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  1. Slayer Box Application For Server Support

    +1 #1 is jamie men
  2. 4 ss!!

    i have autism please laugh
  3. 4 ss!!

    Administrator 66 196 posts Report post Posted February 5 Requirements you must have a post count of at least 30 on the beastpk forums. Achieved. your in-game time must be at least 2 days. Achieved. You have to speak decent English. I would say my English is on par. Have Skype or able to get it. I have Skype, discord and teamspeak. Must have joined beastpk 1 or more months ago. Achieved Name in real life : Dylan Ingame Name : Pvmzills Rank you're applying for : Server Support Age : 17 Timezone Gmt + 00:00 Why did you decide to apply for staff : I want to become staff because of the fact that being online and helping people is easier when having a few extra commands. with these commands I hope that I can teach and help people play the game telling them things that they do not know or understand. what is your relationship with the current staff members? : I believe that I have a good connection with the staff members, we seem to get along nicely and banter around a lot, I am always polite and I obey orders nicely, I hope. have you ever had fights with the current staff members? : I have not had any fights with any of the staff members while they were online or offline. do you like the current staff members? : I like every single staff member that I know of, they are helpful kind and respectful, they give people information, even if they ask repeatedly the same question which is something I admire, patience. Have you ever been staff on another server? : no I haven't, this is the 2nd server I played on. when did you first join beastpk? : Around a month and a half ago. Are you planning to stay on beastpk for at least 6 months? : I do not know how long I will be staying on the server for, the date isn't predetermined but I hope to stay for a while. haveyou ever been banned on beastpk, other servers? : no I have never been banned What is your intention as a staff member? : as a staff member, I personally would like to be ss as I would like to help out the community. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with the staff now I just think that it would be useful having more staff. I would also like to follow behind all the other staff members, as they are exceptional role models. I would personally like this server to develop, as it a server I have enjoyed, and I believe it is a role that needs great dedication and I believe I can fulfil that function. please in no less then 3 sentences why you would be a smart choice to be added as a part of the staff team I believe I would be a smart choice as I am always active, I like helping around the server, and watching it grow. I believe that I am helpful, useful and active enough to have an impact on the server. I have enjoyed my time here at beastpk and I hope I can share the experience with everyone else, I cant say I will be the best staff member you have had, but I will try my hardest, and that's all anyone can do, try. tell us a little more about yourself : well my name is Dylan, and I am 17years old. I live in south west England near Bournemouth. I am a type of person that enjoys helping people and quite enthusiastic. I go to sixth form, which means during the week I wont be able to get on at certain times, but I will try to stay active like I have been doing. your sincerely, Dylan/Pvmzills
  4. Pvming Mystery Box

    no thanks sorry oh wrong server (: +1
  5. Adam99066 Server Support Application

    -1 i dont even know u LOL POGCHAMP
  6. Synkxtra's SS application

    just ss him already
  7. L staff applitcation

    yes please elmo derserves it
  8. Beastpk Update Log #34 (Major)

    fricking amazing
  9. Boss 4 dayz SS application

    yes ty
  10. Beastpk Update Log #33 (Major)

    shit i like
  11. wildy

    no thanks.
  12. New Forum Theme

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  13. ya boi doesnt know how this forums works 

    1. Zonox ツ

      Zonox ツ

      understandable have a nice day

    2. Zonox ツ

      Zonox ツ

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  14. Guide for new players

    nice guide
  15. RGB Torva update