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  1. fallzonn

    Forum giveaways are back! 16.06 -> 21.06!

    IGN: Fallzon. I love beastpk because of the unique content that is brought to the table. I've played for many years and the dynamic customs and bosses still amaze me I also enjoy the dedication that is shown by not only the staff, but also the players. Some players have played for years straight, and collectively have years of gametime. Not to mention the effort Mourad has put into maintaining the most enjoyable custom server! Of course, my favorite part is the friends that I have made while playing. Many of them I still contact frequently on other platforms, and even play other games with them (league/ Csgo). On the same note, many of hose friends still play and make the game extremely enjoyable for me, which is why I returned and plan to play for awhile. Goodluck boys!
  2. fallzonn

    Christmas events! 24/12/2018

    ign fallzon
  3. fallzonn

    [666] Application 4 Assistant

    +1 Never met you but your name is nice
  4. fallzonn

    Heirloom upgrades

    Kinda weird.. I think healer and defender should be removed, no one really buys them and I never see any upgraded versions of them. Even the attacker doesn’t see many upgrades.
  5. fallzonn

    Heirloom upgrades

    Thanks for this! Always see people asking about the pricing. Would be great to get healer/defender/attacker added as well!
  6. fallzonn

    New slayer item???

    +1. Incredible idea, absolutely genius.
  7. fallzonn

    Client isn't loading

  8. fallzonn


    He applied like four days before me
  9. fallzonn

    my application

    +1, been better at not flaming.
  10. Hey guys, thought I'd do a loot from 100 bandos, with no droprate modifiers. http://prntscr.com/jnuxcb Using basic gear on an alt, doomed - lite rapier -dhb Worth about 10b, got pretty lucky with the healer. Hope this is helpful, bandos isn't bad money on double drops, lots of cash drops and chance to get celestial combat string.
  11. fallzonn

    Fallzon PVM Drop Log

    It’s a personal log, for my own drops, but I’m trying to inspire others to create these again.
  12. fallzonn

    Fallzon PVM Drop Log

    Hey everyone, I haven't seen anybody make one of these in awhile so I thought I would try to make them more popular:) http://prntscr.com/jmaxxr - 5/24/18 - Unstrung Ballista I got another heavy ballista drop, but couldn't get a screenshot. http://prntscr.com/jnlobu - 5/28/18 -Unstrung Ballista http://prntscr.com/jnnnnv - 5/28/18 - Lite Cls http://prntscr.com/jno4qx - 5/28/18 -Lite Rapier http://prntscr.com/jnuujc - 5/28/18 -Healer
  13. fallzonn

    Drop Tables

    @swagtastic Maybe it should automatically calculate it by diving the percentage by the number of kills set. Might as well remove the drop table if it only misleads players. Every day people complain about going 600 dry at chickens when it should be 1%.
  14. fallzonn

    How To Make Bank On BeastPK

    Fou’re yourteen.