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  1. Hi, What's the account name you're using to login?
  2. Boss Drop List

    This will be very useful, thanks.
  3. Heirlooms

    The drop rate is too high for it to cost just 200b in total or 200b per upgrade. This item wasn't made to instantly upgrade to lvl 5. It's more of a progressive item, that you upgrade over time when making money.
  4. A Thankyou for Swagtastic

    I agree, I love what adam has been doing!!
  5. - Heirlooms (Base Heirlooms obtainable through the website store www.beastpk.com/store.php) Beastpk is introducing a new type of set items. Along with a new equipment slot in the equipment tab. These items work with items such as auras & shoulder pets. There are 4 types of heirlooms: Attacker [Adds a certain amount of Strength/Ranged Str/Magic Damage per level] Defender [Adds a certain amount of absorb defense per level] Healer [Heal certain amount HP in seconds per level] Collector [Increases drop rate by a certain % per level] Heirlooms go up to level 5 and it needs a certain amount of redeems & billz bag to upgrade it to the next level. Base heirlooms are obtainable through any npc-boss however, it's a very low drop rate. Healer: 1 in 50K Defender: 1 in 60K Attacker: 1 in 75K Collector: 1 in 100K Stats: Healer: Tier 1 - heals 1% health every 5 seconds // its a new equipment slot i added ah okay Tier 2 - heals 1% health every 4 seconds Tier 3 - heals 1% health every 3 seconds Tier 4 - heals 1.25% health every 3 seconds Tier 5 - heals 1.5% health every 2.5 seconds Defender: Tier 1 - (2% absorb all) Tier 2 - (4% absorb all) Tier 3 - (6% absorb all) Tier 4 - (9% absorb all) Tier 5 - (12% absorb all) Attacker: Tier 1 - (10 range str/12 str bonus/5% magic damage) Tier 2 - (13 range str/15 str bonus/8% magic damage) Tier 3 - (15 range str/18 str bonus/11% magic damage) Tier 4 - (18 range str/23 str bonus/14% magic damage) Tier 5 - (25 range str/30 str bonus/20% magic damage) Collector: Tier 1 - (0.5% Drop Rate Increase) Tier 2 - (0.75% Drop Rate Increase) Tier 3 - (1.00% Drop Rate Increase) Tier 4 - (1.50% Drop Rate Increase) Tier 5 - (2.00% Drop Rate Increase) - PvP Bots We are introducing the new beastpk PvP Bots. They come in melee, range and mage. There's a rare chance a rare bot comes along with good gear. Rewards range from upgraded gear to high end gear. So make sure to snipe those! The current spawn rate for bots will be 1 per 5 players. There may be bugs with the bots, but we will fix it of course. Just make sure to report them! - Sky Dweller (Obtainable through the website store www.beastpk.com/store.php) Sky Dweller is dropped by Skotizo and is also obtainable through clue scrolls. It is the new best in-slot melee armor. You can also change its color, by using the color changer you get it with. Not only will Sky Dweller be the best in-slot melee armor, it will also have increased drop rate (1%) & prayer bonuses by equipping the full set. Here's how it looks like: - Skotizo Skotizo is the newest boss addition to Beastpk. It is suggested to use range-mage type combat on skotizo. To see Skotizo's drops, right click and examine the boss. Skotizo is also a completionist cape requirement - kill 750. To get to Skotizo, talk to the pvm teleports npc and then go to the last page. Media: - Looting Bag (Obtainable through the redeems store) Everyone knows how annoying it is to loot some items when PKing and having to re-bank when doing wilderness bosses. By introducing we're making it easier for people to loot items and continue PKing. As well as being able to stay longer at wilderness bosses. By adding their drops to the loot bag. All npcs drop the looting bag, you may also buy it from the redeems store. How it works: - PvM Hiscores I know some of you guys would like to show off with your amazing high kill count! That's why we've introduced the PvM hiscores. It will show the top 100 of each boss. We will do events with the hiscores soon, so stay tuned and be competitive! To see the hiscores go to your task tab > my info. Here's how it looks: - New Announcement System Our old announcement system was very buggy, and didn't feel good. We have revamped our announcement system. We can have long sentences and other symbols in the text. As well as having a timer in our announcement. It also supports queues. It looks like this: This will be very useful for events, and important content polls. - Sailing Optimizations For the longest sailing has caused a lot of networking issues. We did some optimizations, this will fix the lagging it caused on the server. However, we had no means to test it. So if it still causes lag, we will disable sailing and do further optimizations. - Bug Fixes & Additions * Fixed double hitting when tormented whip is equipped with any combat styles being used. * Fixed the invisible bank when clicking on the bank tool. * Fixed kraken yell from 750 to 500. * Fixed certain pets being dropped as an item instead following you when getting a drop from the boss. * Fixed zulrah shift dropping as an item. * Fixed zulrah pet not giving extra drop rate on zulrah. * Wilderness master will now give you the correct wildslayer set. * You now have to complete 100 wilderness task to obtain the wildslayer set. * Added more giant orc spawns. Not just rogues castle. * Crate Key drop rate increased. * It'll now say which npc you got an effigy from, instead of "monster drop".
  6. Redeems Into Cash?

    Rate would be at 1 redeem for 50m.
  7. Bug of pin cant put it

    Private message me on forums.
  8. Mango Tango Unban Appeal

  9. More activity

  10. pin

    Please send me a private message.
  11. What happened to Zonica?

    Hey, Some players will come from the other server I owned named Zonica. Recently the other owned Teek wanted an advance, I was doing him a favor and told him I'll send you in 10hrs. Because I couldn't send the money at that time. He then threatened to turn off the store in-game on Zonica. I didn't know what to do. Cause I couldn't send the money, no matter what. HE wanted it instantly. He then closed the store orders and told me to send the money or there would be no income. Hence why it was down yesterday. As you can see, he sent me this screenshot. Under his owner account. To proof he wasn't playing. All this happened over 1500$ that I couldn't send at that time. All he had to do was wait 10 hours. He was not willing to spend money on the server, website. I told him I sent a payment to a web developer. It was a lot and he said he didn't want to spend his own money. He'll rather buy a dragon lore on csgo. He's not willing to spend money on the server, like I have been the whole time. Here's him trying to sell nex pieces (not in credits store) to a player. Some more proof: Sending memes while this all is happening? Ok. I tried to solve the issue, to where we can start over, but no. He offered me 20% to join back. Instead of the 50% from the server I owned.
  12. What happened to Zonica?

    This one. lol
  13. Jakub unban appeal

    Lmao, how many times were you unbanned? this is the last unban.
  14. What happened to Zonica?

    Yes, I am.
  15. Zonica????!

    I'm recovering the files through my host, if it works then the server should be up and running.
  16. Zonica????!

    It's not even about the money anymore. This whole situation isn't about just money anymore. It's bigger than that.
  17. Black screen cant login/ VIP Donator needs help!

    Hi, please private message me on forums, thanks.
  18. banned

    Hi, Your appeal has been accepted.
  19. Sunfreet's pet is bugged

    Have you screenshotted it perhaps?
  20. serv Bug

    Account name?
  21. + Wilderness Skilling People have been requesting a way for skillers to make money. We decided to add wilderness skilling at the bandit camp. Each activity you do you will gain 1 wilderness skill point. If you're afraid of having to keep going home to back, don't be. There is an npc at bandit camp that notes your items for free. Right click your item and use it on him. He also has a shop for you to spend your wilderness skill points on. To teleport to bandit camp use the command ;;banditcamp. Like castle, there's a teleport to teleport home quicker. Benefits of skilling at bandit camp: XP is increased by x1.5% at bandit camp. There will be more benefits and a unique item in its shop, if you have any suggestions, let us know at forums. + The Giant Orc (Timer based boss) The Giant Orc is a new boss addition to Beastpk. He drops various rare items and a 100% billz bag drop and spawns every 2 hours south of ;;castle. Some say he's weak to range/mage, but I've heard rumors rapiers are very effective. + Removal of Statuette Shards - Replaced with Blood Money The statuettes and shards were an annoying problem, it spammed you with a but-load of items that were rarely picked up. We've decided to remove those and replace it with blood money, trickster, vanguard, celestial have been discontinued. (For now). Every kill rewards you with 100 blood money, but the higher your rank the more blood money you will get. These are the exact stats: Vip - 200 Blood money L33t - 150 Blood money Super - 130 Blood money Legendary - 120 Blood money Extreme - 110 Blood money Regular - 100 Blood money The new shop looks juicy, but we could use some more suggestions on what to add in the shop. If you know of anything let us know! + Toxic Crossbow (Obtainable through http://www.beastpk.com/store.php) The new crossbow is based off the ascension crossbow and toxic blowpipe. It hits as fast a magic shortbow, and it has a devastating special attack. It also stuns the target for 1 second. The Giant Orc drops the toxic crossbow, it's also obtainable through our website store. To start using the toxic crossbow you need toxic bolts. - How to obtain toxic bolts? You need to create toxic bolts by using blurite ore on dragon bolts (e). 1 Blurite ore will give you 1 toxic bolt. - How do we mine blurite ore? The blurite dungeon is now filled with blurite rocks you can mine. You need lvl 95 mining to start mining blurite rocks. Special attack Toxic Crossbow: + Beginner Armour We want Beastpk to be more player friendly, so we decided to create our own beginner Armour. The beginner Armour will degrade after 6 hours of wearing it, giving new players a lot of time to make use of it. Benefits of the Armour: 1% increased drop rate, bonuses are equal to doomed Armour. + Arclight Defender This will be the new best in-slot strength defender. It has no passive effect, but if there are any suggestions, we're willing to add it. The arclight defender is obtained from the blood money shop, for 50K blood money. + Drop Rate Buffs Abyssal Demon: Lites from 1% to 1.25% Zulrah: Toxic blowpipe from .25% to .35%, Toxic staff of the dead from .9% to 1%, Serpentine helmets from .4% to .55%, pet from .3% to .5% Cerberus: Heroic wings from .3% to .35%, Heroic boots from .35% to .4%, Primordial/Pegasion boots from .25% to .4%, Eternal boots from .35% to .55% Armadyl: Armadyl Wings from .78% to .7% Sunfreet: Undead Bludgeon/dagger from .5% to .65% Dark Lord: Dark lord main pieces from .35% to .4%, dark lord gloves/boots from .45% to .55% Solari: Solari pieces from .24% to .3%, Armadyl wings from .24% to 35% Tekton: Elder Maul .24% to .30%, demon horn boots fire, .7% to .75% Skeletal Dragon: infernal cape .28% to 35%, Infernal pickaxe/hatchet .55% to .6%, Beasty wings + boots (fire), .35% to .45% Olmlet: Dinh's bulwark from .28% to .35%, demon horn boots ice, .6% to .7% Kraken: Heavy Ballista from .45% to .55%, golden octo, .35% to .45% Beasty: Beasty pieces torva pieces from .55% to .65%, Beasty virtus pieces, .67% to .75% + General Additions/Fixes - Vip Donators & L33t Donators now bank pvp rewards upon killing a player. (Coins, pvp tokens, upgrade tokens, blood money). - Made the starter and starter items more new player friendly. - Added examine messages for certain items. - Slightly nerfed the blue octo on enchanted chests and clue scrolls. - Merged Rogue shop in to the Bounty shop. - Added a Beastpk FAQ npc, that answer's most FAQ. If you have any questions we need to add then tell us! - Added a dialogue before you claim your dice permit. So that people don't accidentally claim it. - When typing an incorrect pin, it will now send you a message explaining what to do if you forgot pin. - Drop Catcher now catches slayer drops. - Drop catcher now catches color drops. - Fixed missing map data, such as Draynor. - Fixed resetting 500m xp. - Removed the Spirit Tree from home. - Reset statuette shards and statuettes. + Redeems Store - Added abyssal whip brutal ice to the weaponry redeems store for 5K redeems. - Added sled functionality, and added to the cosmetic redeems store for 5K redeems. Hope you guys will enjoy the update
  22. Hey, We would like to get to know you! By introducing yourself, you will receive 5 redeems. How to do it? Make a thread here: http://beastpk.com/community/index.php?/forum/20-introduction/ Also leave your in-game name in your introduction in order for us to give you the 5 redeems. Note: You need to properly introduce yourself, not just your in-game name. Kind regards, Beast
  23. Small trash vid + 50b giveaway

    and at vidding
  24. #SneakPeak - New Customs

    - Toxic Crossbow (It's based off of Ascension Crossbow & Toxic blowpipe) - Need Name - Beginner Armor (Beginners will receive this armor. We made it really basic yet very clean.) - New Defender (Need Name)