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  1. Small trash vid + 50b giveaway

    Ez giveaway <3
  2. New vid (quality) 75B giveaway

    Let me win again or rigged!!!
  3. Flower Poker broken af

    So I was flowerpokering with BOSS. And I got 3 red pairs and he got none, it ended up with a rematch.... Then ofc he won on the rematch, possible to fix this?
  4. 4 ss!!

  5. Pvming Mystery Box

  6. clans

  7. Extra Bank Slots.

    Yeah I was going to make a similar thread but forgot about it, bougth 250 x 2 bank slots but didnt work :c
  8. Staff Application

    Tbh I havent seen you ingame
  9. Old Video I Found

  10. Back To Stay

    Ew leave again... Jk welcome back beiby
  11. Synkxtra's SS application

    Feel free to decline this application, I feel like it should be someone else then me, due I work shifts, I work in the morning's, afternoon and night shifts, and I work 4 12 hours shifts in a month so wont be able play as much as some other's can I have been on alot this week here it's because I get a week off every month due the 12 hours.
  12. Was wondering if we could remove the antiafk bot on DMG dummy due it already take ages as it is, becuase the antibot comes every like 5-10 min, I do understand the idea with it so people doesnt go afk with mutliple accounts and grind, but if we cant remove that can we make it so you get more tokens? Currently upgraded my multiplier to 1k and I only get like 20k MAX and that's kinda rare to hit even with 1k upgrades, IMO when you have upgraded that much people should atleast get 50-60k each hit, you can see in the screenshot down below how much I'am getting, and I was wondering what's the max tokens you can get? Becuase dont wanna waste another 200m getting 2k if there is a max limit. Feel free to give your ideas down below.
  13. How To Get Discord Ranks

    Applying for: Vip donator Discord name: Truth #2794 In game rank: Vip donator Proof of rank: 240p quality