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  1. Beast

    Future of Beastpk

    Hello everyone, First of I'd like to thank every player that has ever played and supported Beastpk. Don't worry, we're not going anywhere. I'd like to announce that we're going to be rebranding Beastpk. It's something we've been needing for a while as it couldn't continue to grow due to how long we've been in the game. (4 years) We're gonna do Exora right, with weekly updates, monthly marketing budgets and community management. What does that mean? It means that Beastpk will be under a different name. We're not just changing up the name, we've also added tons of new content and of course have overhauled old content. What's gonna change in terms of management? We will have dedicated staff members to ensure our players get the best support. Not only that, we'll be holding a lot more events, with in-game prizes, real money, consoles and more. We do need more moderators and server support, due to the high amount of players we're expecting. What's the new servers' name? The new server name is Exora. Website: Exora.io (it's still under construction). What will happen to the current Beastpk? Exora will consist of 2 worlds; [W1] ECO and [W2] PVP. The current Beastpk, will go as Exora W2 (PVP) and will not be reset. Exora W2 gets all the updates Exora W1 has, but with slight modifications to fit Exora W2. Will we receive our Donator Ranks on Exora W1? Yes, you will receive a donator rank based on 50% of your total amount spent in the webstore. Example: You donated $500, you get a donator rank closest to $250. When will Exora be released? At this time we do not have an exact release date, but we're aiming for October 25th, though that may change. If you guys have any questions, feel free to message me on discord: Bennie#8189 Enjoy the sneakpeaks. Sneakpeaks: Login screen New tabs and interfaces (There is more) New player (Tutorial still in the works) New task scroll system (Disregard current rewards) Undead Nex Elemental Star Hope you guys liked the sneakpeak. There is way more content and additions that have been done, but it would take a few pages to show off. These are just small sneakpeaks for you guys
  2. Bennie add me on discord quick its really damn important and read the message ive typed to you!!


  3. + New Best In-Slot Accessories (Available at http://www.beastpk.com/store.php) For a long time BeastPK had no good accessories that go well with your equipment. We've solved this issue by introducing new custom sets of accessories. Each accessory has a combat style, Dragonic is for Melee, Poison Claw is for Range and Crystal is for Magic. These are not only the best in-slot for its combat style, but also give you a benefit of hitting 4x with a chance of 10%. What makes these so good, is that by wearing all 3 that effect gets tripled! - How do you create them? Each accessory has a respective boss to it. That boss drops a sigil that you need to use on an unidentified glove, ring or amulet. The unidentified items are obtained through the bosses, and so are the sigils. It costs nothing to create them, you just need RNG on your side! + New Bosses (Ice Demon, Dragonic Demon, Poison Claw) To obtain a certain accessory, you need to kill the boss that drops the sigil you want. Ice demon (Crystal Sigil), Dragonic Demon (Dragonic Sigil), Poison Claw (Poison Claw Sigil). Each boss also drops unidentified gloves, ring and amulet. To visit the new bosses, use the pvm teleports interface to teleport to them. + Additions & Changes - Added Ice Demon completionist cape requirement: Kill x1000 - Added Dragonic Demon completionist cape requirement: Kill x1000 - Added Poison Claw completionist cape requirement: Kill x1000 - Lowered Angelic Aura Wings value to 250M. - Lowered Demonic Aura Wings value to 250M. Coming next update: Able to transfer redeems to billz & more.
  4. + Sea-Dweller Sea-Dweller is the new best in-slot magic equipment. With a set effect, giving you increased drop rate by 1%. You are able to obtain Sea-Dweller from opening enchanted chests and castle chest. Here's how it looks: We will be doing another update very soon, this is just a small teaser for you guys
  5. I've forgot my pin on my account saure. Can't pm you.

  6. + Crystalite Gargoyle A new monster that has never been seen before. To obtain the new set of weapons, you must kill Crystalite Gargoyle. It is recommended to kill Crystalite with a stab weapon. Other styles of combat, may not work that well. To access Crystalite enter the crystalite lair at the slayer cave. Though you need 99 slayer to be able to hit Crystalite. You're also able to receive crystalite as a slayer task, through Kuradel slayer master. You can also turn crystalite in to a wilderness task, though it's in deep wilderness. (Directly West of Agility Arena lvl 56 Wilderness.) Crystalite Gargoyle has been added to the completionist cape (trimmed) requirement list. + New Beginner Monster: Gulega New player didn't have many option when it came to starter bossing. So we've added beginner monsters to kill, for easy money making! The new monster is called "Gulega", and is available in the PvM Teleports. It mostly drops items with high coin value, able to sell at the shopkeeper. Gulega has also been added as a new task for completionist cape. See the cape at home or at skilling for more information. + Crystallic Weapons (Available in the webstore at www.beastpk.com/store.php) New addition of weapons, these weapons are almost the same as tormented, but stronger and has the ability to hit three times with a 50% chance. + New Heirloom Levels! Heirloom hasn't received an update in a while! We've decided to introduce 5 more levels to the Elemental Heirloom! Elemental level 6 - 6% Droprate Elemental level 7 - 7% Droprate Elemental level 8 - 8% Droprate Elemental level 9 - 9% Droprate Elemental level 10 - 10% Droprate Upon spending $1000 in webstore or on getting a custom item worth $1000 you will receive a free Elemental Level 5. (Christmas only event) + Additions & Changes - Added The bloodchiller pet. - Added Crystalite gargoyle pet. - Added the new pets to the pet box. - Buffed the tormented weapons drop rate on tormented beasts. - All tormented demon versions now drop tormented wings. - Fixed issue with PvM Hiscores not displaying new npcs that were added recently. - Lowered the amount to upgrade throughout elemental levels.
  7. + The Bloodchiller The Bloodchiller is the newest boss addition to Beastpk. It's generally the same as tormented the warmonger, the difference is that the main attack of bloodchiller is Magic. Bloodchiller is also weak against range and mage. And you'll often be frozen, so distance attacks are recommended. Its super rare drops are Tormented Bow and Shield. + Tormented Demons Slight change to tormented demons, it now drops the Tormented Wings. It has a 75% x2 hit chance, and is the best melee in-slot wings. + New Tormented Items - Tormented shield (loyalty) renamed to loyalty shield - Loyalty shield value from 1500gp to 1b - Tormented shield to have 60% x2 hit chance - Tormented shield now the best in-slot shield for defenses. - Tormented bow has x2 hit chance. - Tormented bow has same special attack as twisted bow. - Tormented bow draws 60% special attack charge. - Tormented wings now best in-slot melee stats. - Tormented wings now gives you 75% x2 chance, almost every hit will x2. + Bugfixes & Additions - Fixed getting a busked mask from an antipoison flask (3) - Removed Chaotic staff undeg from redeems store. - Fixed the Sell price of ZStorm Items to shopkeeper. - Fixed when a new trimmed requirement is added, your infernal cape will no longer disappear, but instead be sent to your bank. - Able to sell korasi's sword to the shopkeeper. And other items that weren't sellable at first. - Thieving NPC now has a thieving shop, where you can sell your materials. - New Trivia Rewards added to Trivia Benefits interface. - 2000 Trivia Points will now reward you with an Elite Nex Set, instead of an elite torva set. You'll be able to choose elite set. - Added Skilling supplies shop to Smithing NPC next to furnace at skilling. - Added a command to check if a staff member is online at ;;staff - Buffed the prices of Wilderness Skilling Shop. (Everything is way cheaper now.) ;;banditcamp - Added 3 Evil chickens at ;;dzone - Added a few more evil chickens at ;;vipzone - Added Demonic Gorilla pet to demonic drop table. - You mine Runite/Blurite ores faster. - Added EarthBreaker Instance for 1B. - Added Tormented the Warmonger instance for 1B. - Added Bloodchiller Instance for 1B. - Blood chiller trimmed requirement 1k kills. - Added new bosses to the pvm hiscores - Added Senior Moderator Rank. + Ironman - Ironman being able to use the playerowned shops has been disabled. - Ironman being able to gamble other players have been disabled. - Ironman has an extra 0.5% drop rate. More Ironman changes will be added soon. + Webstore - Infernal from $100 to $75 - Tormented Shield - Tormented Bow - Tormented Wings + Trade Price Changes - Sky-Dweller 250M per piece - Tormented Rapier/Whip/Longsword/Blowpipe 250m - Doomed claws 125m - Chaotic longsword undeg 75m - Illuminessence 500m - Beasty Wings (fire/Ice) 110m - Beasty Wings 100m - Fluressence 750m - Elite nex pieces 75m - Razor whip 25m This is just a small update log, we'll have an update out later this week, releasing our new Group/Solo mini-game.
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  9. + Tormented the Warmonger It's about time we added a new boss on beastpk! Tormented the Warmonger is very strong. He attacks with melee and mage, though he's weak to mage as well. You are able to kill him right away, there are no requirements. It also drops new juicy items! Find out more later in this update log. In order to keep your completionist cape (trimmed) you need to kill tormented the warmonger a thousand times! + Tormented Blowpipe & Tormented Staff (Available at www.beastpk.com/store.php) Yes! Finally! Tormented were only on melee weapons thus making you have to choose for melee setups. You now have more choice to spec in to a different set up. Tormented blowpipe & staff have a 40% chance at hitting twice. It is also available in the wilderness, though I wouldn't risk it! These items are recommended for player vs monsters. Tormented staff is good at zstorm as well. Tormented Blowpipe and staff are obtainable through Tormented the Warmonger. + Elemental Shoulder Pets (Available at www.beastpk.com/store.php) We haven't had a change in shoulder pets for a while now. We decided to add 3 new pets that are completely different to the usual ones. We're glad to introduce these 3 new shoulder pets! (They look awesome) These pets are tiered from worst to best. Here are the specifics. - Elemental Snail (Droprate: 0.5%, When below 850 Hitpoints, randomly heals between 100-120, restores run energy and has extremely good overall stats) - Elemental Golem (Droprate: 0.75%, When below 820 Hitpoints, randomly heals between 100-150, restores run energy and has extremely good overall stats) - Elemental Hellcat (Droprate: 1.25%, When below 800 Hitpoints, randomly heals between 100-200, restores run energy and has extremely good overall stats) Yes, these pets also have attack, defence, strength, ranged str, magic bonuses. We will probably add more benefits to these shoulder pets as we update more. + Uber Rank (Total Spent in Webstore: $1500) We decided to add a new in-game rank. This rank is only obtainable by spending a total of $1500 in the webstore. This rank has all other rank benefits, but way better. It also has an increase in droprate by 1%! To claim this rank send me a private message on discord at Bennie#8189 + Lucien the Elite Lucien the Elite is a new group boss that spawns every 5 hours. It has very good drops and all have a very high drop rate percentage. You can also get super rares from lucien, such as fluressence, elder maul, abyssal whip brutal ice and more! It has 5 spawns in the wilderness. Keep notice of the chatbox. It will be announced when it spawns. Lucien spawns 1 hour after every server restart. After it spawns every 5 hours. + Zstorm & Green shoulder pets We've decided to give the green shoulder pets a use by increasing the amount of shillings you get from killing zombies at zstorm. Though with this buff we've slightly nerfed the amount of shillings you receive when killing zombies without a green pet. + General Changes & Buffs - Made it so the trimmed infernal cape has the completionist cape features. - Gave the trimmed infernal cape same benefits as the completionist cape (trimmed). - Removed the revenant pyrefriends from fremmenik dungeon. - Made it so the twisted bow is now 2 handed instead of 1. - The wilderness spot at eartbreaker has been fixed. - Decreased the amount zstorm shillings you get from killing zombies at ;;zstorm - Deleted Chaotic staff (lite) and chaotic staff (undeg) from the game. - Added Barrelchest instance for 100m coins. - Renamed Beastpk Elite to Lucien the Elite. - Fixed a bug where you couldn't take out shoulder pet from the equipment interface. - Added Tormented the Warmonger pet. - Added Lucien the elite pet. - Fixed in-game rank display on the task tab. - Removed the excess use of crowns in yell. - Added earth-dweller HP increase (same as nex) (helm, chest, legs) - Added sky-dweller hp increase better than nex (helm, chest, legs) - Slight buff to the toxic crossbow special attack. - Added the new pets to the pet box in webstore. + Webstore (New Promotion Deals at: http://www.beastpk.com/dealsinfo.php) - Added the new pets to the pet box in webstore. - Elemental shoulder pets availabe in the webstore. - Tormented Blowpipe & Tormented Staff available in the webstore. - Toxic Crossbow has been webstore price has been changed from $75 to $40. - http://www.beastpk.com/dealsinfo.php We have added new promotion deals for amount spent in webstore. - http://www.beastpk.com/rankbenefits.php Added a new section for rank benefits. - http://www.beastpk.com/custominfo.php Added a new section giving information for custom made items. + #customauction #customauction We sold a custom shoulder pet! This shoulder pet has the same stats as an elemental lvl 1 + more attack bonuses, increased drop rate (2%), tormented effect (Which is able to go with another tormented weapon, making you able to hit 4 times!) and better elemental pets benefits. If you're interested in a #custom item made specifically for you! Join our discord: https://discord.gg/cxt5zJP for our next #customauction. Note: These items are only sold once. And will never be re-sold again. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on discord at Bennie#8189 Thank you all! Hope you enjoy the update!
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    Auction Custom Item

    Current bid: $500
  11. Beast

    Auction Custom Item

    From now on we'll be selling a custom item once or twice monthly. These custom items have special stats & bonuses. You can however add additional bonuses such as; 1. Extra drop rate on item. 2. Add lite effect on item. 3. Add tormented effect on item. 4. Add poisoning effect, and more along the lines of that. 5. Rename the item to whatever you like. 6. Change the appearance of the item. You are not able to use those items in the wilderness. Note: Adding any of the extra's above will have an additional fee. These items will only be sold once ever. First Item we'll be auctioning is the Anger Sword: Interested? Send me a Private Message on discord Bennie#8189 or on forums.
  12. + Elemental Heirloom When you have obtained all lvl 5 heirlooms, you can use those on eachother to upgrade it to an elemental heirloom. The elemental heirloom has all the lvl 5 heirlooms combined in to one. You can level up your elemental heirloom to lvl 5 as well. It will be very costly though! Droprates: - lvl 1/2.5% - lvl 2/3.0% - lvl 3/3.5% - lvl 4/4.0% - lvl 5/5.0% + Twisted Bow (Obtainable from Webstore) Best in-slot range PvP weapon. Special attack will stun a player for 2.5 seconds. And has a 50% chance on healing the player 250 hitpoints/20% chance on healing 300 hitpoints. It will also drain the targets defence level up to 10. + Kodai Wand New best in-slot magic weapon. It increases the freeze timer of any freeze spell by 15%. + New Mystery Boxes - Elemental Mystery Box The Elemental mystery box will give you a rare everytime and a better chance at super rares. - Legendary Mystery Box The legendary mystery box will give you a rare almost everytime you open it. + Pet Box You can now purchase a pet box from the website store. It will always give you a boss pet. + Daily Chest We've decided to rework the daily chest you obtain from the daily challenges. It now has the same interface as the mystery boxes. It also has more items in it. Now it's for sure worth it to do your daillies! + Achievement Shop You're now able to spend your achievement points at home, near the lastman standing npc. + Lastman Standing The free queue will now give you 1 billion gp instead of 07gp. On weekends you will receive 2 billion gp. + Trivia Points Reward Revamp You will now receive rewards up to 2.000 trivia points. On numbers 500, 1.000, 1.500 and 2.000 you will receive a rare reward. + Webstore Changes - Elemental Mystery Box - Legendary Mystery Box - Elemental lvl 1 - Twisted Bow - Elder Maul from 125$ to 100$ - Fluressence from 150$ to 125$ - Toxic blowpipe from 87.50 to 50$ - Heavy Ballista from 50$ to 25$ - Solari from 167 to 150$ + Drop Table & Monster Changes - K'ril Tsutaroth now drops third-age melee set. - K'ril Tsutaroth now drops kodai wand. - Revenants drop table has been revamped. (Good money making method) - There's now a 1% chance to receive a billz bag from any monster in Beastpk. - Added more Evil Chickens to the chickens spot. - Barrelchest now weak to slash/crush/stab. - Barrelchest hitpoints from 20k down to 15K. + Bugfixes & Additions - Increased the VIP droprate from 0.25 to 0.50%. - Updated the PvM hiscores to add barrelchest and earthbreaker. - Fixed the home teleport in spellbook. - Added a few more ;;ticket server messages to make using ;;ticket more known. - You can now use bonfire for wood burner achievements. - Removed the "Donator" from yell and login messages. - Added harpoon to fishing shop. - Added Blink killcount. (Wasn't aware it didn't have a killcount) - Disabled adding infernal max/trimmed to player owned shops. - Ourg bones now gives you more xp if you sacrifice it, rather than burying it. - Added the trimmed completionist cape right click features to the infernal trimmed cape. - Fixed the 500M xp reset first dialogue. (Was very tired when I first added it) Note: We've removed the lite effect on chaotic staff. We'll come up with a way to make chaotic staff lite useful.
  13. hey brother pin issue, wasnt sure if this or DMs were the place so ill send in both :) hit me up when you can! thankyou


  14. How to fix it: Go to C:/users/yourusername/.beastPk Delete it. Load your client, and it should be fixed.
  15. + Earth-Dweller Earth-Dweller is the newest addition to Beastpk. It is the best in-slot range gear. It gives extra 1% drop rate when wearing the full equipment. As well as increased prayer & range bonuses. You can also change the Earth-Dweller's colour, by using the Dye Box. Earth-Dweller is obtainable from the new boss Earthbreaker. You can also purchase Earth-Dweller from the website store here: http://www.beastpk.com/store.php + Earthbreaker Earthbreaker is the newest boss in Beastpk. It has multiple mechanics, but I'll leave it to the players to find it out! It is recommended to use range combat on Earthbreaker. Beaware though, there's a slight chance you get 1 shot if you don't hide! As the name suggests, the Earthbreaker's rare drops are the Earth-Dweller pieces. To get to the Earthbreaker, open up your PvM - Teleports in your panel tab. You will see more information once you click on the boss. Goodluck! + Barrelchest As you all may know, we never had a boss that dropped sirenic. So we decided to introduce a boss that drops some nice goodies, along with some rare drops! Do not underestimate Barrelchest though, you need to be careful and bring renewal flasks and prayer potions! It is also recommended to pray melee against it. To get to Barrelchest, open up your PvM - Teleports in your panel tab. You will see more information once you click on the boss. (Last Page). + Achievement System It is finally time to introduce our newly made achievement system. We've worked hard on this system and hope it gives you guys something more to do after completionist cape. It is not only made for that purpose, but also made for new players to learn more about the game. There are 4 tiers: Easy Medium Hard Elite Each tier gives a set amount of achievement points, coins/billz bag and xp lamps per task completed. Elite tasks give an extra mystery box. You will be notified if a task gets completed. If you don't have enough inventory space, the items will be sent to your bank. Completing all achievements will allow you to wear the achievement cape. As time goes on, we will add 1-5 achievements per update. To access your achievement manager, go to your panel tab and click on the achievement manager option. + PvM Teleports Our current system of teleporting to a boss, is annoying and does not display much information at all. It does not tell you anything about the boss, except its name. We thought it was time we made a change in that. So we decided to completely give it an overhaul. The new interfaces displays the following: Information about the boss (weakness) Rare drops Combat level Hitpoints Max hit To access your pvm - teleports, go to your panel tab and click on the pvm - teleport option. + Droptable Viewer Our old drop table viewer, was very bad. You had no option to search for items, nor npcs. As well as it was just a very bad way of display monster drops. We've completely revamped it, gave it a nice interface and we know for certain everyone will like it. Features: Search for item name (Will outprint npcs that have that item in its droptable.) Search for npc name (Will outprint npc names). E.g. Search for "General" all npcs with the name of general will pop up. Shows the item model. Examine any npc and it'll show its drops. To access your droptable viewer, go to your panel tab and click on the droptable viewer option. As an alternative, you can examine an npc and still use the same interface to look for other drops, npcs. + Infernal Max/Trimmed Cape For the players that have their max and completionist cape, and want to show off how wealthy they are! You can now use your infernal cape on a max cape or a completionist cape (trimmed). It'll change the appearence of your cape. Note: Stats & droprate bonuses remain the same, it's simply a cosmetic. Max Cape: Completionist Cape (Trimmed): + Shop Revamp + Tooltips We've revamped a few of the important shops. As it was really needed. There's more to come for sure. Shops that have been adjusted: Vote, zstorm, loyalty and wilderness skilling shop. We've also added loads of tool tips on items in shops. This will help new players understand some of the custom items. To disable tooltips type the command ;;toggletips + Drop Changes We've decreased the amount of partyhats you get when opening super mystery boxes. + Pets The following pets have been added: Earthbreaker Giant Orc Barrelchest Skotizo + Wilderness Slayer Locations A lot of players had issues to actually do wilderness slayer. When you go to the slayer cave, it now has a new option called "Wilderness Locations" If you click on it, it'll display new teleports to get to the wilderness tasks easily. Will save some time! + Altar We've added an option to train prayer, by offering bones to the altar. Not can you only train prayer, but it gives you the option to switch spellbooks, prayers. The altar can be found at edge, behind the shops. + PK Bots We've been testing the PK bots on a test server, and they seem to be running fine. There's no guarentee it is fixed, but there's a high chance they're fixed. + Item Removals - Removed Ascension crossbow from the vorago drop table. As it is a useless item. - Removed doomed spirit shield from doomed crates - Removed tormented spirit shield from banditcamp shop. + Drop Changes - Added toxic crossbow to blink drops. - Added more drops to corporeal beast (l33t) - Nerfed doomed pieces drop rate. + Nerfs - Lowered partyhat chances from super mystery box. - Lowered Beasty boss hitpoints. - Wicked claws slight nerf on special attack. + Completionist/Trimmed Requirements - Kill 750 Barrelchests (Completionist) - Kill 750 Skeletal Dragons (Trimmed) - Kill 1000 Earthbreakers (Trimmed) + Misc. - Renamed RGB boxes to "Dye boxes". - Dye boxes are now in the Misc. store for 1 billion coins each. - Added Nex kill count. - Removed essentials tab task tab - Removed rules tab from task tab - New Command ;;orc (sends forum thread to spawn locations) - New Command ;;cluescroll (sends forum thread to clue scroll locations) - New Command ;;wildmap (sends forum thread to the wilderness map) - Fixed teleblock issue (Able to go in the wilderness with banned items) - Fixed issue with not being able to get to wilderness tormented beast. - Added chaotic staff (lite) to banned wilderness items. - Drop table now displays all 100% drop at the top. - Drop table now displays all rare drops from top. (Under 100% drops) (Will probably revamp the task tab next update, as well as the pvp stats tab) + Store Discount on Packages! PvM - Melee Package from 250$ to 200$ PvM - Range Package from 300$ to 250$ If you have any suggestions regarding new content updates, bugs let us know! Special thanks: Swagtastic for providing bugs, suggestions & beta testing.