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  1. New slayer item???

    Yeah but it's just cause slayer is so bad
  2. New slayer item???

    Lads, listen... Right, so slayer tasks can be pretty annoying when they take a while like steel drags, dark beasts etc. So I was thinking.. what if there was a piece of jewellery or familiar ( *f ) that has a chance to count 1 slayer kill as 2 from the task point shop with a possible upgrade to it to double this chance from slayer boxes or something like that. So for example, regular would be a 10% chance whereas the upgraded would be 20 or 25%, however, the XP would only count for the 1 monster. What do you guys think?? EDIT -----> ^ This idea^ - and or change the harder / more annoying slayer tasks so they aren't so large a task (200+) like them steel dragons (btw there only 3 outside of wildy) etc.
  3. mmmm not liking the idea of the removal of the 2nd and 3rd best perks on the comp cape but... the others are nice.
  4. VOTE SHOP !d

    maybe add in a voters cape, with voter writen down it letter by letter like this: V o t e r
  5. gay ass dicezone

    Same here
  6. gay ass dicezone

    The server hates you lmao
  7. VOTE SHOP !d

    The vote wings, phat and h'ween mask is a bad idea tbh, maybe add some other sort of cosmetics in there and the santa hat would probably have to be more vote points because on x2 votes you would get 2 points and if you have comp you would get 3 points, seems kinda easy to get it when u have comp cape.
  8. Illum = Smite?

    tbh, i hate this idea.

    Okay godkiller3, i wouldn't mind taking your moderator off your hands.
  10. Beastpk Update Log #6 & (New Client!)

    i lost 2 primal 2hs which i bought with pvp tokens... soo annoyed rn tbh, fkd up my tab
  11. ---Making items Ingame---

    haha i hadn't checking this post in a while, so i added the brutal although most people already know about the brutal so i forgot to add it
  12. i forgot to add that i also play on my ironman - Iron Man Matt -
  13. What is your name (irl)? : Matthew Richards. What is your in game name?: Matt. and Iron Man Matt (Man Matt) How old are you ?: 16. What time zone are you in? : AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) / +10:00 hours. Why did you decide to apply for staff?: I applied because i have received really good feed back since i was demoted by the community. Have you ever been staff on a server? (being a owner doesn't count): Yes i have been Server Support twice on a little server called Beastpk How long have you been playing BeastPk ?: I joined Beastpk Early 2014 around end of February - Early March (93 days Ingame time) Are you planning to stay on beastpk for atleast 6 months?: Yes, I do plan on staying for atleast 6 months and most likely a lot longer. Have you ever been banned on beastpk, other servers?: No I have not legitimately been banned although there was this one time... If so what were you banned for?: Shitty owner got hacked and hacker banned everyone on ther server. What is your intention as a staff member? : To help the community and resolve all problems within my power, although i do this anyway. Please in no less than 3 sentences explain why you would be a smart choice to be added as a part of the staff team? : Because i know most people on the server, i am trusted by all people that know me, am actually active just different timezone. i have been with this type of server since Tizenx V1 and all the way through to Tizen V4, then went on to join Beastpk In early 2015 and i believe i did quite a good job as Server Support, wouldn't you agree? Tell us a little more about yourself. : I have played Runescape and Runescape Private Servers for roughly 7 years (since i was 9) Currently in my second last year of High School, I play league of legends every now and then on the Oceanic servers (Shitty ass servers). I go to school 6 hours a day 5 days a week, i am on 1 hour before school and atleast 5-6 hours after school and generally Juggle League of legends and Beastpk on the weekends. And you guys know the rest
  14. ffs kamile has scemmed hes a scemmer

    if you can't see the rolls properly, the rolls were the following: laughing = 61 kamile = 35 + 9 + 80 = 124
  15. dharok v7 ban appeal

    soo it wasn't a hack when i got scammed lmao.. knew it