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  1. "Yolo40" "Asbo Kidpat" beggar and scammer

    This has been dealt with. Thanks for reporting.
  2. Alpha Ban Appeal

    Denied according to Beast. /Locked
  3. Beastpk Update Log #38 (Major)

    Great work! Thanks Beast!
  4. New vid (quality) 75B giveaway

    You're getting good boi xD
  5. fc

    This has been dealt with. Thanks for reporting. /Locked
  6. Pvming Mystery Box

  7. Donor Request

  8. Shoutbox

    I like the idea but we also have ;;discord which is almost the same. But +1
  9. Application for SS

    Application has been accepted. Welcome to BPK staff team!
  10. Extra Bank Slots.

    I reported this to Beast already and it is not a bug tho.
  11. banned

    English please !! But you were banned because you bet yout items vs items yeah but u lost on purpose to "KFIF Back" and when i asked, you said "i help him". That's even what he said. Plus you said "I'm quitting". I have no problem to unban you, but if you will continue to do so, it will be perm.
  12. Suggestion for server

    If you go to "my info" you can see the monsters you killed. I agree to inferal hatchet
  13. Old Video I Found

    Damn op son xD
  14. flame

    This is going to be dealt with. Thanks for reporting
  15. Staff Application

    First, welcome to bpk as i never saw you before! Second, we apply for SS first. Third, the application is missing so many details. So -1 for me!