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    Love me and ill handle this clan when im online. Format 3===D penis Name: How many womens you have fcked: Age: Dick size: Tell me something about you: Ingametimeneedtobemorethan 1min. Edit: clan name PussyMuffins aka PsyM
  2. Reporting nightmareks

    Haha i need to learn arabic
  3. pvm clan B.A.D (boss all day)

    Well there isnt much multi bosses
  4. PK Video Competition

    hey this is over. See the date ? 25 february
  5. TheclueKing SS application

    Too rich for staff team
  6. Teleportation Tablets

    Synkxtra about that. There should be some kind of 10sec delay until some1 can attack you..
  7. Youtube content ! ?

    Do the most votes first and keep goin
  8. Appeal

    I can comment what i want. Until i flame. But gl with unban if u deserve it.
  9. Appeal

    I guess you have got enough unbans. So make a new acc or quit
  10. Cheezmo Server support apply

    Im horny
  11. for all those who complain bout slayer armour

    How about that 200m slayer exp gear?
  12. Reporting nightmareks

    Thats not any language
  13. Reporting I bang milfs

    Cant be muted for this one. Ubtil he got more warnings beside this
  14. Bonglordv2 FC + Pray + Rag @edge

    If u look closely he is running forward.
  15. Upgrading

    Maybe all dragon gear/weapons should be able to upgrade? And that upg gmaul should come! Or make gmaul better on server so newbies can use some different spec weapon than dds,ags,claws. And what about adding dragon sword like spec taking prayer ? Or that dragon harpoon.