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      Hey, welcome to Beastpk. If you're a new player feel free to check our starter guide here.  


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    UNBANN JAKUB ( again )

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    can me unbann plz!

    I'm not a staff but on behalf of them, NOOOOOOOOO!
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    Beastpk Update Log #35 (Major)

    Awesome updates, thank you for your work Mourad! (fuck you for no zilyana wings :l )
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    New Forum Theme

    Hey, Welcome to the new forum theme, hope you guys like it. With this we'll also be getting a new web,vote,store, hiscores design. (Will be added within 1-2 days). This forum theme is not yet finished, and if you're still on the basic theme switch it to the "Beastpk" theme below. Kind regards, Mourad