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  1. Goodday!

    Hi everyone, I played BeastPk for the first time when it got released it was around Dec, 2013 and played for a half year after getting into college and quiting it. For nostalgia reasons I came back in 2015 when suprisingly the game was still alive so I played another few months and left again. Now I'm back and for the most time I'm active in the forums just poppin out ideas that come through my mind to keep the forums a little alive. My ingame name was Brutal Painx and Brutal Vainx back in Dec 2013. I still love that version of the game as there were no custom weps and the quality of graphics were better( my opinion) The simplicity of the game got it for me. Even though it has that ghostly custom made op set that you could get by killing npc's for endless of hours that was the only one.
  2. Poll: Gambling

    Constructive replies are welcome, are you mad? Just vote no like the others and dont flame
  3. Staff Application

    this is pretty awkhard and cringy
  4. Poll: Gambling

    So you agree that there needs to be a new system where gambling should have some tax like answer C. I also am in favour of that
  5. Poll: Gambling

    Goods about gambling: - Donations increase - Easy access to cash - Motivates players Bads about gambling: - Invites scamming and abuse - Addicting - Lose of players - RWT to osrs/r3 - Influx of cash ingame
  6. Damage dummy / master idea [Need people's opinion]

    The post is so messy I don't get this
  7. Target and Slayer suggestion

    Actually it's all of them, for example if you click on falador,lumbridge teleports in modern or everything on the lunars and ancients spellbook. It showes you this So my idea was to take 1 of those unconfigured teleports and code it into a bounty target teleport. I might have been a little vague on my points so I hope my explanation fixes this XD. ~Chainz
  8. Target and Slayer suggestion

    Hi All, Could we have a wilderniss level interface to see which level of the wildy your targets in? If you want to take it to the next level! Might aswell add a tele to target tab. Or just rework some of the other teleports as they aren't configured. Also could we get a instant buy option for slayer gear? Really bugs me to talk to him over and over again. Thanks for your attention. Kind Regards, Chainz
  9. Forgot pin

    Lock this topic, it has been solved
  10. Forgot pin

    What is your in-game name? - Poepscheet What was your punishment- Banned for not typing pin correctly a couple of times Who Issued your punishment?- none Why were you punished? (DO NOT SAY "IDK")- No reason, I forgot my pin, can you reset it?
  11. Super donor rank

    Ranks are broken in the forums, I't can only show 1 rank at the time. Look at this.
  12. need my l33t donor rank plz

    Forums rank are broken, you can only have 1 rank.
  13. Ranks

    Yo, look at this topic loo
  14. Choose our new slayer monster's name!

    Ancient Zevris
  15. How To Get Discord Ranks

    Applying for: Super donator section of the Discord Group chat. DISCORD NAME: Chainz👑#6385 In game rank: Super donator Proof of in game rank: