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  1. Synkxtra's SS application

    just ss him already
  2. L staff applitcation

    yes please elmo derserves it
  3. Beastpk Update Log #34 (Major)

    fricking amazing
  4. Boss 4 dayz SS application

    yes ty
  5. Beastpk Update Log #33 (Major)

    shit i like
  6. wildy

    no thanks.
  7. New Forum Theme

    ey where the fuck is my signatures
  8. ya boi doesnt know how this forums works 

    1. Zonox ツ

      Zonox ツ

      understandable have a nice day

  9. Guide for new players

    nice guide
  10. RGB Torva update

  11. Zulrah loot

    It's more than fine as it is. keep it as it is.
  12. Clans

    I agree big time, Clan chats are really buggy indeed and surely needs a fix
  13. 120 Cape Perks

  14. deep wild

    A big fat +1, I love deep wild pking and I think it would be an amazing addition to BeastPK!
  15. Doubles Slayer/Boss Tasks?

    Sounds good, the only thing is the instance should obv cost some money, any ideas on that part of it?