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  1. yo beast clevland is going overboard he's misusing his power and acting like he's god or something and is mocking even the fact of me telling you anything like if you won't do shit to him , he's allowing he's friends to do whatever they want with anyone and he's bullying people saying he's inforcing but he's not doing shit but flexing power and just muting people that complain about it , i don't complain about shit but earlier today one of his friends was in bandit camp which is obv wild pvp and he appears to tele there and i killed him so this person goes to cleveland and celevland is causing me of luring and started treating me telling me that he inforces the rules and to shut up before he mutes me and like i aid mocks the fact that i would go and tell you something he legit said post it on the forums btw so you see nothing is going to happen. bro please do something about this man thats some fuck shit