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  1. Hey im Lewis

    Aren't you the guy that ran from Tyrone? :3
  2. Beastpk Update Log #38 (Major)

    Really awesome updates!
  3. Small trash vid + 50b giveaway

    Bad at pking and at dicing
  4. Pvming Mystery Box

    I think this is the concept of the keys we're currently using (such as doomeds, sirenic etc). But knowing how rare they are, i agree to the concept of pvm keys if it would be an uncommon drop instead of being a rare one. +1
  5. clans

  6. Shoutbox

    Indeed it does look good with a shoutbox, but i believed it got taken down due to many people spamming it, but i suggest we could add something that prevents spam. +1
  7. Suggestion for server

    I support all of your suggestions except for the redeems one. Thank you for suggesting ideas

    Hello. Thanks for reporting this in, i will be checking out the different spawns that hasn't been working lately (such as beasty, blink etc) and i'll try to spawn them again if they bug out. If any spawns isn't working, just pm me on forums and i'll fix it straight away.
  9. Luck

    Rigged indeed, Dylan corrupts our rng and claims every rare as his own!
  10. Staff Application

    You cannot apply for moderator nor admin as you have to be a SS at first (server supporter). As for the application, -1.
  11. Muted

    Instantly denied as you did not use the correct format: /Locked.
  12. HEY!

    Welcome to BPK, I hope you enjoy your stay
  13. Misternam's ss application

    You can be a worthy candidate, however i'd like to see you more helpful ingame. For now, -1.
  14. best setup for pking/pvm?

    More detailed: If you're low leveled and don't have alot of cash, best thing to do with 10m is o buy full dharoks with a rock cake, otherwise if you have around 1b+, invest in these current items: PVM Chaotic lites ( 1b each, excellent for pvming due to how fast it is) Doomed armour ( 1b/piece, strong armour that does really well in both pvming and in pvping) Cheap setup: Full dharoks + steadfast boots + bring i +goliaths (rest spawn gear will handle) = 152m Bit expensive: Chaotic longsword + full doomed armour + Demonhorn boots + demonic aura wings = 7.5b Expensive: Chaotic longsword (undeg) or Tormented weapon + Full beasty torva/darklord + heroic set or infernal cape + upg fury + tormented gloves with erow and gold octo = 50b-1t. PVP: Cheap setup: ::Gear - meele with a korasi (200m) or upg ags (1b) Bit expensive setup: ::Gear - dharoks with an illuminessence (10b) or doomed claws (5b) Expensive: ::Gear - dharoks with a fluressence or an elder maul (300b). Hope this helped you out a bit
  15. Challenge scroll

    What's the point of flaming when you can't follow simple instructions? Scrolls are working just fine, there are several good guides on youtube that goes through every single step, there's also guides on forums.