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  1. How To Get Discord Ranks

    Applying for: Super donator section of the Discord Group chat. DISCORD NAME: Chainz👑#6385 In game rank: Super donator Proof of in game rank:

    This thread is straight fire lol!! Nice suggestions, beastpk has been so bland lately.
  3. ding for ss

    ragging people with max gear -1, never saw u help anyone to
  4. I Need Super Donator Rank On Forums :)

    Applied mine in February still nothing
  5. ''slave'' from l33t point chest

    Sounds perfect for the time of pker you are. All day ragging people in edge, -1 for me
  6. reporting bug

  7. Prestiging

    Hi, I have no idea if this is already a known issue but il address it just in case. I've recently gotten into prestiging and I tried equipping my max strength gear whilst prestiging. Wearing my chaotic lite longsword i was still able to attack the dummy at 1 attack. This makes it exploitable and i suggest that players are required to remove all gear before prestiging just like changing their stats when they speak to mandrith. Yours Truly, ShitFart
  8. Applying Super Donator

    BUMP Maybe after a couple more months i will get it
  9. Zulrah loot

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH this post made laugh, ma man said a fucking purple dildo XDDD
  10. Applying Super Donator

  11. i died at nex


    Exactly its absurd with people having 500 kdr. Funny these people make new accounts and transfer most of their mains items there and just bang new players

    That zone is just a illusionary place. Nobody goes there beast might aswell just debunk that shit lol. And besides that players are looking for fast fights and not a dead place where noone goes. OP weapons but restrictions to people in rune gear is not fair.

    Section 1.1 Wilderness Rules I suggest a new couple of rules to make the wilderness fair. Rule N1 : Players in maxed gear and by that I mean Elite Torva and all those other goodies are not allowed to attack or rush players in [Rune/Dharok/Void/Bandos] Doomed and Slayer gear have sufficient defenses. Rule N2: Players with maxed gear should ask the other player if they want to fight, if the player agrees to fight then it is oke. Why did I suggest this new rule? To be honest, wilderness should have no rules to make it naturally balanced OR you make rules to make it balanced and at this point it's not. Why should players rush with no prot on? Or not allowed to farcast? New player joins in and just gets banged by a OP weps. While they still use beginner claws or ags. Even someone in a rune spawned gear and a UPG AGS can just 1 bang dharoks and bandos. PS: You might want to reconsider nerfing a lot of weps in this game. At this point a ECO Reset will do the job. Everyone is clean and wilderness can just go back to DDS,GMAUL,DCLAWS and more of the " normal specweps " This is a great RPS Beast but a lot of stuff ingame like the useless power up versions of gear ruin the wildy.. Would like to see your opinion about this.