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  1. `Swagtastic`

    unban "Excited"

    Hi, Account has been unbanned.
  2. `Swagtastic`

    get un ban but no unipban

    You're not IPbanned.
  3. `Swagtastic`

    Forgot password

    Account name?
  4. `Swagtastic`


    Dealt with.
  5. `Swagtastic`

    Unban Extreme Pete

    "I said i took the 500m to try and make him jealous"; this is a rude thing to say. One thing you should know is that all rsgp donations go to owner, I don't get anything to my name. Please learn to choose your words. 2nd thing, I said you aren't perma banned. I said you're banned until further investigations, so don't freak out.
  6. `Swagtastic`


  7. `Swagtastic`

    Copenhagen for adams assistant

  8. `Swagtastic`

    Left Click Monsters

    I agree. +1
  9. `Swagtastic`

    Forgot my bank pin

    The account 'Sk8rdemon' doesn't have bank pin. It only has account pin. Check ur pm for ur acc pin.
  10. `Swagtastic`

    Update Log #44 (QOL, Custom Items & More)

    Good work Mourad!
  11. `Swagtastic`

    Forgot my pin...

    Check your PM
  12. `Swagtastic`

    YouTuber Ranks

    Hey guys! We will be adding YouTuber ranks in-game and give them to our talented content creators who help advertise BeastPk. All the YouTbers that are choosen and meet our requirements, will have the YouTuber rank in-game next to their names. YouTubers are also required to make 5 videos per month or their YouTube rank will be removed and if we caught them view botting. We will also reward our YouTubers depending on their talent, their views and subscriptions. Rewards are going to be juicy! How to Apply? Please follow the following format when applying for YouTuber rank:- 1-In-game name. 2-YouTube Channel URL. 3-Your discord tag. For more information, DM Beast or Swagtastic in-game. BeastPk Staff Team
  13. `Swagtastic`

    jackiechann banned

    Appeal is accepted
  14. `Swagtastic`

    i need help

    What is your in-game name?