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Found 3 results

  1. forgot pin

    I was in school ind tried to login to beastpk i logged in and then the game asked me to write a pin, but i forgot the pin. Now im in home and my account is disabled. ign: Domke
  2. Recovery of Pin appeal

    What is your in-game name? - epiczxv What was your punishment- jail for pin lock Who Issued your punishment?- mellow2 Why were you punished? (DO NOT SAY "IDK")- Logged onto a different ac address after a long time and had forgetting my pin. Got jailed after getting it wrong too many times. Keep in mind i set my pin many months ago and hadn't ever used it since I always played on the same mac address. In your own words please explain why you thought doing said action that got you punished was acceptable and why you should not do it if the punishment is revoked: Said action was not acceptable as I had forgotten my pin which i created many many months ago. I will not do said action again as i will make sure to remember my pin for next time.
  3. I tried guessing my account pin when prompted with the message. after taking a month or longer break from this rsps, I couldn't remember my account pin. I tried guessing and guessing, which I think led to my account being disabled. I privately messaged a few mods from the forums, I'm still waiting for a return message. if anyone can help, thanks in advance. my GT is - drewcucs - thought that might help.