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  1. Weekly Saturday Events 24/03/2018

    Ign: A Goodluck nebs!
  2. Beastpk Update Log #39 (Major)

    holy ***! thanks boss!
  3. Sunfreet's pet is bugged

    I do not have a screenshot.
  4. Sunfreet's pet is bugged

    Morning, Yesterday I was killing Sunfreet and around 100-120 kills I "got" the pet (at first). But when I looked better I realized that he was not following me, he was not in the bank or in the inventory. I tried the command ;;dismiss, I searched the bank for "sun"/ "pet" without success. The only evidence I have is the Rek3dge player, he was present at the time and tried to help me (unsuccessfully). Best regards Newl
  5. The current state of PvP.

    I wish they would not remove beasty torva/virtus as this would cause anyone to go prod in the wild, rendering it active again. Remembering that beasty torva costs only 30b. This is my opinion and probably will not be valid. That is all, 1_real
  6. Application for SS


    Hello everyone! First of all, in my defense, I would like to say that this is not valid. The bug by which the players are being caged is that of the stairs, in which the player climbs the stairs outside the wall, which would be impossible if there was no bug. As we can see, I just walked in and closed the doors, so much so that a few seconds after my stay inside the room they opened the door, fortunately the 10 seconds had already passed and I was able to escape (I was tbed). Regards, Leonardo
  8. VIP benefits boost suggestion

    Man, I really like your person, but that's a lot! Cape with 100+ in all status? Never!
  9. Duel Arena

  10. Fixing Old Functions

    I'll exemplify, I hope you understand! Suppose I plan to create a Dungeoneering Tournament. Before starting the Tournament the organizer must edit the Tournament time and the prize to be received. Exemplifying: Dungeoneering Tournament, 30 minutes long, final prize x10 billz bags. What's the only way to train Dungeoneering by discarding the light bulbs? Yes, killing players in the wild land! The one who kills the most players during a 30-minute time-out and obviously accumulates the highest amount of EXP wins! That would make the wild land crazy! The interesting thing is that we can create Tournaments of any skill, it would be interesting a Slayer Tournament, would not it?
  11. Fixing Old Functions

    Hello Beastpk readers! This topic will be directed to functions of the game that are having problems of execution. I plan to quote and explain each one so that all can understand. * Veteran's Zone The Veteran Zone is a very old expanse performed by another server in which I was a veteran, so I am aware of the characteristics that the Zone can offer us. You must have 90 days of play to become a Veteran and occasionally access it through the ;;vlounge command. The Veteran Zone is similar to the VIP Zone, contains the vast majority of the stores that can be accessed in the home and especially the Cave where 30-40 Abyssal Demons and Dark Beasts are found!! Note: it is not multi combat. This is the real reason why I am claiming the REPAIR of this Zone. What's more, there is no reward for staying in the game for 90 days other than Veteran Rank with ;;Yell of Orange. Proceeding! * Tournaments There were Tournaments from which the players themselves organized and selected the desired reward from their own pocket! It's some kind of Giveaway involving gain experience, great fun! For more detailed information check the Noticeboard located in home. Note: you can select any Skill (Combat/Skill) and some pre-determined Time range from BeastPk. The one that extracts the most amount of XP for "X" time wins! Again I am claiming the REPAIR of this function. For now, that's all. Regards, Leonardo
  12. 120 Cape Perks

  13. for comp cape and prestige people

    Prestige is a cinch!However, this will cause all elite items to fall sharply in price; An addendum, there are 3 ways to get enchanted boxes: *First: through the slayer (traditional); *Second: vote points shop, costs only 1 point. I can say that it's a box per vote book; *Third: stardust shop, 250 star powder. Those who do not know, every 30 minutes a falling star falls on the server and we can mine it, considering that the maximum that a star offers is 500 star powder, after that it degrades. Only there are two more boxes. This benefit would overwhelm the number of elite sets in the game, noting that the economy is already in chaos.
  14. dying to a boss

    From what I know, it is not possible to get refunde. You should know by now: dying for any monster results in the loss of killstreak. Well, now you know. My condolences.
  15. Hello Guys!

    No need to apologize, your positioning is really appreciable and important, thank you!