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  1. `Swagtastic`

    Forgotten Pin

    Acc name?
  2. `Swagtastic`

    Forgotten pin

    Check your inbox
  3. `Swagtastic`

    account pin

    Dealt with.
  4. `Swagtastic`

    Forgot my pin.

    Check your DM.
  5. `Swagtastic`

    Forgot Password

  6. `Swagtastic`

    ban several years ago

    Hi, Try log in now.
  7. `Swagtastic`

    I got Banned In Miss understanding

  8. `Swagtastic`

    Black Screen While Login In

    Set your settings to minimum and fixed before logging in. Also make sure your Java is up to date.
  9. `Swagtastic`

    Black Screen While Login In

    Give it time to load the cache.
  10. `Swagtastic`

    Official staff list (2018-01-03)

    Omega Ruby has been promoted from Server Support to Moderator. Congratulations!
  11. `Swagtastic`

    Ask for rank! - VIP donator / dicer

  12. `Swagtastic`

    Official staff list (2018-01-03)

    Lemonhaze420 has resigned from Moderator to normal player.
  13. `Swagtastic`

    New player can't log in game

    Hi, The forums accounts aren't linked to in-game ones. You can just pick any available name and instantly login game.