BeastPK Official Rules   IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NO EXCUSE! IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A PLAYER TO READ EACH AND EVERY RULE, ASWELL AS IF A STAFF MEMBER DECIDES A (LOOPHOLE) TO BE ABUSING THE SYSTEM, HE HAS FULL RIGHTS TO ACT UPON THAT PLAYER, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!   Section 1 : Wilderness   You may not perform a special attack with protect prayers on. A rush is simply, rushing someone without attacking him twice.
Attacking a person twice with a whip or other weapons, and then special attack is not a rush. Rushing at edge is allowed Castle and Throne do not have any rules. Except for luring. Luring is not allowed. Boosting is not allowed, doing so will result in a jail and ks reset.   Section 1.1 : Wilderness   Rushing with protect prayers on, is not allowed. (Jail after warning).
Rushing/Ragging any player with starter gear on. E.g. ::gear > dharok's, melee etc. (Jail after warning). Even if both in welfare gear. Once a player says off, you off.
You may not prod players in regular gear, rune, dharok. You need to ask for permission first. Before you can attack them. (Jail after warning).
Farcasting is not allowed at Edgeville. Farcasting once is allowed. More than once will be seen as a farcast. (Jail after warning).  Using any gear from ;;gear to rag someone and then go to safe spot and do it more than once and act like " I'm in welfare gear" is not allowed (jail after warning). Abusing 'Restore special' ability to use special attack twice  (running out of Wilderness  to restore special attack then rush again) is not allowed. (jail after warning).   Section 1.2 : HighRisk-Arena   1. PJ'ing in the high-risk arena is not allowed 2. Rushing in any form  in the high-risk arena is bannable. Make sure to record it, so further steps can be taken. 3.High risk pking in high risk arena, It's subjected to the rules you agree on, if anyone used different rules other than the ones agreed on, he will be banned or consider it as insta loss and he has to pay the risk. 4.Regular rules in arena means (no x2 spec weapon, no use karambs, dc=gb and same set used).   Section 2: Mutes - A player can be muted for any of the following offences. Each of these offences may have a varying mute duration depending on severity and the staff member issuing the punishment.   1. spamming 2. flaming 3. begging for items 4. staff disrespect 5. English only over yell and in the help cc. 7. Any Pedophile/child related jokes will be an instant 48 hour mute (no exceptions or appeals) (repeat offences is permanant mute)   Section 3: Jails - A player may be jailed for any of these following offences. Please note that there are other offences not mentioned that a staff member may take action for.   1. Any of the offences mentioned above if done enough. 2. Dicing for someone that does not own a dice permit. 3. Item scamming - minor 4. Minor bug abuse   Section 4: Bans - A player may be banned for any of these following offences.   1. Any of the offences mentioned above if done repeatedly or severe enough 2. Severe bug abuse- automatic permanent ban or account reset. 3. Server/player DDoS'ing-automatic permanent IP-macban other appropriate action may be taken. 4. Account hijacking-Automatic ban 5.VPN votes isn't allowed, ban after warning. 6. Advertising another server- Automatic ban
7. RWT IN ANY FORM IS - MACBAN (trading beastpkgp for other rsps gp) isn't allowed either. 8. Macroing - Using any form of 3rd party software to automatically do work for you such as an autoclicker will result in a ban. 9. Luring - counts as item scamming 10. Item Scamming - MAJOR offences 11. Account Sharing - Dont Do It 12.Account selling is bannable. 13. No charging to enter giveaways. (this is because people keep giving shit items after charging like 2b to enter) 13.Giving away more than 100b to friends, or players is not allowed. Items will be removed from the player who received it and player who gives will be permanently banned.     Section 5: Other Information - Information you should know about to prevent getting scammed.   1. If you are scammed by another player please provide appropriate evidence showing said scam, otherwise no action will be taken. 2. Any "player made" pking rules are not official BeastPK rules and will not be enforced. (unless proper proof is shown, refer to rule 1 above as this is classified as scamming.) 3. you do not have to receive a warning before a staff member takes action, consider this a warning. 4. Lending out items is at own risk. IF the person decides to not give back or dice it away it's your fault.           If you're unsure about any rules, private message ; any staff in game or use ;;ticket