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  1. Since we have Max Cape, Completionist cape etc. For people who like skilling only, could there be some sort of maxed skills cape Where you need all 99s that don't require combat to be able to receive the cape? thx
  2. Alex

    Player of The Month

    Congrats Alex is POTM thx
  3. Alex

    #SneakPeak - New Customs

    Alex Defender
  4. lost admin title on forums. sad

  5. Alex


    Age hardly matters as long as they can do the job and are mature tbh. I was admin at age 15 and I wasn't dumb with power lol, I see where you're coming from tho. Good luck Valerian.
  6. Alex

    How To Get Discord Ranks

    How To Get Your Discord Roles Reply To This Post With Your Discord Username. Username can be found in your profile page and will look like the picture below. Make sure you show the #6629 or whatever your unique number is so you can be given your appropriate role. I will know what role to give you judging by your Forums rank, if you don't have the forums rank then simply reply with a picture of your character ingame showing whatever rank you are ingame. I will try to do them as soon as possible.
  7. Alex


    u got excited when i logged on so i like u
  8. Alex

    Edgeville's Blacklist

    bout to add the whole server to my blacklist
  9. still best staff ever
  10. Alex

    Beastpk Update Log #33 (Major)

    That's a lot of stuff
  11. Alex

    120 Cape Perks

    20 people have 120 slayer. It's not something that's easy to get, and even then I doubt most of those people even play still.
  12. Alex

    120 Cape Perks

    I was wondering if we could have perks for the 120 capes so they're not just there for fashion (unless they already have perks and I never knew) Cooking: Never Burn Fish Slayer: Teleport To Abbys/Dark Beasts Woodcutting: Chance of getting 2 logs instead of 1 while chopping or higher chance of pet Mining: Same as woodcutting or higher chance of pet Smithing: Chance of getting two bars instead of one Fishing: Hand fishing or getting two fish at once or higher chance of pet Farming: More XP or something since farming is aids Summoning: Idk but something cool with pets considering it's so rare Agility: You don't lose running energy as fast Thieving: Slightly higher chance of getting something good at castle Hunter: Higher chance of pets Crafting Firemaking Fletching Runecrafting Sailing Herblore Attack Defense Strength Ranged Magic Prayer Hitpoints Dungeoneering All the bold ones are things I couldn't really come up with, but yeah let me know your opinionioninons
  13. Alex

    Beastpk Update Log #32

    ty bby
  14. Alex

    Beastpk Update Log #32

    unban me pls
  15. Alex

    Kill the snake/scammer

    did a staff member really just report somebody