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  1. Araxxi Boss Suggestion

    this idea is good but still,lite weps will be more used than these,but hey it's +1 from me
  2. Just maybe

    why you need that gear for if you have way to better gear to wear.....
  3. Timer suggestion 2x drops/xp ¡!¡!¡!

    it would be nice actually
  4. Beery73 for SS!

    i've never seen you ingame with a nick like that but meh +1,gl
  5. Pls check the miners safe zone,somethimes it is as safe but fog anyway kills or damages us all there
  6. wild agility course

    I don't know if there was already like this but still,it is about agility. Maybe we can add agility course in wildy (something like in rs3) only it could be modified like castle - you can see how many players are there + higher xp rate......
  7. L33T donor rank