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  1. Super Donator Rank!

    Ask Beast ingame. Unlikely he will see it on here.
  2. Organization

    Huh there was a guy with admin perms on the forums once...Supposably he took care of all the ranks. Wonder who it was?
  3. deathkil forum rank

    Ranks don't work properly right now sorry
  4. I Need Super Donator Rank On Forums :)

    Ranks aren't working properly right now so...I could give you it, you simply wouldn't see it.
  5. New Forum Theme

    Listen douche, we all know you did this shit cause you wanna show off that you have more reputation than me. Note: If Zonox edits my post one more god damn time his router is being fried. try me bitch
  6. Gavin7146, Extreme Donor Rank

    Extreme donor doesn't have a bar if you get a higher rank make another post it'll look better!
  7. stygian phat cheating on risk fight

    Stygian breaking rules?! Never! In all seriousness I'll get this taken care of.
  8. forum incentives... to make people active

    If you can get a dev to do that, I'm literally more than amazed. And the amount of post spam is gonna skyrocket so limits would have to be set for sure. An interesting idea but not one unheard of.
  9. Appeal Recovery Account password

    I've been told this was taken care of.
  10. When applying for rank

    you don't apply for the rank here..
  11. report sphinxkingtb

    2 staff members have shared their opinions on the matter so I'm going to close this topic.
  12. Now many people have been thinking, Troy how do you feel about Sphinx being SS. Well team here's how I feel, normally I'd tell you how you've already been SS and don't get a second chance but the difference is, your black. You see if Beastpk doesn't have a real gangster like Sphinx then I'm not sure how we can call ourselves a server for everybody. I support this cause.
  13. Unbreakable Report!

    I think he got the message after the first 2-3 responses guys lol
  14. Unbreakable Report!

    No proof and quite hard to understand, if you get sufficient evidence then we might have something.