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  1. Castle Chest Glitch

    they actually were never disabled, i always used them in the past when introduced and still do to this day.
  2. How to get Camtasia for free.

    if ya leech you should give credit or not post it at all fam.
  3. Ehh Banned?

    follow the appeal format please.
  4. Comp cape

  5. Some Suggestions

    1. Prayer certainly is fast enough via burying, just put in the time 2. there's no difference and the dummy is more afk-able compared to penguins, and if you played when penguins were around you would know that one person could dominate all of them with mage. 3. just no. 4. you can box are the highrisk-arena similar to dicing as pjing and rushing is not allowed ( also wilderness works too ) 5. sure, why not. ( be sure to add suggestions on what you think should be in it not just revamped) 6. seems like a lazy excuse for players to not clean their bank out also if a player loses a valuable item they didn't know would be wiped they would cry, nah. 7. been working fine forever, nah. 8. sure. 9. a ton of "OP" items are certainly banned in edgeville feel free to make a suggestion on what you think should be banned there 10. i don't know about this one. it seems like it would make it could be majorly abused on the weekends with double drops afking with 2 people all day, also could cause some bugs. i'd have to say no. 11. a buy "x" feature certainly would be nice, but be aware that can and has caused many dupes and bugs in other servers, i wouldn't expect anything. 12. again, good idea... but elaborate on it more. "stuff" doesn't give any ideas.
  6. Appeal on ban

    what you did was still wrong, plus you lied about it opposed to just telling the truth, you dug your own grave. best of luck getting your ban appealed.
  7. Stygian Phat appeal

    you scammed and then you lied about it, no respect. sorry bud.
  8. Appeal Format

    This is the format you must use when appealing a punishment ANYTHING NOT FOLLOWING THIS FORMAT WILL NOT BE VIEWED AND THEREFORE NOT BE ACCEPTED What is your in-game name? - What was your punishment- Who Issued your punishment?- Why were you punished? (DO NOT SAY "IDK")- In your own words please explain why you thought doing said action that got you punished was acceptable and why you should not do it if the punishment is revoked: NOTE: If your punishment is permanent and you have no reason to appeal it, please do not waste the staff teams time! Please be patient when appealing, your appeal WILL be viewed and decided upon, thanks.
  9. Copenhagen Igm SS

    when randy's say they're relevant :DDDDDDDDD pillion.
  10. Connor App((SS)) UPDATED.

    no effort -1 clrd.
  11. Beastpk Update Log #22

    shut up roba.. and how exactly would POS work breh? the only thing i could see happening is some people putting in shit for WAYYYY above the price it actually is, and he had a good point. most of the time POS only works with well over 300 people, just my opinion though (:.
  12. Leonardo,Brunopk,Andrejrgomes

    yo wintery, before you type with your dirty ass cheeto covered fingers how about you read the rules first? okay honey bun? thanks appie, dear.
  13. Please get these children out of the wilderness. "no rules in multipk, check the rules" they said (: and check the rules we did. There's your video mourad (:
  14. Patrick :^)

    Name in real life: Patrick Ingame Name: Patrick Rank you're applying for: Server Support, Maybe? Age: 18 Timezone: UTC -6:00 Why did you decide to apply for staff?: The Server Needs Me. Have you ever been staff on another server? [Owner doesn't count]: Yes, including this one (: When did you first join Beastpk?: release. Are you planning to stay on beastpk for atleast 6 months?: If I need to, sure. Have you ever been banned on beastpk, other servers?: only on beastpk, for reasons known only to the real OG's If so what were you banned for?: Reason's that will not be released in this app, but people know What is your intention as a staff member? : To help remake the server to the wonder it was when i was staff (: Please in no less than 3 sentences explain why you would be a smart choice to be added as a part of the staff team: I plan to help remake the server as said above into the wonder i made it before i left. If given the chance i feel like i could, and since i already applied and i still have the preview app posted, i feel like i don't need to post as much as i did (: Tell us a little more about yourself: i was head of staff on this server, before i quit due to reasons that only the real og's of beastpk know. anyone who knows me, really knows me. but ey, the eco cleaners might be back boys (: