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  1. Sub-forum posting

    Hey there staff members, I have found that when opening up the sub-forums that have currently got 0 posts in them, it does not seem to be possible to put threads there? It would appear to be the case that the sub-forum needs to have a thread there first before you are able to submit. Thanks for your time -God
  2. Hey all! I think it would be nice for the new players in BeastPK if we put together a guide on getting 99 in each skill. I will start writing and adding to these, making sections for each skill, including tips, costs for getting to 99, average timescale etc. All useful contributions will be welcomed and most likely submitted to the guide. Thanks very much for your time:) -God
  3. Soul assignments: SUGGESTION

    I have not personally played much of RS3, however this does sound like a nice suggestion that could arguably bring more new players to the server (and keep existing ones). Good call Illu:)
  4. Donations

    Hey there. I was just doing my thing playing the game and I thought about perhaps donating. I decided to look around to find prices of ranks and donator perks etc but there is nothing really in place for new players to get this information. I would look to suggest implementing a list of perks for donators and a list of prices for specific ranks. Thank you -God / Ben