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  1. theclueking

    Blackberrys application for assist

    yup yup yup +1
  2. theclueking

    Client Issue: 92% Stuck Loading

    its not working for me amigo
  3. theclueking

    The Economy , Where We are , Where We Want to be

    i swear to the lord if you reset my phats, ive been collecting them since i started. i will throw a tantrum, but i do agree with the rest so many of everything ingame its crazy
  4. theclueking

    Redeems Into Cash?

    fuck yea
  5. theclueking

    Player Owned Shops

    nah this isnt ikov nty rip
  6. theclueking

    Sneak Peak Of The New Armour

    this about to make my bank come back to life!
  7. theclueking

    Beastpk Huge Events!

    happy birthday brodaniles its been awhile senpai grats on the 20th bday and party hard man, just dont do nothing i would @Beast
  8. theclueking


  9. theclueking


    must have 30 post count lel boi -1
  10. theclueking

    Fallzon SS App

  11. theclueking

    Fat American Ban Appeal

  12. Yo im looking to spend roughly 1T cash ingame on some rares RGB,DL,Flur etc also elite torva sets elite virtus im good on elite pernix sets thanks peace!
  13. theclueking

    reporting pvmzills

    literally nothing will be donie about this mate, just gonna giv eu a headsup
  14. theclueking

    TheclueKing SS application