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  1. Castle Chest Glitch

    Ima call bullshit on what was lost. But thats just me.
  2. Some Suggestions

    These are all awesome ideas. I upvote 100%
  3. Appeal on ban

    Karma is still a bitch.
  4. Stygian Phat appeal

    Karma is a bitch.
  5. "Ags Pk" dd at arena no rf

    Hmm. Karma is a bitch
  6. "Ags Pk" dd at arena no rf

    That could even be a bug from how laggy the server has been. Theres no proof that he died. Nothing in the chatbox either.
  7. "Ags Pk" dd at arena no rf

    What proof is this? Its you a scamming piece of shit getting dropped? Karma is delightful!
  8. Copenhagen Igm SS

    I know you'll be a great choice we all know that. +2 You are the best applicant for ss imo.
  9. mayisyou flame

    He was flaming me too as soon as i got on because i wouldnt dice him.
  10. Pvming clan

    In Game Name: 98 Mage Prod Prestige if you are: 3 How often do you play: When i dont work. Drop Increasing Items (if any): Upg row, Gold dragon
  11. Leonardo,Brunopk,Andrejrgomes

    Das me. Scums.
  12. I recharged my rapier lite and it degraded in like 20 minutes. It had 223 charges before i recharged it and i know i did, because it took the cash from me. And it still degraded? Can i get some help?
  13. reporting 8footblunt and 8footbong

    Yeah sorry, flamed me so much.
  14. http://imgur.com/9ArQUiy
  15. reporting "patrick" for abuse

    100 is a rr. And thats know by everyone. You lost thats the end of it. You then proceeded to abuse your powers. So ight bruh have at it. And host gets to make the rules unless the other person declines. You should not be making any decisions here. And You refused to pay. You're the scammer.