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  1. What is your name (irl)? : Michel What is your in game name?: Masterofslay How old are you ?: 21 What time zone are you in? : GMT+1 (Amsterdam) Why did you decide to apply for staff?: I've enjoyed playing Beastpk and i feel i can be more then a regular player Have you ever been staff on a server? (being a owner doesn't count): Yes. How long have you been playing BeastPk ?: 5 months ish. Are you planning to stay on beastpk for atleast 6 months?: beastpk is life, ofc i will Have you ever been banned on beastpk, other servers?: Nope never. If so what were you banned for?: ^^^^^^^^^^^^ What is your intention as a staff member? :first of all helping the players in beastpk idc how big the issue is i take my time siriouly, being a part of the community. Please in no less than 3 sentences explain why you would be a smart choice to be added as a part of the staff team? : I have a lot of experience in playing BeastPK, i know how to solve problems, im active, im mature Tell us a little more about yourself. : I'm Michel, i'm 21 years old and i'm living in the Netherlands, i'm collecting rare dolls i got 120 dolls i'm not collection anything atm but i do like super cars
  2. Copenhagen SS application

    good to see you good lucky whit it i support
  3. stats gear/swords

    Stats of most items from Gear, Capes and Shield's. Still busy with the swords. Download
  4. Pkuser1's Staff aplication!

    looks great goodluck.
  5. Troys app for mod!

    good luck
  6. stats of completionist cape features list of completionist cape Goodluck! Getting one of the best capes in-game! ~michel~
  7. Drop log ! (Bosses & Slayer)

    thanks beast for it
  8. Pricelist Updated 2017/11/18

    Use Ctrl + F and search for items that you're looking for. Lites: Lite Chaotic Rapier: 1b Lite Chaotic Longsword: 1b Lite Abyssal Whip: 1b Lite Chaotic Staff: 20-30b Undegradables: Undeg Rapier: 5b Undeg Whip: 5b Undeg Longsword: 5b-7b Undeg Chaotic Staff: 50b Tokens: Rogue Points: 15m each Arena Tablets: 10k = 100m Upgrade tokens: 1m = 10m Pvp tokens: 1m = 10m Bounty hunter tokens: 25m each Damage tokens: 1m = 200m Blood money: : 1k = 1b Pets: Tormented Demon F*: 15b White Octo: 500b White Dragon 40b White monkey 10-15b Yellow/Gold Octo: 100b Yellow/Gold Dragon: 20-30b Yellow/Gold Monkey 5-10b Red monkey: 50m Red dragon: 150m Red octo: 1b Blue octo F*: 20b Green Monkey: 5b Green Dragon: 5b Orange Octo: 20b Orange Dragon: 10b Orange Monkey: 5b All Boss pets F*: 500m-1b Nex-Variants: Zaryte bow: 3b Ice nex sets: 300b Beasty Torva: 30b Beasty Virtus: 80-100b Elite Pernix: 30-45b Elite Virtus: 75-90b Elite Torva: 100b Regular nex sets: 9B (Pieces hard to sell for all sets do math if you wanna sell pieces) Upgraded items: Upgraded Ags: 1b Upgraded Claws: 2b Upgraded Amulet of fury: 3b Upgraded Bandos Armor: 1b per piece Upgraded Divine: 1.5b Upgraded Arcane: 1.1b Upgraded Elysian: 1.2b Upgraded Spectral: 1b Upgraded Dragon dagger: 2b Upgraded whip: 1b (All unlisted upgraded items are worth their token values X10 but it only yields to some) Random: Razor Whip: 5b Amulet of Glory: 3b Korasi's Sword: 200m Tormented shield: 1b Draconic visage: 1b Glowiez: 5-10m Dragon warhammer: 5b Ornate Katana: 1b Lite bolts: 3m/ea Toxic Bolts: 50m/ea Celestial Strings: 10b Abyssal whip (Brutal): 3b Flame gloves: 3b Pvp box: 100m Boots: Demonhorn Boots: 3b Demonhorn boots [ice]: 5-10b Demonhorn Boots [Fire]: 15b Heroic Demonhorn boots: 20-25b Wings: Beasty wings [Fire]: 10-15b Beasty wings [ice]: 5-10b Regular Beasty Wings: 5b Heroic Beasty Wings: 20b-25b Demonic Aura Wings: 500m-750m Angelic Aura Wings: 500M Armadyl wings: 100b / 30b cash Ice Aura Wings: 5b Zilyana Wings: 150b Rings: Ring of Zhalg: 30b-50b Ring of Khalik: 30b-50b Ring of Scorchzi: 30b-50b Ring Of Wealth (Enhanced): 60b-100b Ring Of Wealth: 20-30b Vorago: Virtus wand/book: 10b Each Ascension Crossbow: 5b Rares: Party Hats: 6-10b Reg Hweens: 10-12b each Colored Hweens: 15-18b each Yellow Hween: 2b Colored Robins: 6-8b each Santa Hat: 15-20b L33T Phat: 400b Ice Phat: 10-15b Ice H'ween mask: 10-15b (Enchanted chest rares) Enchanted chest: 100m-200m Enchanted key: 50m Elite Pernix: 30-45b Elite Virtus: 75-90b Elite Torva: 100b Black partyhat: 10-15b Black H'ween mask: 10-15b Ascension crossbow: 5b Neon set: 800b+ Blue octo F*: 20b Donator Ranks: Regular Donator (perm): 2.5b (Rogue tokens store) Extreme Donator (perm): 7b Legendary Donator (perm): 10b Super donator (perm): 50b L33t Donator [Loyalty member]: 90b V.I.P Donator: 1t L33t Corporeal Beast: Doomed claws: 5b cash Doomed Spirit Shield: 3b Doomed Armor Set: 3b-4b Divine Spirit Shield: 650m Arcane Spirit Shield: 150m Elysian Spirit Shield: 200m Spectral Spirit Shield: 100m Zstorm: Zstorm Shillings: 10k gp each/100k = 1b (cash) Undead Dagger: 40-50b Undead Bludgeon: 100b Light Ballista: 55b Infernal Pickaxe/Hatchet: 20-25b Bonecrusher: 15b+ Assassins: 3b+ per piece Primordial boots: 100b+ Pegasian boots: 100b Eternal Boots: 100b+ Extra: Illuminessence: 8-10b Sirenic set: 25b Dragon and Golden Sirenic set: 25b Dragon Sirenic dye: 5b Golden Sirenic dye: 5b RGB Torva: 400b Tokhaar-Kal: 5b Primal Set: 150-200b Zaryte Bow: 3b Abyssal whip (Ice brutal): 500b. Abyssal whip (Ice): 5b Third Age Melee: 25b Third Age Range: 15-20b Third Age Magic: 15b Heavy Ballista: 70b Trident Of The Swamp: 50b Starved Ancient Effigy: 500m Tormented Whip: 600b+ Tormented Rapier: 850b+ Tormented Longsword: 1t Arclight Defender: 50b Toxic Crossbow: Seller's price Zulrah: Magma/Tanzanite helmet/Serpentine helmet: 75b Toxic Blowpipe: 200b+ Toxic staff of the dead: 50b Zulrah scales: 1k = 300m - 1b Donator Rewards: Redeems: 100m Elder Maul: 300b+ Dinhs Bulwark: 200b+ Toxic blowpipe: 200b+ Neon set: 800b+ Solari set: 1t Dark lord set: 600b+ Fluressence 300b Celestial Amulet Mage: 100b Celestial Amulet Melee: 100b Celestial amulet Range: 100b Tormented Spirit shield: 75b Infernal Cape: 400-500b Drop Catcher: 150-200b Lava Santa Hat: 150b+ Lava Party Hat: 150b+ Lava H'ween mask: 150b+ Sled: 500b Voting rewards: Voting book: 200m Xp lamp: 400m Donator (24h): 200m Vote h'ween: 64b cash Vote Party hat: 84b cash If we missed anything please contact Staff ingame Last Edit: 21-11-2017 By Rek3dge