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  1. Guide to all 99s

    If you took the time to read through the guide instead of skimming it, you'd see that the slayer guide is huge because it's alot more than just simply explaining it compared to mining. And since i made the slayer guide it would be pretty pointless to include it here when it's already completed in another post (when it already has gotten alot of attention compared to the old guides sphinx made.) (However i do mention that there's a slayer guide in the post which they can check out) Btw: I copied Sphinx guides because they received little to no attention at all even tho they were great guides. The only reason i made this was to help people, so why shouldn't i use guides that can help people alot while also mentioning that it's not mine? (And it was only 3 guides that were copied, not 7+)
  2. Guide to all 99s

    I like making guides so here's another one! (Please keep in note that this guide is made for those who wants to level up faster and afk as much as possible, i have added in optional money making methods but not in detail) List of all trainable skills used to gain max cape. Mining Smithing Fishing Cooking firemaking Woodcutting Farming Agility Herblore Thieving Crafting Fletching Slayer (will not be mentioned in this post as there's a guide on it) Hunter Runecrafting _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mining When starting out mining, simply do ;;home and choose skilling. After you've done this, purchase an iron pickaxe and a rune one. You can find ores behind the building 1-25 do Tin/Copper 25-99: Iron ores (optional) 80-99: Coal ores (for money) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Smithing Smithing is quite easy and unique to train Simply do ;;zstorm and you will end up in the zombie minigame, grab barricades from the table along with one toolkit Once you have grabbed a full inv of barricades and one toolkit, simply repair the walls from 1-99 smithing _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fishing To get to the fishing spot, simply click on your skilling tab and click on the fishing icon and teleport After that, purchase a fishing net and a lobster cage from the Master fisher 1-40: Shrimps with a fishing net 40-60: Tuna/swordfish with an harpoon 60-99: Lobsters with a lobster pot. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cooking I highly advice you do fishing before cooking so you have enought raw material, if you do not want to start fishing first simply buy raw fish from the master fisher. After that, click on your skilling tab and click on the firemaking icon and teleport. Then run to the bonfire and simply use a raw fish on the fire to begin cooking. 1-40: Raw Shrimps/anchovies 40-70: Raw Tuna (and swordfish if you have some) 50-99: Raw Lobsters (If you haven't been fishing and you've bought raw material) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Firemaking Go to the bonfire stated before, simply use all the logs you have on the bonfire for firemaking xp. I highly advice you do woodcutting before firemaking so you have materials but if you decide not to do it simply buy logs from the npc in the woodcutting area south of the bonfire. After you've purchased logs, simply use them on the bonfire for xp. 1-40: Logs 40-99: Maple logs 60-99: Yew logs (Optional) 80-99: Magic logs (Optional) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Woodcutting To begin woodcutting, go to your skilling tab and choose woodcutting and teleport After you're here, purchase an iron hatchet and a rune one from this npc: After you've purchased the hatchets here's what you do: 1-40: Chop logs and bank them (HIGHLY SUGGESTED) 40-99: Willow logs (Optional) 60-99: Maple logs (Optional) 80-99: Magic logs (optional if you wanna make some small money on the way) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Farming To begin farming, go to your skilling tab and click on the farming icon and teleport, after that purchase a rake from the npc standing next to you. After that, you will see multiple patches, here's the levels. 1-45: Grimy guams 45-68: Grimy Toadflax 68-99: Grimy Avantoe _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Agility Agility is quite an easy but annoying skill to do, to get to agility click on your skilling tab and click on the agility icon and teleport. After you've teleported, simply follow the normal agility route. This is the only agility area from 1-99. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Herblore (Thank you Sphinxking21 for his guide) How to get started. U have to type ::home > Skilling When u get here u can talk to kaqemeex and sanfew to enter the herblore shops 1 and 2. Getting started. U will have to collect ur own herbs from 1-52, the best way is by using the skill: Farming To get the herbs from Farming u have to buy a Rake from The Master Garderner First i did 1 inventory of Guams (Guam + Eye of newt) Then i did Harralander's till 52 (Harralander + Red spider egg) In total i made: 26 Attack potions (guams) 81 Restore Potions (Harralanders) Shop Time From 52-99 u will use the shop alot. U will see all the combinations in this picture From 52-69 u will make Super Energy's (Avantoe+Mort Myre Fungus) From 69-72 (u can skip this one if u want) u will make Anti fire's (Lantadyme + Dragon scale dust) From 72-92 u will make Ranging potions (Dwarf weed + Wine of zamorak) From 92-99 u will make extreme ranging potions (Ranging potions (3)+Grenwall Spikes) After you've followed these steps, you will achieve 99 herblore. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thieving To start thieving do click on your skilling tab choose thieving 1-20: Bakers stall 20-35: Silk stall 65-75 Spice stall 75-99 Gem stall 83-99: ;;castle chest thieving (OPTIONAL IF YOU WANT TO MAKE ALOT OF MONEY) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Crafting (Thank you Sphinxking21 for your guide) U will have to type ::home -> Skilling: You will be teleported here: When u get here u simply just walk north Talk to Master Crafter and open his shop, to buy some Needles and Threads Starting the crafting gainz This picture will explain u what to make, the level reqs are for the Body's since that's the fastest way to get crafting xp. Remember, this skill will cost some money. Leather U will have to make from 1-14 Leather Vambraces which requires 1 leather. (GIVES 330 XP) And from 14 - 63 Leather Body's which requires 3 leather. (GIVES 880 XP) Green Dragon Leather U will have to make from 63-71 Green d'hide body which require 3 hides to make.(gives 4092 xp) Blue Dragon Leather U will have to make from 71-77 Blue d'hide body which requires 3 hides to make (gives 4620 xp) Red Dragon Leather U can use Red dragon Leather to get to 99 since it's way to cheaper then black dragon hide and the xp difference is not too big, if u have enough money i suggest u to make Black d'hide bodies Otherwise use this to 99 U will have to make from 77-84/77-99 red d'hide body which requires 3 hides(gives 5148 xp) Black Dragon Leather This is the expensive but also the fastest way to get 99, like i said at the Red Dragon Leather, its ur own descision to make this. U will have to make from 84-99 Black d'hide body's which require 3 hides (gives 5675 xp) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hunter (Thank you SphinxKing21 for your guide) Getting Started To start the Hunter skill you will have to get to the area where Hunter is trained, to get there do ;;home and click the "Skilling" option. You will be teleported here: Then run over here and cross the bridge: You will want to grab about 170 coins for 2 Bird Snares and 4 Box Traps. You will buy those from the Hunting Expert: How to train Hunter Once you get the supplies you will need to actually hunt things to gain XP, so here are the levels required to catch certain things: Crismon swifts - Level 1 Golden Warblar - Level 5 Copper Longtail - Level 9 Cerulean Twitch - Level 11 Tropical Wagtail - Level 19 Monkey - Level 27 Raccoon - Level 27 Wimpy Bird - Level 39 Carnivorous Chinchompa - Level 63 For level 99 ON (WEEKEND) you will need to catch the following: 73 Birds 1 Monkey 879 Carnivorous Chinchompas Tips Tip #1 You could place the Bird Snares/Box Traps on top of whatever NPC you're trying to catch. Tip #2 For Chinchompas I find it quick to catch them when you place it in these 4 spots, or around these spots. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Runecrafting Runecrafting is pretty easy but click intensive (if you're not a super donator) to start runecrafting, do ;;home - skilling then run to the wizard located here: Purchase as many pure essence as possible from his shops. After you have purchased pure essence simply take out 28 to your inventory and do the following Speak to the mage, and teleport to air altar. 1-50: Air runes (Air altar) 50-99: Law runes (Law altar) The reason why you should do law runes is because of the comp cape achievement + it's really fast xp for its level. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fletching To start fletching, collect all kind of logs from woodcutting or from the logs shop (stated before in the firemaking section) As fletching doesn't state levels for several items such as fletching longbows, this became quite difficult to make a guide off. So the levels here will be a little bit off. 1-10: Arrow shafts (Regular logs) 10-25: Shortbows (u) (Regular logs) 25-40: Longbows (u) (Regular logs) 40-55: Willow shortbow (u) (Willow logs) 55-99: Willow longbows (u) (Willow logs) 70-99: Maple longbows (u) (Willow logs) 75-99: Yew longbows (u) ( Yew logs) 85-99: Magic longbows (u) (Magic logs) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ And that's the guide, good luck on your 99s!
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    Your account will remain permanently banned for Rwting. If such offence is repeated you will receive a permanent ipban. /Denied
  4. Completionist Guide

    Keep in note before reading this guide, some methods might be different in terms of speed depending on what kind of gear you will be using, if you know any fast methods than the ones that will be stated please tell me via the comments or in pm. Thank you. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1: Completionist requirements + Benefits Frost Dragon x250 Abyssal demons x10000 Dark Beasts x5000 Corporeal beasts x10 Graardors x100 King Black Dragons x100 Tormented Demons x500 Krakens x500 Celestial Dragons x1500 Demonic Gorilla x1500 Tekton x500 Olmlet x250 Benefits of Completionist cape: Increased droprate by 0.5% Gives two clue scroll caskets Double pvp rewards Teleports to: Dark beasts/Yanille/Draynor village/High risk arena Stats: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Frost Dragons Frost dragons is basically dragons that can be unlockable via the loyalty points chest at home outside ;;shops. You can purchase the requirement to access them for 250 loyalty points. In order to get to frost dragons simply teleport to slayer camp and use the huge slayer cave, choose dungeons - Frost dragons Recommended itemset: Any combat method is fine (Range,mage, melee) but melee is preffered, simply use the best melee armour you have with a dfs and go ham on the dragons, you will need 250 kills to complete this requirement. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Abyssal Demons Abyssal demons is a slayer npc that requires level 85 slayer to kill, these demons can be found in the second floor of the slayer tower, to go to abyssal demons in a quick route, teleport to slayer camp, and run to the stairs in the building, this method will get you straight to dark beasts, simply go down the stairs and you will find abyssal demons, however you will need 99 slayer to access this shortcut: Recommended items: As Abyssal demons are weak to any kind of combat setup, feel free to choose any. But if you have access to purchase/use an undeg chaotic staff, then i would suggest using magic to kill Abyssal demons with ice barrage as you have time to kill them while they're frozen which increases the number of kills due to them not attacking you. You will need to kill 10000 Abyssal demons to complete this requirement _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dark Beasts Dark Beasts is a slayer npc that requires 93 slayer to be hit, this requirement is one of the easiest as there's a super afk method on killing these. If you do not prefer to afk these and perhaps lose loots then i would suggest to take the shortcut i showed in the abyssal demons section and just run from there with the same setup you used at abyssal demons. But if you're going the afk method then run to the wilderness part of where Dark Beasts are and use any kind of melee gear. Your inventory should be filled with overloads and prayer renewals, after you've set your inv/gear here's what you do: Teleport to Olmlet and run from there to Dark Beasts (To see locations of npcs in wildy check out my slayer guide for the wildy map) After you've teleported to olmlet and ran to Dark Beasts, stand exactly in this spot in the Dark Beasts wildy location: This will make Dark beasts aggressive and attack you, they do not hit anything at all so you can decide to afk this all you want. Recommended items: The best pvm setup you have, range mage or melee doesn't matter. To complete this requirement, you will have to kill 5k Dark Beasts. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Corporeal Beast Corporeal beast is a basic boss that doesn't require much to kill as there's no requirements to access the boss. To get to corporeal beast go to pvm teleports and choose corporeal beast After that, simply enter this cave and run straight to the beast: Recommended items: Use the best range/melee armour you have, if you are using a blowpipe or perhaps a lite then i suggest using soulsplit, otherwise you should go with magic protection. Your setup should contain atleast 2 overloads + 2 prayer renewals and rest is brews/restores. You will need to kill 10 Corporeal beasts to complete the requirement. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General Graardor Graardor is a simple straight foward boss, all you will need is a good melee armour with soulsplit and you're good to go. Location: Pvm teleports - Bandos Recommended items: The best melee gear you can use, if you're using a lite weapon then simply use soulsplit and just afk it, otherwise protect melee or range. Your setup should consist of atleast 2 overloads/prayer renewals and rest saradomin brews/Restores. You will have to kill 100 Graardors to complete the requirement. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ King Black Dragon King black dragon is one of the easiest bosses ingame, requiring only a good melee setup with a needed Dragonfire shield. Location: Pvm teleports - king black dragon Recommended items: The best melee gear you have with a Dragonfire shield, your inventory should consist of 2 overloads/prayer renewals with 5 antipoison potions and the rest should be Brews/Restores, always use soulsplit when fighting King Black Dragon. You will need to kill 100 King Black Dragons to complete the requirement. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tormented Demons: Tormented demons is a very annoying npc because of the prayer flicks, that is why i have a semi-afk method that will make Tormented demons alot more easier. Location: Pvm teleports - Tormented demons After you've teleport to Tormented demons, run North West to encounter them. As you're in this spot here's what you're gonna do: Stand 3 steps away from the rock, this will be our safespot. After you've known where the safe spot is, run to the demons and lure them over to the rock, they will now not be able to attack you while you attack them with magic: https://i.imgur.com/wRUwfCi.gifv The reason why we're using magic is because of the damage, it hits multiple targets as we're luring multiple demons, it also penetrates the prayer just a tiny bit which makes this an afk method. If you do not want to do this method and instead want to kill them fast, simply repeat this process but use a dark light to weaken their defence and then use magic. Recommended items: The best magic gear along with 2 overloads/renewals, rest is brews/restores. (Optional: Darklight) You will have to kill 500 Tormented demons to complete the requirement. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kraken Kraken is a basic and afk boss that hardly requires any attention. Location: Pvm teleports - kraken As you teleport to kraken, you will notice the 4 tentacles. In order to deal damage you will have to kill the tentacles and then attack the kraken, always keep magic prayer on while killing the tentacles and use range pray against the kraken. After the tentacles are dead, pray range and kill the kraken. Recommended items: The best range gear you have along with 14 overloads/renewals to stay there as much as possible. You will have to kill 500 krakens to complete the requirement. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Celestial Dragons Celestial dragons is an npc that requires 96 slayer to kill, this monster is very easy to kill as you only have to pray melee and use a dragon fire shield. Location: Pvm teleports - Celestial dragons Recommended items: I highly suggest you use your best melee setup along with Dragon fire shield and 14 overloads/renewals as they will hit nothing on you if you pray melee. You will have to kill 1500 Celestial Dragons to complete this requirement. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Demonic Gorilla Demonic gorillas is a slayer points locked npc that requires 25 slayer points to unlock, to access the demons simply unlock them via a slayer master: After you've unlocked them, click on the huge Slayer dungeon and choose lair - demonic lair Once you're at demonic gorillas, you will notice that they use a prayer flick system similar to tormented demons. The easiest way to kill demonic gorillas is basically focusing on one combat setup, my favourite is magic. So in order to kill these npcs efficiently simply use the best magic gear and use blood barrage and just simply afk the gorilla by either praying magic/range or soulsplit. Recommended items: The best magic gear along with 6 overloads/renewals, rest brews/restores and runes to use blood barrage. You will need to kill 1500 Demonic gorillas to finish this requirement. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tekton Tekton is an easy wilderness boss that doesn't require much attention to kill. Locations: Pvm teleports - Tekton In order to kill Tekton efficiently, use a melee gear setup that you're willing to lose if you're gonna get pked, be sure to bring a weapon that has the ''stab'' option such as a rapier or a longsword, simply pray soulsplit + turmoil and use stab and the boss will not be difficult at all. Recommended items: Melee gear you're willing to lose along with a stab weapon, your inventory should consist of 1 overload/prayer renewal rest should be restores/brews and food since you're in wildy. You will have to kill 500 Tektons to complete this requirement. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Olmlet Olmlet is also an easy wilderness boss since it's afkable. Locations: To kill olmlet, simply stand in this spot and mage it behind this rock to safespot it. Recommended items: Magic gear you're willing to lose because of being in wildy + overloads/prayer renewals along with food/brews/restores. You need to kill 250 olmlets to complete this requirement. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That was the guide, i hope you've enjoyed reading through this and taken some sort of advice from this. Thank you for reading and good luck with your completionist cape!
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