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  1. Roocer

    Christmas events! 24/12/2018

    ing : Roocer
  2. Roocer

    calling me vile things

    Spastic isnt flaming so spastic spastic spastic spastic spastic spastic spastic spastic spastic spastic spastic.
  3. Roocer

    Player of The Month

  4. Roocer

    Alvin - Banned

  5. Roocer

    New Update #40 major

    About store prices +1.
  6. Roocer

    New Zealand Assistant rank

    Good luck bud
  7. Roocer

    Forums giveaway!

    Roocer A.K.A Roceriuga
  8. Roocer

    Systematic Pvp Tournaments

    Very nice. Op idea
  9. What is your in-game name? - Roocer What was your punishment-Giving over 100b. Who Issued your punishment?- Adam, (Swagtastic). Why were you punished? (DO NOT SAY "IDK")- Clyde was manipulating me to get free items, that he could rb from when he diced them and lost to cheezmo, he asked for more items i said no becouse Cheezmo told me i already gave more then 100b and its illegal then he started manipulate me for more items otherwise he gonna tell Swagtastic or Beast. (i got discord logs) In your own words please explain why you thought doing said action that got you punished was acceptable and why you should not do it if the punishment is revoked: Only becouse clyde helped me allot, when i was poor and etc, but now i allways say him i cant give him more he says "you will remember this when you get cleaned and etc." and i only give him becouse he helped me allot :(.
  10. Roocer

    Weekly Saturday Events 31/03/2018

    Dh tourny
  11. Roocer

    Assistant Application

    +1 good boy. Now you owe me 69b :3
  12. Roocer

    nerf for the sake of pvp

    Ballista isnt op...
  13. Roocer

    Weekly Saturday Events 24/03/2018

    Nice gl everyone - Roocer