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  1. Guide to all 99s

    Much appreciation! Thanks Mellow!
  2. Banned :/

    This sir is considered RWT!! if you read rules, you will find it's the most serious shit there and punishment is perm banned. So appeal is denied. /Locked
  3. Completionist Guide

    Too much work. Thanks Mellow!
  4. Scammed

    This has been dealt with and the player is ipbanned and you got refunded. Thanks for reporting. /locked
  5. i got scammed

    I see nothing? explain maybe. And trade is own risk btw
  6. Got scammed in risk fight, fluressence

    I'm afraid nothing can be done since you have a poor proof.
  7. How to craft l33t phat.

    -Requirements:- Blank Phat (you get this once you start the game) Glowie Angelic wings Demonic wings white beastly wings White + Brown + Black wings (you get from echests) Illum Shield O'wreckage (arena shop) Pkers Cape (arena shop) Razor Whip Lightning 2h Sword (bounty shop) Umbrassor Sword (bounty shop) Kalphay Sword (bounty shop) Elimute Sword (bounty shop) I don't know the correct order of these but they are the all requirements. Have fun!
  8. Choose our new slayer monster's name!

    Calisto xD
  9. breach xd is pray speccing!

    I saw this ig but he logged so fast before i jail. Next time he is on i will jail. And next time you want to upload video, upload it first on Youtube then share link here. /Locked
  10. 6 digit code and other things not working

    Make sure to pm "Beast" in-game.
  11. Forgot acc password

    Pm "Beast" in-game.
  12. Changed password, wrote it down, not working?

    Pm "Beast" in-game.
  13. Nh rektons -- boosting

    This has been dealt with. Thanks for reporting. /Locked.
  14. Forums doesn't work?

    Since we constantly been asked by players that forums is not working for them, it works for some people and doesn't work for othres and this problem is being worked on. But here is a simple and a temporary solution, you can clear your browser cache and it will work fine for you. Thanks!
  15. forgot pin

    This has been dealt with. /locked