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  1. Beastpk Update Log #38 (Major)

    10/10 updates, keep it up
  2. Official staff list (2017-09-26)

    False hope has been Promoted from Regular player to Server Support. Congratulations Rei Lewis Br has been Demoted from Moderator to a Regular player.
  3. Staff Application

    As mellow and swag said ^ Play the server a bit more and get a better understanding of the community and get an idea of basically everything about this server xd.
  4. erm idk where this would go

  5. cant login and cant recover password help

    Pm "beast" on forums or ingame.
  6. Redeems into Billz Bag

    Redeems have their own store, and cash should be made differently that to donate for redeems and be converted that easily. -1
  7. sharky222 Appeal

    Your account was unbanned. (since it's been several days that it happened) let me clarify about the pray speccing. Pray speccing is part of the ::rules. Auto retaliating pray spec is fine and I just ignore it but when you spec multiple times while having pray on when it isn't auto, then it's a punishment for you. /Locked
  8. Application for SS

    I don't see why I should -1 You.. I see you most of the time helping new players and responding to question in tell. You're even on when all the staff are off. Honestly, you're the next guy that deserves ss. +1 From me, gl
  9. By far one of the best updates on the server. Thanks beast
  10. would give a benefit for obtaining the throne, so +1
  11. ip ban

    Follow the format below when appealing.
  12. help me with my pin

    Pm "beast" in-game or on forums, he'll help you with it.
  13. Completionist Guide

    Nice guide, looks very detailed, GJ.
  14. Muted for 48hrs after stopping when asked.

    first of all, i don't have a flur, so i'm not a hippo (>:D) 2nd of all, it's not 48 hours, it was 30 minutes... thirdly, you were warned before and then i got another report of you spamming again, he gave me evidence so i took action. I don't think anything else needs to be said (considering your mute runs out in a few mins) /closed