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  1. Someone asked me to stop my auto typer or else they'll call staff, and I DID. Went PKing in castle and got muted. It happened like 10 mins after I stopped after the first person (not even an admin) asking. REK3DGE YOU MOTH*** *** FLURESSENCE LOOKIN *** *** *** HIPPO*** *** FULL SIZED KIT KAT BAR *** *** *** *** A STICK OF DYNAMITE *** *** *** ALAKAZAM was trying to communicate with ingame prayers and emotes but you dont understand then I almost got a heavy ballista risk fight with you using only emotes lmao
  2. Changed password, wrote it down, not working?

    Offline/afk, asked R3kedge and he said to post on forums because there are other admins who can fix it.
  3. Changed password yesterday, game crashed today (I usually dont close beastpk, just leave it afk) and I can't log in. If any admin is here, I have an account pin, email, and the password before/after change, which I can verify for all. My account wasnt online for a while after I cant login, so doubt its hacked. Hacked or not, email and acc pin should suffice. Getting a bit scared though, so if anyone can help sort this out it will be appreciated. Thanks! (User for acc is "runtoheven")