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  1. `Swagtastic`

    Unban appeal

    Your account is getting unbanned in 10 days from now. Make sure that next time you do something like that will result in a perma ban.
  2. `Swagtastic`

    forgotten pin

    Check your DM.
  3. `Swagtastic`

    loud pack

    What do you mean?
  4. `Swagtastic`

    assintance required

    Pm Beast on discord "Bennie#8189"
  5. `Swagtastic`

    forgot password

    Dealt with.
  6. hey man can you give me your discord so you can help me

  7. `Swagtastic`

    Forgot my account pin for "Yukina"

    Check your DM.
  8. `Swagtastic`

    have forget my pin

    Check ur DM
  9. `Swagtastic`

    Forgot my pin

  10. `Swagtastic`

    have forget my pin

    Account name?
  11. `Swagtastic`

    Forgotten Pin

    Check ur DM
  12. `Swagtastic`

    Forgotten Pin

    Acc name?
  13. `Swagtastic`

    Forgotten pin

    Check your inbox
  14. `Swagtastic`

    account pin

    Dealt with.
  15. `Swagtastic`

    Forgot my pin.

    Check your DM.