rank you need to fulfill certain requirements. Requirements: - Upload at least 5 Beastpk videos. - Videos must be quality. (No shitty videos with you typing telling them to join the server). - Every video must be at least 5 minutes long. - The Beastpk site has to be in the top of the description for every video. - You are not allowed to upload any other RSPS. There's no "subscribers" requirement. As long as you make consistent & quality Youtube videos you will be fine. By reaching these requirements, you will be rewarded with the Youtuber rank. Which has a Youtube icon and a Youtube cape. Also by becoming a Youtuber with a rank, you will be given certain items for videos (E.g. Crate keys, mystery boxes, special weapons). These items would of course be emptied. After you have used them for your videos. Do we sponsor Youtubers? Yes, we do. If you have over 1000 legit RSPS subscribers we will pay you per video. If you would like to start getting paid for videos, send me a message on forums. Note: We do not give or "lend" items to non certified Youtubers. Hope to see some new Youtubers for Beastpk!