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  1. Cerberus Guide

    Cerberus Guide The first thing you'd want to think about, are the type of gears you'd use against this boss. So i've tested and chose these: (Any of these gears / inventory can be changed however the way you want it to be) Starter Gear: This is low level gear that can be used against cerberus. Absorb is needed to kill Cerb so you need a lot of it to tank it, with low level gear, karils is best to use, eagle eye kiteshield is recommended as it gives a lot of mage absorb and defence bonuse. A lite weapon is needed, it doesn't matter which lite weapon, they're all useful against it. The inventory is fairy simple as nothing else would be useful in the process of killing it. How to kill it with this sort of gear? - Use protect from mage, stay above 400-500+ hp - Will need to eat quite often - "Bork, Bork, Bork!", East as much as you can until the attack is over. - "Arooooo", Switch prayers to Mage -> Melee -> Range to avoid the attacks or else you're likely to die. - Shown in the link at the bottom of the guide Medium Gear: (Recommended) This gear makes cerberus more afkable and gives longer kills per trip. Magic shortbow is good for dps with range, sirenic good for range aswell as absorb. The inventory is pretty much the same as the Starter gear's inventory. How to kill it with this sort of gear? - Use soulsplit, Eat when on low hp - Won't need to eat as often per kill - "Bork, Bork, Bork", will have to eat because this will cause some damage. - "Arooooo", may need to try avoid this as this will also cause a lot of damage - Shown in the link at the bottom of the guide Higher / Expensive Gear: These gears are almost as 100% afkable to kill cerberus. The inventory can be the same as the other gears but perhaps reduce the amount of rocktails in the inventory because it won't be needed. How to kill it with this sort of gear? - Use soulsplit, can eat on low hp if needed (most likely not) - "Bork Bork Bork", won't have to eat as much because it won't cause a lot of damage. - "Aroooo", slight chance of causing heavy damage but can be avoided if wanting to. Avoiding the ghosts ("Aroooo"): Once cerberus says "Arooo", the ghosts will come and pile you with 3 attacks, 1st attack is mage, 2nd is melee, 3rd is range. Protect from each of them, once you see the first mage attack, you instantly want to switch into the range and then the melee quickly. Like this: https://gyazo.com/69dd1e69b157929d75c01d3d592b5aa5
  2. Official staff list (2018-01-03)

    Cleveland has resigned from Server Support. 3/1/18
  3. If some is ragging you In spawned gear and their intention is to not let you pk, it's simple, rag them back until they stop being a dick.
  4. What happened to Zonica?

    Be patient if you can, beast will inform you of any updates.
  5. BlackScreen can't BIG PROBLEM

    Try go on the settings on the top right of the logout screen and turn your graphics to directx. Or delete everything related to beastpk (cache, client, etc...) and download the client again. If that doesn't work then pm beast on forums.
  6. Official staff list (2018-01-03)

    Rek3dge has resigned from Moderator to Regular player. 4/12/17 (Personal reasons)
  7. Pray specing

    There are no rules at castle or throne besides boosting/luring. Pray specing only applies to edgeville.
  8. Slayer Box Application For Server Support

    +1 you're an active person and a veteran so im sure you know quite a deal about the server xd i've seen you help a lot recently which is great so... yeah
  9. Hi

    Wow, gratzz
  10. serv Bug

    Already sorted out. /Locked
  11. Official staff list (2018-01-03)

    Mellow has resigned from Administrator to Regular player. 26/11/2017
  12. Beastpk Update Log #38 (Major)

    10/10 updates, keep it up
  13. Official staff list (2018-01-03)

    False hope has been Promoted from Regular player to Server Support. Congratulations Rei Lewis Br has been Demoted from Moderator to a Regular player.
  14. Staff Application

    As mellow and swag said ^ Play the server a bit more and get a better understanding of the community and get an idea of basically everything about this server xd.