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  1. Spawns are so slow

    I will decrease the spawn time, thanks for letting us know!
  2. Guide to all 99s

    I love the guides, I'm sure all the players will find this useful!
  3. Completionist Guide

  4. Forgot Password

    Hey, sorry. You can private message me now.
  5. Forgot Password

    Private message me on forums or contact me under a new account in-game.
  6. I'm a youtuber, how do I go about getting the rank.

  7. We need a name for our new custom slayer monster. Thoughts?
  8. Hello, not sure who to message as i couldnt find the owner, but i'd like to offer you an advertisement video (or more) over at my channel "Youtube.com/hay07" , i could put out a sick pk video or what ever you request! If interested add my skype "Hayden.zzzz" or tell me your skype.

    Btw, if this isnt the owner, could you direct me to him? or give me his skype

  9. Forgot acc password

  10. Official staff list (2017-08-29)

    Swagtastic has been promoted to Server Support. Congratulations.
  11. RESPOND.......


  12. Beast only

    I think you should chill, and that charge back threat didn't make it better. Wait for mellow to reply on your appeal. And by the way:
  13. hello i forgot my password