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  1. effekt cancer flame

    cancerous/toxic? same meaning? was literally not a cancer joke.
  2. effekt flaming

    no response... i find this highly shocking.... not
  3. effekt flaming

    Lol, funny lets edit everything prioer to this and mute for two highly cropped sentences... Do you guys not know what a proper report is for starters? or perhaps NOT EDITTING YOUR PROOF?????????????????????????? Disgusting how fast i was muted over this pathetic evidence that shows literally a snippet of ANYTHING, or the conversation that followed with pvm. "Musket never does anything", so hang on, because you're freinds with someone thats a right to just mute someone instantly? You are kidding. Ps the clear response "Not a kid" clearly implies there is more to this story and pms from musket that are not shown here. + when you have staff who randomly insult on yell... Like what.