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  1. hey brother pin issue, wasnt sure if this or DMs were the place so ill send in both :) hit me up when you can! thankyou


  2. How to fix it: Go to C:/users/yourusername/.beastPk Delete it. Load your client, and it should be fixed.
  3. + Earth-Dweller Earth-Dweller is the newest addition to Beastpk. It is the best in-slot range gear. It gives extra 1% drop rate when wearing the full equipment. As well as increased prayer & range bonuses. You can also change the Earth-Dweller's colour, by using the Dye Box. Earth-Dweller is obtainable from the new boss Earthbreaker. You can also purchase Earth-Dweller from the website store here: http://www.beastpk.com/store.php + Earthbreaker Earthbreaker is the newest boss in Beastpk. It has multiple mechanics, but I'll leave it to the players to find it out! It is recommended to use range combat on Earthbreaker. Beaware though, there's a slight chance you get 1 shot if you don't hide! As the name suggests, the Earthbreaker's rare drops are the Earth-Dweller pieces. To get to the Earthbreaker, open up your PvM - Teleports in your panel tab. You will see more information once you click on the boss. Goodluck! + Barrelchest As you all may know, we never had a boss that dropped sirenic. So we decided to introduce a boss that drops some nice goodies, along with some rare drops! Do not underestimate Barrelchest though, you need to be careful and bring renewal flasks and prayer potions! It is also recommended to pray melee against it. To get to Barrelchest, open up your PvM - Teleports in your panel tab. You will see more information once you click on the boss. (Last Page). + Achievement System It is finally time to introduce our newly made achievement system. We've worked hard on this system and hope it gives you guys something more to do after completionist cape. It is not only made for that purpose, but also made for new players to learn more about the game. There are 4 tiers: Easy Medium Hard Elite Each tier gives a set amount of achievement points, coins/billz bag and xp lamps per task completed. Elite tasks give an extra mystery box. You will be notified if a task gets completed. If you don't have enough inventory space, the items will be sent to your bank. Completing all achievements will allow you to wear the achievement cape. As time goes on, we will add 1-5 achievements per update. To access your achievement manager, go to your panel tab and click on the achievement manager option. + PvM Teleports Our current system of teleporting to a boss, is annoying and does not display much information at all. It does not tell you anything about the boss, except its name. We thought it was time we made a change in that. So we decided to completely give it an overhaul. The new interfaces displays the following: Information about the boss (weakness) Rare drops Combat level Hitpoints Max hit To access your pvm - teleports, go to your panel tab and click on the pvm - teleport option. + Droptable Viewer Our old drop table viewer, was very bad. You had no option to search for items, nor npcs. As well as it was just a very bad way of display monster drops. We've completely revamped it, gave it a nice interface and we know for certain everyone will like it. Features: Search for item name (Will outprint npcs that have that item in its droptable.) Search for npc name (Will outprint npc names). E.g. Search for "General" all npcs with the name of general will pop up. Shows the item model. Examine any npc and it'll show its drops. To access your droptable viewer, go to your panel tab and click on the droptable viewer option. As an alternative, you can examine an npc and still use the same interface to look for other drops, npcs. + Infernal Max/Trimmed Cape For the players that have their max and completionist cape, and want to show off how wealthy they are! You can now use your infernal cape on a max cape or a completionist cape (trimmed). It'll change the appearence of your cape. Note: Stats & droprate bonuses remain the same, it's simply a cosmetic. Max Cape: Completionist Cape (Trimmed): + Shop Revamp + Tooltips We've revamped a few of the important shops. As it was really needed. There's more to come for sure. Shops that have been adjusted: Vote, zstorm, loyalty and wilderness skilling shop. We've also added loads of tool tips on items in shops. This will help new players understand some of the custom items. To disable tooltips type the command ;;toggletips + Drop Changes We've decreased the amount of partyhats you get when opening super mystery boxes. + Pets The following pets have been added: Earthbreaker Giant Orc Barrelchest Skotizo + Wilderness Slayer Locations A lot of players had issues to actually do wilderness slayer. When you go to the slayer cave, it now has a new option called "Wilderness Locations" If you click on it, it'll display new teleports to get to the wilderness tasks easily. Will save some time! + Altar We've added an option to train prayer, by offering bones to the altar. Not can you only train prayer, but it gives you the option to switch spellbooks, prayers. The altar can be found at edge, behind the shops. + PK Bots We've been testing the PK bots on a test server, and they seem to be running fine. There's no guarentee it is fixed, but there's a high chance they're fixed. + Item Removals - Removed Ascension crossbow from the vorago drop table. As it is a useless item. - Removed doomed spirit shield from doomed crates - Removed tormented spirit shield from banditcamp shop. + Drop Changes - Added toxic crossbow to blink drops. - Added more drops to corporeal beast (l33t) - Nerfed doomed pieces drop rate. + Nerfs - Lowered partyhat chances from super mystery box. - Lowered Beasty boss hitpoints. - Wicked claws slight nerf on special attack. + Completionist/Trimmed Requirements - Kill 750 Barrelchests (Completionist) - Kill 750 Skeletal Dragons (Trimmed) - Kill 1000 Earthbreakers (Trimmed) + Misc. - Renamed RGB boxes to "Dye boxes". - Dye boxes are now in the Misc. store for 1 billion coins each. - Added Nex kill count. - Removed essentials tab task tab - Removed rules tab from task tab - New Command ;;orc (sends forum thread to spawn locations) - New Command ;;cluescroll (sends forum thread to clue scroll locations) - New Command ;;wildmap (sends forum thread to the wilderness map) - Fixed teleblock issue (Able to go in the wilderness with banned items) - Fixed issue with not being able to get to wilderness tormented beast. - Added chaotic staff (lite) to banned wilderness items. - Drop table now displays all 100% drop at the top. - Drop table now displays all rare drops from top. (Under 100% drops) (Will probably revamp the task tab next update, as well as the pvp stats tab) + Store Discount on Packages! PvM - Melee Package from 250$ to 200$ PvM - Range Package from 300$ to 250$ If you have any suggestions regarding new content updates, bugs let us know! Special thanks: Swagtastic for providing bugs, suggestions & beta testing.
  4. Old Player forgot my info.

    Hi, Please private message me your account pin.
  5. Hi Beast I forgot my pin I havent played in a while please message me back as soon as possible.

  6. forgott my pin any help please? haven't played in along time.

  7. forgotten pin to my acc

    Hi, Please send me a private message on forums.
  8. i was looking for more in the chat but it got deleted but before the messages i told him not to accuse me of luring  and  told him thats not fair in which he replied cry then GG and the guy star life was the one telling him to just mute me so i can shut up bro please pleaseeee don't let this dude feel himself and put him back in his place



  9. yo beast clevland is going overboard he's misusing his power and acting like he's god or something and is mocking even the fact of me telling you anything like if you won't do shit to him , he's allowing he's friends to do whatever they want with anyone and he's bullying people saying he's inforcing but he's not doing shit but flexing power and just muting people that complain about it , i don't complain about shit but earlier today one of his friends was in bandit camp which is obv wild pvp and he appears to tele there and i killed him so this person goes to cleveland and celevland is causing me of luring and started treating me telling me that he inforces the rules and to shut up before he mutes me and like i aid mocks the fact that i would go and tell you something he legit said post it on the forums btw so you see nothing is going to happen. bro please do something about this man thats some fuck shit 

  10. i need pin


  11. forgot pin help pls

  12. Client Problems

    Hi, This is a thread for all the client problems and fixes that were reported. - Client stuck at 92% To fix this issue simply delete C:/users/yourusername/.beastpk Then reload the client again. - Client not opening as a java file. That means your java path is incorrect. Simply download and run this: https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html once. After that, open up your beastpk.jar file. - Blackscreening upon login. If you black screen upon login as a player who often plays. Ask a staff member to help you with it, they'll use a command. And most of the times, it'll be fixed. If you have another problem that isn't listed in here, please PM me on forums.
  13. -Player Owned Shops:- Beastpk is introducing 'Player Owned Shops', Pretty much POS was a community demand, now it's here. POS is a billz bags dependant system meaning that the least value is 1b. Now you can offer your items for sale and all players will be able to view and buy them. -New custom VIP Zone for VIP Donators:- The old VIP zone wasn't good and was kinda small, now we added a new custom made VIP zone. You can skill, pvm and even chill in the new zone -Regular and Super mystery box:- Beastpk is introducing Regualr and Super Mystery boxes With custom interfaces when opening them. They are obtainable through ;;store -Reworked the spawn gear (;;gear):- We have reworked the ;;gear setups and added custom interfaces to it. -Fixed Pk Bots:- Pk bots are fixed now and work fine. They come in melee, range and mage. There's a rare chance a rare bot comes along with good gear. Rewards range from upgraded gear to high end gear. So make sure to snipe those! The current spawn rate for bots will be 1 per 20 players. -Added new type of claws:- Beastpk is introducing new type of claws with custom special attack. spec stuns a player for 1-5 seconds, has 4 specs, also has a chance of 1/10 to decrease targets special attack by 25%. The claws are obtainable through redeems store. -Added new Sigil:- New sigils are obtainable through Corp and l33t corp. You use the sigil on regular dragon claws to make Wicked Claws. -Bug Fixes & Additions:- *Fixed heirlooms being lost on death.All heirlooms are now protected on death. *Fixed resetting your capped xp (500m) in combat levels. *Added bot points in my info tab. *Added toxic crossbow to Blink drops. *Added Giant Orc, Frost dragon, Dark beast to PVM Hiscores. *Now says your killcount upon killing a Dark Beast. *Now will yell when you get an heirloom drop. *Tormented beasts are now in the wilderness. *Available to convert Tormented Beast slayer task to a wildy task. *PVM Melee Package in ;;store will now have Arclight defender instead of Tormented spirit shield. *Removed the option to donate for crate keys *Made several npcs visible on map. *Added neon pieces to vorago drop table. -Nerfed/buffed items:- *Nerfed doomed claws. *Nerfed Loot Bag drop rate. *Blue Octo slightly nerfed on enchanted chests. *Nerfed Tormented weapons in wilderness. *Doomed pieces and claws have been nerfed from l33t corp. *Tormented weapons drop rates have been slightly nerfed. *Buffed Tormented Beast hp. *buffed the Toxic crossbow special attack. *Elder Maul special from 60% to 50%. *Decreased spawn time for kbd and zamorak boss. -Items deleted/reseted:- *Tormented weapons have been reset. *Tormented Spirit Shield has been deleted from the game. *Ascencion crossbow has been removed from the game. *Doomed spirit shield has been deleted from the game. - Assistant rank We've added the assistant rank to help with the work load of other staff members. (Apply on forums) Special thanks to swagtastic & the staff team for providing content ideas.
  14. i needs sum help bois im back - misternam

    Hi! Please download and run this once: https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html Then click Beastpk.jar