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  1. Its been over 2 days

    Its been over 2 days......
  2. Beast only

    Dude we really werent boosting. The simple fact that i had so much love and compassion for the game and i get betrayed i guess ticked me off a little. We were betting boxing. Lord knows and im banned god bless.
  3. Beast only

  4. Beast only

    You know what ill just take this as a lesson and a loss. I love the game so i cant down it but im just not putting a penny into it nore helpng anyone out again 50 days of gameplay and irl money.... Never again. Ill just stay to myself and play for now on no helping just me and pvm.
  5. Beast only

    Ill just call my bank and leave for good. Cause i really wasnt boosting and if this is the staff that beast pays for so be it good luck guys!!:) kiss kiss hugg hug kiss huggy kiss kiss kiss huggy jelous hehe
  6. Beast only

    You xould just keep me jailed. Not only was i not boosting you toatally took advantage of banning after.
  7. Beast only

    Like you took advantage of me saying that. You knkw it wasnt mwnt as advertizing. The only reason i knew i was banned cause it popped up on my brothers screen. I had already logged. Your kidding me right.
  8. Beast only

    Wasnt boosting obviously. I didnt know that was advertising i wasnt like haha bitch im going to dreamscape. No i simply said ill be on ds message me on discord cause im not mining all day lol. Mellow dont play games man you knkw your messing with me.....
  9. l33t

    Now heres a solid guy
  10. Just here for server support.

    -1 Not banned.... Itll get repealed tomorrow we were not boostinf bud lol. And i dont want to argue you flamed us after we got jailed and you did keep cussing us out at castle. Im not going to lie about that.
  11. Godskeeper and manillakilla apeal

    What is your in-game name? -Godskeeper What was your punishment-banned? Who Issued your punishment?-the mellow charactershe Why were you punished? (DO NOT SAY "IDK")-he thought me and my brother were boosting because we kept gettinig one hitted boxing in edge so we moves to nomad. We would get a wip or just box and everytime we did we betted each other from 20m to 100m. I know what boosting is and i dont do that stuff man. My brother comes over my house every weekend usually we pk people in castle but this time we decided to bet till one of us went broke from 1b but in the middle of it we got jailed. So i said im tired of sitting here tryinf to explain myself mesaage me on discord because ill be on my dreamscaoe account im not gunna sit here in jail lol then he banned me:( yall can keep me vanned or let me enjoy the server ill walk away with no arguing. I just know we werent boosting we were drunk gambling having fun now we have to cut our night short. Im a very blunt person id tell you if i was boosting vut this is wayy different matter. We didnt even get over a 2 kill streak on each other. I got banned by saying another servers name. They took everything we were doing and saying the wrong way. I dont start stuff nor have i ever broke the rules on beast pk. Check donattions im sure youll see im the 1st one on the list most of the time. I wouldnt put irl money into a game then go against the rules. Im a differnt person than who you compare me to....yall took this the whole wrong way without even asking us if we were boosting or saying anything to us. Then everyone starts flaming and the mellows enjoy it? Very confused on the maturity of the ranks here... Im a l33t donator working on making videos for beast pk and verrryyy active i would never boost..... Yo should of asked our drunk asses what we were doing instead of banning us ...... Let me go? Or keep me? Just let me know cause its obviously two differnt accounts. I started with 900m i nkw have 260m do you think i wouldnt just trade him the money if i wanted to? We were drunk having fun boxing because we went to arena and it wasnt open....lord knows.... In your own words please explain why you thought doing said action that got you punished was acceptable and why you should not do it if the punishment is revoked:i didnt know that you couldnt box or wip with your buddy risking gp. And i didnt know saying im gling over to dreamscape to play message me on discord when my jail times over would get me banned? Im drunk guys were having fun legaly in the game. No harm done?
  12. Banned for boosting?

    OPEN UP DUEL ARENA FOR CHRIST SAKE LOL. We obviously werent boosting....... Check discord i sent pic of him on his laptop and me on my computer cause last time we were murking in the castle someone accused us of it before. This is sad plz pick this stuff up.
  13. Banned for boosting?

    So as most people know as yall see us in cadtle pling every weekend my brother comes down from the other other side of the city every weekend, we get drunk play games and play beast pk. Well me and my brother being lit decided we wanted to box cause the duel arena wasnt woking so we would get 20m go in wildy and box. Well we got jailed and i kept asking why they kepting flaming and the staff didnt do nothing about it. I started donating irl alot latley and i dont desevrve thism we obviosly werent boosting cause if it was against the rules WE WOULD OF NEVER DONE IT. Open duel arena. And then he said why were you at nomads...BECAUSE WHEN WED ENTER AT EDGE WED KEEP GETTING Q HITTED AND LOSE OUR MONEY. We werent boosting he staysss on a differnt ip. Were just having fun enjoying the server and we get this? Then he bans me cause i said just let me know whats going on when i can get back on until then ill be on dreamscape so hmu on discord. Now im banned? Im very confused. Im a very intelgent person and do enough to be a mod. Could aomeone get back to me plz because lord knows we werent boosting. You got ph using 3 accounts to pk in castle actual same people killing himself. Then you got me and my brother doing nothing but being drunk and boxing getting banned? Come on now guys really?
  14. Just here for server support.

    Very immature player. Rages way to much. Followed me around cussing me out for killing him in castle
  15. Valerian

    To young for a big growing community in my oppinion. Id give it a few more years. I like valerian but thats to much power for a kid. Just being honest not trying to be mean buddy, just my opinion.