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  1. Lucien The Elite! locations of the most powerful boss in the game! 1st location: South of volcano! (Talk to teleport guy at home and teleport to mage arena) 2nd location: North of volcano! (Same location as the 1st place) 3rd location: North-East of Demonic Ruins! (Teleport to mage arena) 4th location: West of The Mage Arena! (teleport to mage arena) 5th location: South of The Lava Maze! (Teleport to l33t corp boss, go trough north-west cave and go west) Droptable of the boss:
  2. Winner of youtube giveaway isssssssssssssssss..... Extreme pete! Congratz! P.S. : Don't poke your eye out with them claws! RAAAAWR!
  3. Cheezmo

    Forum giveaway!

    Winners of the forum giveaways are: 1. Zezima 2. synkxtra 3. Pking77 Congratz to everyone and see ya on the next one! *pm me ingame to choose and receive your rewards!*
  4. Cheezmo

    Forum giveaway!

    Omega ruby --> *can't log into forums on his own*
  5. Thanks for watching and good luck in the giveaway! Make sure to participate!
  6. Cheezmo

    Forum giveaway!

    FORUM GIVEAWAY! 28/08/2018 Rules:- Comment your in-game name to participate in the giveaway! You're allowed to comment only 1 time! 3 winners will be announced on Friday, 8PM GMT! Winner will be picking a number from 1-3 for the set of rewards! Prize pool:- Elite torva set! Demon horn boots set! Beasty wings set! Good luck! - staff team
  7. Cheezmo

    Beastpk Update Log #42 (Major)

    Great stuff mourad!
  8. Cheezmo

    Weekly Saturday Events 11/08/18

    PM 'CHEEZMO' IN-GAME IF YOU WON! 1st winner : Evnal! 2nd winner : Lilkush! 3rd winner : 8! 4th winner : pking 77! Thanks for joining the giveaway, will do more of them in the future!
  9. Saturday events 11/08/18 #1 - DH-tourney! There will be a big dharok tournamet with juicy prizes. We need 20 participants as minimum. Rules:- Only allowed to use the basic dharok set up (;;gear>>dharok) with regular dragon claws as special attack weapon. Not allowed to use Karambwan. Not allowed to use ring i or goliath or steadfast boots. Three Sara Brews maximum. 1st place reward! 2nd place reward! Special thanks to 'Arasta' for donating DH-tourney prizes! #2 - Forum giveaway! We will be hosting forum giveaway, make sure to Comment your in-game name under the post! Rules:- You're allowed to comment only 1 time! 4 winners will be announced on Saturday when the #1 event is over! Every winner will get to choose 3 numbers from 1-12 for 3 juicy items! Note:- Items won't be in that order when winners are choosing! Note:- Event will take place on Saturday 11/08/18 at 8:00PM GMT! Make sure to be there! - BeastPk staff team
  10. Saturday Event 04/08/18 More players, more rewards! Last Man Standing Event: Using spawnable DH gear with inventory full off supplies of your choice, who survives... WINS! 1st place reward! 2nd place reward! Trivia event: Staff team will yell questions, whoever give out answer first... WINS! (answers will be taken from yell and friends chat 'beast') Hide and Seek event: Staff will yell hints for the selected location, first to find location... WINS! Goodie bag for trivia and H&S winners!(winner chooses number from 1-12) NOTE:- Event will take place 04/08/18 at 8:00 GMT time! Best of luck to everyone!
  11. Cheezmo

    Player Owned Shop guide!

    Hello! Here's a quick guide on how to use Player Owned Shops!
  12. Cheezmo

    First vid after 9 MONTHS? Big Giveaway!

    Nice work Sprad!
  13. Cheezmo

    Comp Req

    You killed 7k tormented demons or tormented beasts?
  14. Cheezmo

    Beastpk Update Log #41 (Major)

    good job baby❤ 7more days!!!!
  15. Cheezmo

    loot from 10 hours of rogue chest (beastpk)

    Poggers. quite impressive!