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  1. Haunted D scim spec

    The problem is, you can turn your prayer back on right after the spec, so the only way to actually pk anything is to hope that people hit high with the spec, and if he codes it to only hit like 600 max or something it won't be a super op thing. I'm just looking for a "way" to smite, because if you look ingame right now i can almost gaurantee that nobody has been smited yet. So, this scim will remove big items such as flurs and illums from game.
  2. Sidney14 SS

    I think you would be a good ss, you're a helpful person, and i've known you for quite a while ingame. The only thing you're missing is 15 posts but once you get that i would totally accept you.
  3. Haunted D scim spec

    you do have to remember that it's spec takes up 100% so if you get really unlucky and hit a 200 or 300 you can't get spec back in the same fight.
  4. Haunted D scim spec

    i never said it had to be as strong as an ags, im just saying on other servers thats what it has done.
  5. Haunted D scim spec

    So if you guys have noticed or if you've played ANY OTHER 667 RSPS. The haunted dragon scim has a spec that smites people and hits almost as high as an ags. So pretty much this is a suggestion to add a spec to haunted d scim that smites people on hit.
  6. Dragon/Kingly Implings

    So erm... pretty much this is just a suggestion to keep it in Mourad's mind since he forgets things too easily.... (Probably because hes banging chicks 24/7) but anyways, all this is is just to add dragon implings and kingly implings to the game. We have every other type of impling except crystal, so why not add dragon and kingly for more xp. anyways, i hope every1 had a nice christmas and have a happy new year!
  7. IPBanned for adv..... so sad mourad

    So I was on beastpk to day and I just got my new server up, not telling link. I talked to like 4 people to get to join my server on beastpk and told them specifically not to quit beastpk because they joined my server. I DON'T want to start shit with you mourad... I've known you for so long, but you turn on me when I try and start up a new server. The only reason we used your name on the client was because it was a remake of beastpk! We aren't trying to steal your players/start anything. We will take down you name on the server asap, and I still would like to play beastpk... Just saying, if you feel like it or whatever just unban illumine on beastpk, ill stop telling people about my server.
  8. Unban illumine

    Yo, I was on beastpk today waiting for a dp, everybody else was doing emotes and spamming kdr, so i clicked on emotes. I was wearing my max cape at the time, which i was aware caused a to anybody standing in the radius of it. Anyways, main thing is, I did the skillcape emote, I wasn't aware at the time that i had my max cape on, but when i clicked it of course it dced everybody... It was my fault 100% and i am sorry for the mishap... I would just like another chance. -.^
  9. reporting 8footblunt and 8footbong

    Sorry for asking, but what's the report for? Is it for flaming?
  10. reporting 'jacobhaines' illegal pjing in arena

    sad keds is what they are
  11. SHARK OUTFITS: suggestion!

    Hello guys, as you may know I just recently posted a suggestion for a "Soul harvester" or (Reaper's assignments), and I am just posting back with another new great idea! If any of you play rs3 you will know what I am talking about. This "Shark outfit" as well as many other things were released in early spring to get people ready for the start of summer. There are more than 1 type of shark outfits however. First there is just normal "shark hands/feet/head/legs/body" then comes the "tiger shark hands/feet/head/legs/body, the next one is the "Burnt shark hands/feet/head/legs/body, and the final one the "Fury shark hands/feet/head/legs/body. The fury shark one is the best and you get it by combining all the other 3 types. Now, I'm not asking for all 4 types to be added, that would be too much work for a hard working slouch like Mourad. (No offense). So what I'm asking to be done is just for the simple Shark outfit to be added, possibly as a reward from "Challenge scrolls" because lets face it... they don't have enough rewards in them. I'm also thinking that not only should each one give a little drop rate boost, but possibly have the whole set give an xp boost aswell. Boosts that should be added are listed here but are not at all what has to be added: (Drop rate boost of .1% per piece, and 1% for the whole suit, and also for the whole suit a 50% xp boost in all skills.) Like I said none of these really have to be added as it is just a suggestion. Anyways thanks a lot for reading this guys and I hope you like this suggestion as much as I do.
  12. Bountyhunter Apply for Server support

    About that 3 sentence thingy... you might wanna get that checked out.
  13. Soul assignments: SUGGESTION

    Hello guys, if any of you play Runescape 3, you will probably know what im referring to here. It is essentially a portal in runescape that takes you to death's office where you can get an assignment from him to harvest the souls of certain bosses. This is what I think would be a great add to the game to get new players to make money easily. It's pretty much just a slayer master but instead of giving monsters it gives bosses as assignments. The points you get from this can be used to get stuff like (and this is just a suggestion for items to get): White pets, or lites, or random stuff like that. Well anyways thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoy!