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On 6/25/2017 at 0:39 AM, Mellow said:

Exact name of the item: (Sagittarian/Celestial armour) Sagittarian ammo that is stronger than rune arrows (useable in msb)

What shop should the item(s) be in: Damage shop

Price/amount of points or tokens it should be worth: (Sagittarian/Celestial armour 200m piece) (Sagitttarian ammo 2k/arrow)

Perhaps the bows and staffs as well.

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I think that there should be more items added to game. Half the things you get out of challenge scrolls you can't wear. I think there should be another type of mystery box in donator shop just like vote shops e chests, but a different kind(everyone loves to test the luck and thrills.also add chellenge scrolls to shop earned by pvm points? I think the pricelist should be wayyyy longer for how good this server is. Im going to do my best to donate as much money as i can to keep this server rockin. Server has so much potential and so many people have a eye on this server start upgrading alot pull out them polls. How much money you need? Ill help lol love this server addd addd addd..

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itsatrap    1

So Beast pk has been more of a pvm server imo ( atleast for me) Cause everyone knows I cant pk lolol but I think it would be cool if you could sell your drops to the I buy loots store and get decent money for it( when I say decent money I mean like 2/3 even 1/2 street price)  for instance Doomed claws go for 5b and everybody on the server has them. Yet they only go for 500m gp in the store. It would bring more money into the server and really wouldint hurt the eco for the simple fact that it is less then what the street price is atleast in my opinion. Some may not agree with this post but its just some feedback.

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