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  1. Rek3dge

    Ideas to fix economy

    Exactly as @Cleveland said, i have suggested something like this to occur for months but eventually gave up because no one really cared xd.
  2. i'm also banned on discord bro.

    needs that be lifted.. if possible : )

  3. R3k my guy.  Can you get swag or yourself to unban my ip? i'd really like to donate an play again lol.

    Its been to long an i just got back into having some free time. 

  4. Rek3dge

    Weekly Saturday Events 07/04/2018

    3rd option plox
  5. Rek3dge

    nerf for the sake of pvp

    I can agree with you with the torm weapons but with the flurs and ballistas, etc, they tend to be quite expensive to buy (like the flur is 300b) you can also just protect and tell them to off if you don't wana be constantly koed The torm weapons in my opinion, should be fully disabled or atleast some necessary nerf.
  6. Rek3dge

    Suggestions / bugs

    #1 - Revamp ironmen gameplay, several bugs to ironmen, unable to obtain major and useful items. #2 - Get vip crate working (my idea is like to kill monsters at vipzone and they drop keys, use it on vip crate to obtain either shit items to good items) #3 - Fix the pk bots before introducing more content. #4 - Get the xp well working that was implemented a while ago. #5 - Get information on the spawn on the orc on the my info tab so we know where it's fucking spawned rather than it appearing once and everyone forgetting later. #6 - Make a teleport command to the pvp area in level 14 wilderness in that surrounded place next to nomad. #7 - Fix being unable to attack at ;;castle once you get the sandwichlady wrong (won't tele you to home but disallows you to attack unless teleported to castle again) #8 - Make a ;;plug command which takes the user to a Beastpk plug.dj #9 - Nerf the torms in wild which could be from banning them to nerfing the stats in wild (or perhaps reduce the 2nd double hit damage by 50% than the original damage <- my idea) #10 - Make expensive items yell in chatbox upon death (e.g: Torms, flur, celestial amulets, etc...) #11 - Make an ;;dhevent place (since a lot of these events occur) which should have #12 - Make player owned shops (no g.e) where players store their selling items in their shop which other players can view and purchase.
  7. Eyyy Gratz on finishing the series!
  8. Rek3dge

    Boss Drop List

    Guess it'll be faster to look at this than to examine all of them.. ty 4 this
  9. Rek3dge

    Application for Server Support ~Iron dice

    Soz but -1 from me. I don't see you ready to take the role of becoming staff :/
  10. Rek3dge

    iplay4fun ss apply

    In my opinion, you just need to be more... helpful within the help chat and yells. If you were given the assistant rank, I'm sure that'd change (hopefully). Other than that I don't see anything wrong. +1 from me, Good luck
  11. Rek3dge

    My Application

    -1, who u anyways Seriously though you have been staff before and you did a good job at it until the resignation. I don't see a reason to not +1
  12. Rek3dge

    Official staff list (2018-01-03)

    Rek3dge has resigned from Moderator to Regular Player due an incident.
  13. Weekly Saturday Events 02/03/18 #1 Trivia Questions This is where we will give questions (related to Beastpk / Runescape / Quick maths) and the fastest person who answers the questions will have a chance to participate in a goodiebag full of useful items. #2 Anagram Event The Anagram event will take place throughout the yells, answers from the people participating can be given from the friends chat (help chat) or in the yell. A scrambled word will be given in the yell and you will have to solve the anagram. For example, etspkba = Beastpk. #3 Hide and Seek The hide and seek event will take place throughout the whole of Runescape map. Myself and Swagtastic will hide at a certain location and hints will be given throughout the yells upon our location, it is your job to go and hunt for us. #4 Tournament 1vs1 ( ::Gear - Range) This is where players will be set out to fight in a 1vs1 battle against each other. Since we've done many Dh tournaments, we've decided to change it up a little and change the gears to range . - Must only use ::gear - range - Rocktails / overloads are allowed - Up to 3 brews and 3 restores are allowed - Unable to follow the rules and instructions given by staff will result in a disqualification. The starting of the events will take place at 8:00 pm (GMT+0) Goodluck. - Beastpk Staff Team
  14. Rek3dge

    Beastpk Update Log #39 (Major)

    Awesome updates beast
  15. Rek3dge

    spam invt gamble

    This has been dealt with