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  1. Ingame Name:bryan69 Rank you're applying for: assistant Age: 22 Timezone: EU Why did you decide to apply for staff?: because i want to help make it better then it already is . What is your relationship with the current staff members?: good Have you ever had fights with current staff members?:no Do you like the current staff members?: yes Have you ever been staff on another server? [Owner doesn't count]: no When did you first join Beastpk?: Are you planning to stay on beastpk for atleast 6 months?:yes Lets say your bank is 1t and you get cleaned, will you quit the game?:no Have you ever been banned on beastpk, other servers?:no If so what were you banned for?: What is your intention as a staff member? : to help other players. Please in no less than 3 sentences explain why you would be a smart choice to be added as a part of the staff team: -to help -make fun -to make the game better then it already is Tell us a little more about yourself: im bryan 22years old , im a welder. in my free time i very like to play beastpk :p