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  1. Player of The Month

    New phone who dis
  2. Weekly Saturday Events 14/04/2018

    Lul sure sign me up
  3. iplay4fun staff apply

    Henk is someone I truly support to be honest
  4. Player owned shops

    Player owned shops used to be ingame due to high demand from the players. The thing with them was that they turned out to damage the game more than it had succes. Reasons for this statement: 1. This concept of player owned shops where you could buy items for billz bag from players, etc. eventually stopped being used a lot, it ended up basically being dead content 2. It had a weird influence on cash ingame 3. As Kathrine said, it caused people to dupe items which is really bad for the game since upon found, the duped items will be reset, not only for the dupers but also for the players which is very unpleasing and in a way unfair to the regular players
  5. VIP benefits boost suggestion

    That reply was quite unnecessary to be honest. Although, I have to agree with everyone their statements and opinions on this thread, don't make a rank be too benefitial since some people can't afford to donate IRL money on a virtual game. Honestly, if you donate, that's fine and you will please the owner and the server but that doesn't mean you should be getting insane benefits which are unfair towards the regular players that deserve to play the game with the same possibilities and chances.
  6. Beastpk Update Log #33 (Major)

    Beastpk is my city
  7. Shop revamps

    Perhaps the bows and staffs as well.
  8. forum incentives... to make people active

    Gay shit going on
  9. I've never seen Beast tell staff to ban or ban VPNers himself. This remains untouched for now.
  10. Short Slayer guide (For new players)

    Very nice guide, you forgot about the fact that you can combine the best experience rates and the small extra visual help by using photo's, other than that I liked it.
  11. wildy

    I think we will either have to change the rules (wilderness part) or change the allowance of certain items and mix them with others.
  12. forum incentives... to make people active

    This looks nice and all but it won't really have a big inpact if we're talking about forums activity. 1. People will leave forums as soon as they got what they were promised for visiting the forums 2. People will post farm and 'grave dig' for points and... Do you think staff enjoys dealing with bullshit spammers and grave diggers on forums? We have to do all the work to let you guys have all the fun?It doesn't work like that, neither is anyone going to spend his time on deleting posts of spammers and so on. I have to mainly agree with Troy and tell you there is an extremely low chance of this getting implemented.
  13. Zulrah loot

    I think zulrah should be more consistant money as well, +1 for slightly increased common but partly valueable loot.
  14. Fixing Old Functions

    I agree with the Veteran's zone. I don't really get the concept of the tournaments, mind explaining them more briefly but better described?
  15. Damage Dummy update??!!

    I disagree with the ice brutal whip, undeg chaotic staff, 07 boots, 3rd age sets, billz bags and haunted scimitar. I think the supply packages wouldn't be bad so +1 for those I also think the shop should get a revamp yes