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  1. Aggressive Behavior #AGB

  2. Add a safe pk Zone

    Make safezone, the normal safezone back in 667 source (if u know what i mean) multi-safe pking <3 (make it to not give that much of reward) (500k coins/50kpvps/250k upgs) its gonna be fun to have many players randomly fighting in multi zone
  3. Duel Area Bug reporting.

    Hello. When i type ;;command and i choose to tele to duel area, i can't challange other players same as others they can't challange anyone. just thought it would be good to fix this bug <3 thanks.
  4. Add slayer task ring

    Hey, Can you guys please add slayer task ring that auto tele you to the monster task location? that gonna be very helpful for the server Thanks.
  5. Help the slayer tasks.

    Hey. I saw on other server that when u get slayer task there's a free ring you buy from slayer shop, and auto-tele you to the task location. Please can you add this to the game since it's really hard to know where the location, even if i asked the slayer master some location is hard to find or some monsters should i say. Thanks beast <3 amazing server.