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  1. apply a helper staff

    -1 Due the past experience I've had with you.
  2. The Economy , Where We are , Where We Want to be

    1- Doing shit like this will make 90% of the server kinda mad, we have had so many whipes before and I do belive by doing this more will cause people to quit or what not. All lite weapons - No point of removing lites, they are so easy to get anyways. All crossbows except toxic - This is also a very easy item to get, so again, not really a point All gold pets except octo - A big no for this, people have donated to get this or grinded for a while to get this, so I would personally be mad if I donated for an item that's gonna be whiped. Serenic sets - Sirenic's are mostly junk, tbh I could't care what happend to it. All elite sets - No. This has been removed multiple times before, and It wont take long before they get filled back in again. So not really a point of doing so. Doomed robes - Again, such an easy item to get from crates so there is no point. All upgraded Weapons and upgrade tokens - People have been grinding and collecting this for a while so Imma say no. Normal Ice Whips - Not really a point of whiping this, easy to get, and it's just for the looks pretty much. Demon Horn boots norm / fire / ice - Dunno, couldt care. Beasty Wings norm/ice/fire - Dunno, couldt care. Heroic sets - Agree to get this whiped. Too many of'em around. All Party Hats and masks Except Lava and Vote Party hat - No. I've been collecting that shit since I started here, so I personally would be kinda salty if cosmetics got removed. Normal Ring of Wealth - Dunno, couldt care.
  3. nerf for the sake of pvp

    Let's be real, nobody used the anti prod zone, ever.
  4. PvP Montage

    You finally upgraded that potato recording, im proud of you son!
  5. Server Support

  6. A Thankyou for Swagtastic

    Ha, gaaaaay! Just kidding, he's been active and been doing a lot, congrats on the rank, well deserved!
  7. Organization

    It was me, sorry that I went missing
  8. Must say I love the music you picked for this.
  9. Player Owned Shops

    10vs2, rekt we win
  10. Beastpk Huge Events!

    Happy birthday, best of luck
  11. Get Rich Quick : 2018 Money Making Guide + GIVEAWAY!

    Why isn't your room fucking cleaned yet?
  12. Apply for staff

    I'm going to 1- this application just becuase I dont know who you are In-game. Your application if pretty good filled out, but since I haven't seen you nor spoken to you I wont be able to support this application atm, best of luck!
  13. Report - Own Noobs - Being a total dick in wild

    Get's pretty boring ragging the same kid if he legit doesn't stop, would be easier to let him mine 20k ores ammirite? (: