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  1. Weekly Saturday Events 24/03/2018

    The Mad. Goodluck everyone.
  2. anytime you want to risk or have a legit fight let me know doggie. rather than hiding behind gear ^.^
  3. what is "ragg" also you arent in rune/dh so its not against the rules even if i did "ragg" you. which i didnt/couldnt. lmfao
  4. how could i possibly ragg you? look at your gear you literally went balls out to ragg me
  5. Fergus Apply4ss

  6. files too big to upload. I will share with Skype.
  7. possible suggestion

  8. Name: Kaleb. Ign: The Mad Age: 21 Time zone: US/Canada Central Reason for applying: I like helping new players, and encouraging them to be active on our server. I've been playing Beastpk for almost a year now. I will continue to play beastpk as long as it is online hopefully As a staff member I want to help players understand the server better. encourage them to play and be active aswell as succeed. Also as a staff member I will help keep negativity out of the server by being positive and helpful. I would be a smart choice for the staff team because im 21, and mature. I know the server well and have been playing a good length of time. I also am very active and log in multiple times a day for extended periods. I am American, i like mmorpgs and other games. i work construction, building walls and ceilings. Want to get to know me more ask me ingame.
  9. My feedback and farewell.

    "you're too late" sounds like something beast would do lmao. and also love how some players get promised refunds on donations but others are told to "fuck off" and "just quit"