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  1. Cheezmo

    Ban appeal

    Hello, Appeal has been accepted, your account has been unbanned.
  2. Cheezmo

    Helpful suggestions

    thanks for suggestions! we'll look into them and see what we can do!
  3. Cheezmo

    Update Log #44 (QOL, Custom Items & More)

    good stuff mourad!
  4. Lucien The Elite! locations of the most powerful boss in the game! 1st location: South of volcano! (Talk to teleport guy at home and teleport to mage arena) 2nd location: North of volcano! (Same location as the 1st place) 3rd location: North-East of Demonic Ruins! (Teleport to mage arena) 4th location: West of The Mage Arena! (teleport to mage arena) 5th location: South of The Lava Maze! (Teleport to l33t corp boss, go trough north-west cave and go west) Droptable of the boss:
  5. Winner of youtube giveaway isssssssssssssssss..... Extreme pete! Congratz! P.S. : Don't poke your eye out with them claws! RAAAAWR!
  6. Cheezmo

    Forum giveaway!

    Winners of the forum giveaways are: 1. Zezima 2. synkxtra 3. Pking77 Congratz to everyone and see ya on the next one! *pm me ingame to choose and receive your rewards!*
  7. Cheezmo

    Forum giveaway!

    Omega ruby --> *can't log into forums on his own*
  8. Thanks for watching and good luck in the giveaway! Make sure to participate!
  9. Cheezmo

    Forum giveaway!

    FORUM GIVEAWAY! 28/08/2018 Rules:- Comment your in-game name to participate in the giveaway! You're allowed to comment only 1 time! 3 winners will be announced on Friday, 8PM GMT! Winner will be picking a number from 1-3 for the set of rewards! Prize pool:- Elite torva set! Demon horn boots set! Beasty wings set! Good luck! - staff team
  10. Cheezmo

    Beastpk Update Log #42 (Major)

    Great stuff mourad!
  11. Cheezmo

    Weekly Saturday Events 11/08/18

    PM 'CHEEZMO' IN-GAME IF YOU WON! 1st winner : Evnal! 2nd winner : Lilkush! 3rd winner : 8! 4th winner : pking 77! Thanks for joining the giveaway, will do more of them in the future!
  12. Saturday events 11/08/18 #1 - DH-tourney! There will be a big dharok tournamet with juicy prizes. We need 20 participants as minimum. Rules:- Only allowed to use the basic dharok set up (;;gear>>dharok) with regular dragon claws as special attack weapon. Not allowed to use Karambwan. Not allowed to use ring i or goliath or steadfast boots. Three Sara Brews maximum. 1st place reward! 2nd place reward! Special thanks to 'Arasta' for donating DH-tourney prizes! #2 - Forum giveaway! We will be hosting forum giveaway, make sure to Comment your in-game name under the post! Rules:- You're allowed to comment only 1 time! 4 winners will be announced on Saturday when the #1 event is over! Every winner will get to choose 3 numbers from 1-12 for 3 juicy items! Note:- Items won't be in that order when winners are choosing! Note:- Event will take place on Saturday 11/08/18 at 8:00PM GMT! Make sure to be there! - BeastPk staff team
  13. Saturday Event 04/08/18 More players, more rewards! Last Man Standing Event: Using spawnable DH gear with inventory full off supplies of your choice, who survives... WINS! 1st place reward! 2nd place reward! Trivia event: Staff team will yell questions, whoever give out answer first... WINS! (answers will be taken from yell and friends chat 'beast') Hide and Seek event: Staff will yell hints for the selected location, first to find location... WINS! Goodie bag for trivia and H&S winners!(winner chooses number from 1-12) NOTE:- Event will take place 04/08/18 at 8:00 GMT time! Best of luck to everyone!
  14. Cheezmo

    Player Owned Shop guide!

    Hello! Here's a quick guide on how to use Player Owned Shops!
  15. Cheezmo

    First vid after 9 MONTHS? Big Giveaway!

    Nice work Sprad!