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  1. Guide to all 99s

    I love the guides, I'm sure all the players will find this useful!
  2. Completionist Guide

  3. Forgot Password

    Hey, sorry. You can private message me now.
  4. Forgot Password

    Private message me on forums or contact me under a new account in-game.
  5. We need a name for our new custom slayer monster. Thoughts?
  6. Forgot acc password

  7. Official staff list (2017-08-29)

    Swagtastic has been promoted to Server Support. Congratulations.
  8. Beast only

    I think you should chill, and that charge back threat didn't make it better. Wait for mellow to reply on your appeal. And by the way:
  9. UNBANN JAKUB ( again )

  10. + Account Manager (New Pin & Email) We at Beastpk feel that 4 numbers is not secure enough. You now have to set a new account pin at the account manager. Your new account pin has to be 6 digits long. We've filtered certain pins e.g. 123456, 133337 etc. As people are not listening to our messages. We've added more ways to protect your account. You now also have to link your email to your account. IF your account somehow gets hacked, and you'd like to recover it, email plays a huge factor. Don't worry, your emails aren't saved on a database, your info is secure with Beastpk. + Cerberus Cerberus is a new boss in Beastpk. It is loading all the OSRS Data. To get to Cerberus go to the PvM - Teleports (last Page). Cerberus drops the new heroic wings and boots. As well as OSRS boots! Be careful when killing Cerberus, word on the street is that you need to be weary of ghosts and lava! + Edgeville's Blacklists We have decided to enable blacklists for 2 weeks. We'd like to see how players feel about blacklists. If you don't know what it is here's a short intro: Edgeville's blacklist is there to mostly protect you from unwanted fights, rags, rushes. By adding someone to your blacklist he/she is not able to attack you and vice versa. Blacklists only apply in Edgeville. Any where else in the wilderness, you're able to get attacked. + Slayer Master's Rework Slayer master's Armour was free OP gear. We felt the need to change that. Slayer master's Armour now cost 25M each piece. Therefore you're risking in the wilderness. The gear has also received a model rework. It now looks better and works on female versions (The head piece wont go head banging anymore on female characters). To see how the new slayer master's Armour looks like check out this thread: + Heroics Model Rework Upon a lot of request, we've decided to rework the heroics model. As it didn't look very "heroic". This is a screenshot of how it looks in-game. Note: The new heroics has female a female version too. + Bosses Drop Rate Changes - Kree'arra Armadyl wings drop rate increased by 0.05% - All Celestial Amulets drop rate increased by 0.05% - Flambeed's Fire/Ice wings drop rate increased by 0.10% - All Beasty pieces drop rate increased by 0.05% - Sunfreet Undead dagger/Bludgeon drop rate increased by 0.10% - All Nomad rings drop rate increased by 0.15% - Corporeal Beast Doomed spirit shield drop rate increased by 0.15% - Corporeal Beast (L33t) Doomed pieces drop rate increased by 0.40% - Corporeal Beast (L33t) Doomed claws drop rate increased by 0.15% - Dark lord pieces drop rate increased by 0.05% - Kraken Trident of the Swamp drop rate increased by 0.25% - Kraken Heavy Ballista drop rate increased by 0.05% - Kraken Octo drop rate increased by 0.05% - Olmlet Dinh's Bulwark drop rate increased by 0.04% - Tekton Elder Maul drop rate increased by 0.04% - Zulrah Serpentine, Maga, Tanzanite drop rate increased by 0.10% - Zulrah Toxic Blowpipe drop rate increased by 0.05% - Zulrah Toxic Staff of the Dead drop rate increased by 0.30% - Skeletal Dragon Beasty Wings (Fire), Demon Horn Boots (Fire) drop rate increased by 0.05% - Skeletal Dragon Infernal Cape drop rate increased by 0.04% + Announcement System We'll now be able to send an interface with announcements regarding the server. This will also be used for future events. + Item Stats Changes (Nerfs & Buffs) - Dinh's Bulwark absorb nerfed. - Dinh's Bulwark accuracy buffed. - Heavy ballista damage/accuracy buffed. - Elder Maul slowed hits. + Bugfixes/Small Changes - Toxic blowpipe bug where you lost it if you had a full inventory running out of charges. - Pvm instance, title manager relocated. + PvM - Instances A few PvM instances were revamped. GwD bosses & Corporeal Beast are in there actual zone. We'll release more actual instances next update, instead of a cropped zone for a boss. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the update.
  11. Feedback

    Have you also reported why they needed a "kick"? So we can fix the issue.
  12. Slayer Master's Armour

    Should we make slayer master's Armour cost coins? My stance on this is, yes. We should make it cost coins, as it's free OP gear. With it costing coins, they have to risk. So new players PKing slayer master's Armour can sell it to the loot shop.
  13. Edgeville's Blacklist

    I would like to see what your opinions are on the blacklists that only work in Edgeville. How does this work? By adding someone to your blacklist, he/he is not able to attack you, nor are you able to attack him/her. The Edgeville blacklist only works in Edgeville. If you're outside the boundary of Edgeville e.g ancient throne, castle. People on your Blacklist can attack you and vice versa. Why is there a need for Blacklists? I've heard too many reports about new players getting rushed/ragged. This will be the end of countless rushers ragging/rushing new players. By adding this, this would mean, I would be removing most of the items restrictions and wilderness rules. Note: This feature has already been added on the test source. It's a matter of a simple update to get this added.
  14. Slayer Master's Armour

    It's not a fix. It's meant to be over elder/ballista. As if I decreased its trade value, people could just use OP combo specs.
  15. Edgeville's Blacklist

    Decided to test out black list for a week or 2. See how it goes.
  16. Snowbunny Ban and mute

    How come you didn't report him? Next time take screenshots and he shall be dealt with if it was true. Your ban shall be 2 days, learn from your mistakes.
  17. falsely Accuse of selling Beast PK currency

    You knew he was going to rwt, and yet you did not report it. Denied.
  18. Nex b0ss (appealing again for unban)

    You're allowed to play on an alt, however you're not allowed to talk on an alt. That's evading your mute. If you did talk then you should stay banned. If not then let me know, so I can check the logs.
  19. If your screen randomly froze or black screened for you please report in here, and use the following format : What equipment were you wearing? : What Graphics Settings were you on? : e.g. Fixed Screen on Min settings Where did it happen? : e.g. at home Were you the only one that froze/black screened? : What Operation Software are you on? : e.g. Windows/Mac Are you on the latest version of Java? :
  20. Allow us to rwt

  21. Forgot Password

  22. Pvm should never of been admin.

    How was he wrong for banning you again?
  23. pvmzills back at it again

    You shall remain banned for a week, and remain muted for 2 weeks. If you talk on any other accounts, you would be permanently banned.
  24. New item ideas!

    No to all.