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  1. reporting cheezmo

    i ask the guy for help since im new, and he tells me to look it up??? wtf?? https://gyazo.com/e2c4dfe546991b58b3333f4ed547df57 here i tell him my opinion about him, which is that i think his a shit staff, and he is not fit for the job. He says im flaming him because im saying i think you're a shit staff??? wtf i never said he was thats just what i think about him... https://gyazo.com/68974a84def5d0d78b77eea3edb12866 Here he mutes me again for saying threated him with saying ' im on your ass ' wtff?? i said im on your ass and he said im theating him hows is that even a reason to mute??? https://gyazo.com/dbe491fbe13ba9300e8f22037632fc7e https://gyazo.com/de1016ad0e9547e913bd19f78b5fd34c