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    Ideas to fix economy

    Im sure everybody agrees the economy has many problems so I'm gonna suggest some ideas to improve it. 1. Way too little cash. We're basically using the barter system right now and cash is worth twice as much as items because there simply isn't anywhere near enough in economy. People would be able to exchange items a lot more easily and get the items they want for pvm/pking/whatever if we had a cash economy instead of a barter one. I recommend the following solutions: A. Set a minimum price you can sell all items to shop for. Say doomed claws for 1b. Flur/infernal/elder/dinhs for 75b,Elite Nex for 4b a piece, etc. The prices shouldn't be too high but they should allow an influx of cash into the economy when stuff becomes really hard to sell. This would also prevent the economy from being oversaturated with certain items. Basically, this will make it easier to trade and will stabilize item prices to some extent. The only concern is if it becomes super easy to get some item because of an update, the shop sell cash price should be lowered accordingly. B. Include cash/billz bags as semi rare boss drops instead of the junk items worth 1-10b. C. Be able to buy billz bags for redeems. I'm not sure what the ratio should be but this would be another influx of cash that also can't be "abused" much since you'd be spending real money. Even 1 of these changes would be a big help to the economy.
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    Ideas to fix economy

    This method would work if it was months, maybe years ago. The main problem with the economy is that there are way too many drop-rate boosts. Without removal of these, you'll end up with the same economy considering we have absolutely no item sinks not to mention that the only way to actually make an item sink is by giving dr boost back in return, which seems like the only thing this community wants - thus destrying the economy in the long term. To fix the eco, more cash income wont help at all, as the amount of items coming is far greater than the amount of cash. No matter what you'd do, they'll never be equally balanced to the point where items are either actually rare and worth more than cash or rare but worth the same as cash (which are the only two options that'd give a good economical result). Sadly, the only way to fix the economy is by resetting the economy and removing/replacing the drop-rate boosts for something else. If not, nothing will help. Hard truth, and considering the decreased playerbase, it doesn't seem harmful to do it at all.