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  1. 2476613

    DH-Tourney 13/01/19

    good luck brother an sisters playing let the best person win the tourney 2476613
  2. 2476613

    ban several years ago

    looking to get unban I played several years ago on 2 account named (2476613) and (tyler2476613) I was l33t on both an dice host unsure why I was ban I cant remember but I went to go redownload the game it wont load an im not sure if I was mac ban or what
  3. unip ban 2476613 an 247bank please been waiting like 6 months or more

  4. 2476613

    ip ban

    2476613 an I been Ip ban for about 6 months now or more feel like ive waited long enough
  5. 2476613

    unban 2476613

    i already talked to him but it still wont work he said he already unban me
  6. 2476613

    unban 2476613

    [3/29/2017 1:56:19 PM] Tyler Sinclair: can you unban me? [3/29/2017 1:56:28 PM] Tyler Sinclair: its been a while [3/29/2017 1:56:28 PM] Mourad: ye [3/29/2017 1:57:07 PM] Tyler Sinclair: thanks [3/29/2017 1:59:10 PM] Tyler Sinclair: server wont load up [3/29/2017 2:02:21 PM] Tyler Sinclair: ? [3/29/2017 2:02:39 PM] Mourad: you're iped probably [3/29/2017 2:02:47 PM] Tyler Sinclair: hmm [3/29/2017 2:02:52 PM] Mourad: why did you get iped [3/29/2017 2:03:00 PM] Tyler Sinclair: I don't remember its been a while [3/29/2017 2:03:08 PM] Tyler Sinclair: its been atleast a good 6 months [3/29/2017 2:04:31 PM] Tyler Sinclair: ya its stuck on 1% [3/29/2017 2:04:35 PM] Mourad: reload the client [3/29/2017 2:04:53 PM] Tyler Sinclair: still stuck on 1% [3/29/2017 2:06:41 PM] Tyler Sinclair: dosent load [3/29/2017 2:09:42 PM] Tyler Sinclair: even redownloaded it [3/29/2017 2:09:44 PM] Tyler Sinclair: nothing [3/29/2017 2:15:02 PM] Tyler Sinclair: do you still do osrs gp donations [3/29/2017 2:17:29 PM] Mourad: ye [3/29/2017 2:17:36 PM] Mourad: whats your ip? [3/29/2017 2:17:39 PM] Mourad: did you have other acs? [3/29/2017 2:17:58 PM] Tyler Sinclair: I had 247bank [3/29/2017 2:18:00 PM] Tyler Sinclair: and 2476613 [3/29/2017 2:18:16 PM] Tyler Sinclair: ---------- not showing [3/29/2017 2:18:19 PM] Mourad: try again [3/29/2017 2:18:37 PM] Tyler Sinclair: nothing [3/29/2017 2:19:51 PM] Mourad: you have to wait till the next server restart [3/29/2017 2:19:57 PM] Tyler Sinclair: ugh whens that [3/29/2017 2:20:03 PM] Mourad: don't know [3/29/2017 2:20:08 PM] Mourad: unless [3/29/2017 2:20:09 PM] Tyler Sinclair: cant you just do a restart [3/29/2017 2:20:11 PM] Mourad: you are gonna vpn [3/29/2017 2:20:22 PM] Mourad: no I wont [3/29/2017 2:20:40 PM] Tyler Sinclair: wait restart as like everyone losses everything [3/29/2017 2:20:43 PM] Tyler Sinclair: or a update [3/29/2017 2:20:46 PM] Mourad: update.. [3/29/2017 2:21:24 PM] Tyler Sinclair: do they still happen every few hours [3/29/2017 2:21:27 PM] Tyler Sinclair: like they use to [3/29/2017 2:21:30 PM] Mourad: nah 12hrs or so [3/29/2017 2:21:40 PM] Tyler Sinclair: when was last one [3/29/2017 2:21:45 PM] Mourad: don't know [3/29/2017 2:21:50 PM] Tyler Sinclair: bruh [3/29/2017 2:21:58 PM] Tyler Sinclair: (headbang) [3/29/2017 2:22:09 PM] Mourad: use a vpn [3/29/2017 2:22:13 PM] Mourad: gl hf ima remove you from skype :x [3/29/2017 2:22:21 PM] Tyler Sinclair: I don't got a vpn
  7. 2476613

    unban 2476613

    unban 2476613 i been ban for about 6-8 months cant remember why
  8. 2476613


    What is your in-game name? - 2476613 and 247bank What was your punishment-ban Who Issued your punishment?- don't remember Why were you punished? (DO NOT SAY "IDK")-don't remember its been a year In your own words please explain why you thought doing said action that got you punished was acceptable and why you should not do it if the punishment is revoked I haven't played for a long time I have been ban
  9. 2476613

    save the orphins

    someone save me! help! im bannded can someone get me unbanded please???????? ill pay with food stamps o lord Jesus I need to get unbanned this is 2476613 I will suck on your toes baby.. this is my appeal,,,,, ill give u my 150$ food stamp card for a sucky sucky Message from Troy - Fuck you, now you're banned on the forums too! Sincerely your favorite and only forums admin -Troy.
  10. 2476613


    hello my account is ( 2476613) i got bannded for false accusing ( rich as fck) for attempting to hack my account. i went on my other account and appoligised to him. can I get unbanned? thanks
  11. 2476613

    CANT LOGG IN ! AGAIN !!@!@!@!

    mine says the same thing
  12. 2476613

    Bannded 2476613

    I got bannded For reporting rich as fck which was r1ch as fck who said they will hack me which i thought was rich as fck
  13. 2476613


    ve been bannded for like a year now lol mourad knows who i am
  14. 2476613


    can u unband me now?????????????????????
  15. 2476613


    so is that a yes?