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  1. Organization

    It was me, sorry that I went missing
  2. iota vs cu 1.5t vs 200b 00l0ll0l0l0l0

    Must say I love the music you picked for this.
  3. Player Owned Shops

    10vs2, rekt we win
  4. Beastpk Huge Events!

    Happy birthday, best of luck
  5. Get Rich Quick : 2018 Money Making Guide + GIVEAWAY!

    Why isn't your room fucking cleaned yet?
  6. Apply for staff

    I'm going to 1- this application just becuase I dont know who you are In-game. Your application if pretty good filled out, but since I haven't seen you nor spoken to you I wont be able to support this application atm, best of luck!
  7. Report - Own Noobs - Being a total dick in wild

    Get's pretty boring ragging the same kid if he legit doesn't stop, would be easier to let him mine 20k ores ammirite? (:
  8. Report - Own Noobs - Being a total dick in wild

    I do know what ragging is, the problem is that he wasn't pking, he was just out trying to cause trouble and make people pissed. People out in wild are looking to pk and have fun, but when the same guy keeps stopping you from fighting anyone else it just get's to the point that it isn't even funny anymore, and you could tell 100% that he was just doing it so peope could't PK with eachother, how and why on earth should that be allowed? If that rule is accaptable then you'll see 10 people doing this just becuase they think it's funny and get everyone mad. I dont mind rushers at all, I do the same thing myself, but standing in spawngear running in and out speccing people with a darkbow and melee pray with a rune crossbow AND still keep running in and out it's just fucking annoying becuase he's runing the PK'ing experience for everyone, and since he hasn't attacked me doesnt mean I can antirush him for being a pure pain in the ass for everyone? That just means I can do the same thing and get people jailed if they rush me If I haven't attacked them yet? Edit: And btw Cleveland, I like you and you knuw it :3 I seemed like I fucking hate you but I was just in the moment for a min, but all I want now is a higher up to comfirm if this is actually allowed or not, and sorry for arguing about it on the server, just seemed stooped imo. xoxo
  9. So here we go: - Own Noobs was at edge, in spawn range gear, he kept attacking everyone JUST to be a total fucking pain in the ass. He used melee pray and kept attacking the same people, including me, once he attacked he ran back in to the safezone, one he got there he used 'Special restore' and came out doing the same shit again. Then I choose to attack him with blowpipe cuz he was a pain in the ass, he ran back in crying to a staff that I ragged him. Cleveland was watching the whole shit but didn't seem to give less of a fuck. Appearntly this is allowed again? To run in spawngear, hitting everyone just to make them mad [ He just did this becuase then the player he attacked cant pk with anyone else for a few seconds ] I told Cleveland if he could tell him to stop but he said it was allowed, so I dont know anymore, becuase the other staff's usally warn people about this bullshit and if they keep going they're gonna get jailed. Edit1: Own Noobs said he was doing this until this player quits (dunno who he talked about, but he kept attacking the same guy just to trigger him) So, he only did this becuase he wanted to get someone mad, even with a staff on the scene, becuase he didn't get a single warning. [I HAVE NO CLUE IF THIS IS ALLOWED AGAIN OR NOT, THATS WHY I MADE THIS REPORT] Not sure if you're allowed to do this but just gonna leave this here (If he's getting jailed):
  10. What happened to Zonica?

    What a fucking dumbass lol. I didn't even know that Zonica was a server untill now
  11. Toxic Crossbow = Toxic

    Atm it's just garbage, so I agree
  12. First day of Xmas events.

    Now I need to get the last boot for the collection
  13. Cool Update Ideas

    I agree on toxic crossbow, junk af unless if you're in max gear.