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  1. i was looking for more in the chat but it got deleted but before the messages i told him not to accuse me of luring  and  told him thats not fair in which he replied cry then GG and the guy star life was the one telling him to just mute me so i can shut up bro please pleaseeee don't let this dude feel himself and put him back in his place



  2. yo beast clevland is going overboard he's misusing his power and acting like he's god or something and is mocking even the fact of me telling you anything like if you won't do shit to him , he's allowing he's friends to do whatever they want with anyone and he's bullying people saying he's inforcing but he's not doing shit but flexing power and just muting people that complain about it , i don't complain about shit but earlier today one of his friends was in bandit camp which is obv wild pvp and he appears to tele there and i killed him so this person goes to cleveland and celevland is causing me of luring and started treating me telling me that he inforces the rules and to shut up before he mutes me and like i aid mocks the fact that i would go and tell you something he legit said post it on the forums btw so you see nothing is going to happen. bro please do something about this man thats some fuck shit 

  3. xneoxy

    nerf for the sake of pvp

    I'm calling for a nerf or a rebalancing for all torm, flur, balista everything that can just one hit you in pvp. im not saying to take out the ability the wep has but definitely something has to be done because its pretty annoying trying to fight someone and out of no where you get hit a 900+ or two 400's in the same time or 4 dragon claw specs back to back to back. those are all things that seem well for pve but its not just unfair but completely unbalance in pvp. maybe they can be nerfed when you walk into wild with those weps , but personally as a new player my pking experience hasn't been the best because as soon as i mange to get a fight or find someone that will fight me in equal terms theres already someone at edge ready to prod me with with max mage/melee gear and boom i get hit a 600 then a 400 before i can even pot up. or im picking up loot with max health and get smacked a 990. i just got hit maxed hp next you'll be able to use insta kill darts in wild .... and if the main gemick for the server is pking lets try to make it fair and enjoyable because the only people that seem to enjoy pking is the players that already have those 400b amour set and weapons while im here praying i can survive the first spec so i can run away fast enough to live ... in other words please look into nerfing them for pvp at least
  4. xneoxy

    nerf for the sake of pvp

    i think the aspect of price shouldn't disqualified the flur for a nerf or rebalancing because that would be almost elitist .. in the sense that "oh im rich so its okay that i have a weapon that one shots you even with max hp" just because it's 300b honestly in game i've seen the same group of people with flurs abusing the shit out of it. it doesn't have place for pvp there shouldn't be a weapon the can hit you for max hp even through pray . its not FAIR , its not balanced. combined with the fact that these people have max gear because only they can afford such a weapon and such items. it won't be good for the game to and its community eventually there will be a split between vets and new players such as myself because of the abusive nature of these items and the only counterclaim would be that its expensive , obv as a new player i won't be able to compete and eventually won't even want to. i believe that this could be stopped and should be stopped now before theres a monopoly in some sort. for example yesterday i was with two vets at castle and them alone took on 5 people and won because they were hitting 500' 500 with torm or would just spec a 800 with a flur . that shows how unbalanced and unfair these weapons are to prove my point.