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  1. hey guys how many old players still remain?

    shh, don't lie brownie, you don't even play.
  2. calling me vile things

    I'm sorry but being called a spastic isn't enough to get someone muted, also there's no proof that they were saying this to you. closed ~ Lack of evidence.
  3. report- volcan

    Action has been taken.
  4. Slayer Box Application For Server Support

    +1 we gave paw a second chance so why not jay.
  5. B O S S Appeal

    Imo (in my opinion) this is denied as account sharing involves the use of 2 or more people using a single account. You say that muhammed only uses your account to type for you but why would he state that its another user on the account if he's only typing? Also you weren't even typing while we were fping so why would you need your brother there to translate for you? Another reason is the fact that we don't know if its actually you or your brother on the account (which he shouldn't be) and so him stating that there's more then one person on the account proves a suspicion of some sort of account sharing. This is not the final verdict just my opinion on the matter, if you want an official verdict contact beast but for now you are staying banned unless stated otherwise by beast.
  6. Luck

    that was only 1/15 invys I did xD (I got more lucky btw)
  7. I'm sorry for anything bad I've ever said to you in the past I really am

  8. There was a lot of hype around this update and by far, was above expectation. At least now I can grind out sailing again :3 and also like the fact that magic now has a best in-slot cape.
  9. effekt flaming

    this has been dealt with.
  10. Beastpk Update Log #35 (Major)

    Huge update, love it, needed to come :3 thanks.
  11. some guy trying to scam using ss's name

    this has been dealt with.
  12. Slayer Master's Armour

    i agree with Cleveland, being able to use korasi at an early stage gives new players an advantage otherwise they would be stuck at regular claws/ags until they can afford an upgraded one which is really unfair imo.
  13. Snowbunny Ban and mute

    his title was clearly rip-nan, you started flaming and harassing him by talking about his nan, you talked about pissing on his nan, you started saying you were happy his nan was dead, you started spreading lies about his nan. you said you cummed on his nan aswell and you also flame baited him and said you fucked his nan. you were muted on your main and you went onto an alt to flame him even more, even though you knew she was dead.
  14. jstar02 muted

    Just to clarify, I jailed swe skiller when kaleb aka the mad was getting ragged by him and was punished indeed. When kevin was flame baiting I warned him and then yell disabled him but if you clearly read the rules, you cant cancer flame yet you decided it was appropriate to use such vulgar language over yell towards the community. Also stating the word "nigger" isn't offensive because 1. It was to a friend 2. there was no inappropriate context behind it.
  15. Nex b0ss (appealing again for unban)

    i have a picture of you yelling on an alt so :? logic