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Pricelist Updated 19/10/2018

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Lite Chaotic Rapier: 1b cash
Lite Chaotic Longsword: 1b cash
Lite Abyssal Whip: 1b cash



Undeg Rapier: 5b cash 
Undeg Whip: 5b cash
Undeg Longsword: 7b cash

Chaotic rapier (undeg)(rp): 5b
Chaotic longsword (undeg)(rp): 7b cash

Rogue Tokens: 15m each
Arena Tablets: 10k = 100m
Upgrade tokens: 1m = 5-10m
Pvp tokens: 1m = 10m
Bounty hunter tokens: 25m each
Damage tokens: 1m = 200m

Blood money: : 1k = 250-300m


Tormented Demon F*: 15b
White Octo: 500b
White Dragon 40b
White monkey 20b

Black octo: 1t+
Black dragon: 100b
Black monkey: 50b
Yellow/Gold Octo: 40b cash, 100b items
Yellow/Gold Dragon: 5b cash, 10b items
Yellow/Gold Monkey: 2b cash, 4b items
Red monkey: 50m
Red dragon: 150m
Red octo: 1b
Blue octo F*:  20b

Green Monkey:  5b
Green Dragon:  5b
Orange Octo:  20b
Orange Dragon:  10b
Orange Monkey:  5b
Xmas Monkey: 1 ingame
All Boss pets F*: 500m
Elemental snail: 150b cash, 300b+ items
Elemental golem: 300b cash, 600b+ items
Elemental hellcat: 400-600b cash, 2t+ items

Zaryte bow: 3b cash, 6b items
Ice torva: 150b items
Ice pernix: 60b items
Ice virtus: 60b items
Beasty Torva Set: 30b 
Beasty Virtus Set: 50-60b
Elite Pernix: 15-25b
Elite Virtus: 15-25b
Elite Torva: 30b

regular torva set: 9b
regular pernix set: 9b
regular virtus set: 9b
(Pieces hard to sell for all sets do math if you wanna sell pieces)


Upgraded items:
Upgraded Amulet of fury: 3b
Upgraded Divine: 1.5b
Upgraded Arcane: 1.1b
Upgraded Elysian: 1.2b
Upgraded Spectral: 1b
Upgraded Dragon dagger: 1b
(All unlisted upgraded items are worth their token values X10 but it only yields to some)

Razor Whip: 5b
Amulet of Glory: 3b
Korasi's Sword: 200m
Loyalty shield: 1b
Draconic visage: 1b
Glowiez: 50m
Dragon warhammer: 5-7b
Ornate Katana: 1b
Lite bolts: 3m/ea

Toxic Bolts: 50m/ea
Celestial Strings: 5-10b
Abyssal whip (Brutal): 3b
Flame gloves: 3b

Pvp box: 200m
Unstrung heavy ballista: 30b
Monkey tail: 15b
Haunted Scimitar: 100b
Flippers: 20b
Bow-sword: 20b
Bunny ears: 20b
Dragon hatchet: 3
b cash, 5b items
Dragon pickaxe: 3b cash, 5b items

Demonhorn Boots: 3b
Demonhorn boots [ice]: 5b cash -10b items
Demonhorn Boots [Fire]: 7b cash - 14b items
Heroic Demonhorn boots: 15b items

Primordial boots: 50b cash, 100b items
Pegasian boots: 50b cash, 100b items
Eternal Boots: 40b cash, 80b items


Beasty wings [Fire]: 
7b cash - 14b items
Beasty wings [ice]: 5b cash -10b items
Regular Beasty Wings: 5b cash - 10b items
Heroic Beasty Wings: 15b items
Demonic Aura Wings: 500m

Upgraded demonic aura wings: 1b cash, 2b items
Angelic Aura Wings: 500M
Upgraded angelic aura wings: 1b cash, 2b items
Armadyl wings: 15b cash -30b items
Ice Aura Wings: 3b

Zilyana Wings:  60b items
Pker's Cape (Wings): 200b
Tokhaar-kal: 3b

Ring of Zhalg: 5-10b

Ring of Asteaz: 5-10b
Ring of Khalik: 5-10b
Ring of Scorchzi: 5-10b
Ring Of Wealth (Enhanced): 50b cash, 100b items
Ring Of Wealth: 20b 

Virtus wand/book: 5b Each

Neon Set: 1,2t+

Party Hats: 5b each
Reg Hweens: 5b each
Colored Hweens: 15-18b each
Yellow Hween: 2b (max cash)
Colored Robins: 6-8b each
Santa Hat: 10-15b
L33T Phat: 200b cash, 400b items
Ice Phat: 10-15b

Black Phat: 10B
Ice H'ween mask: 10-15b

(Enchanted chest rares)
Enchanted chest: 200m
Enchanted key: 20-25m
Elite Pernix: 15-25b
Elite Virtus: 15-25b
Elite Torva: 30B

Black partyhat: 10b
Black H'ween mask: 10b
Neon set: 1,2t+
Blue octo F*: 20b

Damage Dummy Items:
Primal set: 100b+
Celestial set: 100b+
Sagitterian Set: 100b+

Donator Ranks:
Regular Donator (perm): 2.5b (Rogue tokens store)
Extreme Donator (perm): 7b cash
Legendary Donator (perm): 10b cash
Super donator (perm): 50b cash
L33t Donator [Loyalty member]: 90b cash

V.I.P Donator: 1t cash

L33t Corporeal Beast:
Doomed claws: 1b
Doomed Armor Set: 1b
Divine Spirit Shield: 500m
Arcane Spirit Shield: 150m
Elysian Spirit Shield: 200m
Spectral Spirit Shield: 100m
Dragon Sigil -  15b cash, 30b items

Zstorm Shillings: 10k gp each/100k = 1b (cash)
Undead Dagger: 20b cash, 40b items
Undead Bludgeon: 30b cash, 60b items
Light Ballista: 20b
Undead Staff: 20-30b
Infernal Pickaxe/Hatchet: 15b
Bonecrusher: 15b+
Assassins: 3b+ per piece
Primordial boots: 50b cash, 100b items
Pegasian boots: 50b cash, 100b items
Eternal Boots: 40b cash, 80b items


Illuminessence: 8-10b cash, 16-20b items
Sirenic set: 25b
Dragon and Golden Sirenic set: 25b
Dragon Sirenic dye: 5b
Golden Sirenic dye: 5b
RGB Torva: 300b-400b+
Tokhaar-Kal: 3b
Abyssal whip (Ice brutal): 500b+
Abyssal whip (Ice): 5b
Third Age Melee: 30b

Third Age Range: 20b
Third Age Magic: 15b

Heavy Ballista:  30b cash, 60b items
Trident Of The Swamp:  15b cash, 30b items
Starved Ancient Effigy:  200m
Tormented Whip:  100b cash, 200b items
Tormented Rapier:  200b cash, 500b items
Tormented Longsword:  400b cash, 1t items
Arclight Defender: 15b cash, 30b items
Toxic Crossbow: 300b items
Shield O'Wreckage: 200b
Sky-Dweller set: 3-4t

Earth-Dweller set: 5t
Twisted bow: 1t
Kodai Wand: 40-50b cash / 100b 

Tormented staff: 1,5t in items
Tormented blowpipe: 2t in items
Tormented wings: 2t items
Tormented shield: 4-5t in items
Tormented  bow: 1-2t in items
Crystallic whip: 4t+
Crystallic rapier: 5t+
Crystallic longsword: 6t+


Magma/Tanzanite helmet/Serpentine helmet: 7b cash, 15b items
Toxic Blowpipe: 50b cash, 100b items
Toxic staff of the dead: 2-4b
Zulrah scales: 1k = 300m


Donator store boxes:

Elemental Mystery box: 50b+
Mystery box: 5b
Super Mystery box: 15b
Legendary Mystery box: 25b+

Pet box: 100b cash / 200b items



Donator Rewards:
Redeems: 100m cash -200m items
Elder Maul: 70-100b cash, 200-300b items
Dinhs Bulwark: 80-100b cash, 200b items
Toxic blowpipe: 100b cash, 200b items
Neon set: 1,2t+
Solari set: 600b items
Dark lord set: 250b cash, 500b items
Fluressence: 70-100b cash, 300b items
Celestial Amulet Mage: 50b cash, 100b items
Celestial Amulet Melee: 50b cash, 100b items
Celestial Amulet Range: 50b cash, 100b items
Wicked Claws : 15b cash, 30b items

Infernal Cape: 70-80b cash, 200b items
Drop Catcher: 90b cash, 150b items

Lava Santa Hat: 150b
Lava Party Hat:  150b
Lava H'ween mask: 150b
Sled: 500b
Mystery Box: 5-10b
Super Mystery Box: 15b
Dice Permit - 60B


Voting rewards:
Voting book: 200m
Xp lamp: 200m

Donator (24h): 400m
Vote h'ween: 64b cash
Vote Party hat: 84b cash



Attacker heirloom level 1 :- 20b

Defender Heirloom level 1 :- 5b cash, 10b items
Healer Heirloom level 1 :- 5-7b
Collector Heirloom level 1 : 100b cash - 200b items

Elemental heirloom level 1 : 6680b cash or 6.68t cash (if you make it yourself by using all heirlooms lvl 5 on eachother)


Note:- Level 2+ Heirlooms, add the amount of redeems and cash it takes to upgrade.


If we missed anything please contact Staff ingame

Last Edit: 30/12/2018 By Cheezmo

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Hey Michel, no offence intended at all but there are a lot of spelling mistakes throughout the guide. If I was to tweak them would you be able (or rather, would you be willing) to repost the fixed list?

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I will correct all the spelling mistakes but great job Michel much more accurate now! :)


















I love Zonox like a husband

Edited by Zonox2k
Was needed.

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I don't agree with the tormented spirit shield price, because heroic wings cost just as much redeems, and imo i'd rather have a tormented spirit shield than heroic wings.


Also, I don't think anyone would sell ice pieces for 50b each.

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alot of the prices are as they are simply because the amount ingame is to low to 100% determine therefore some items are just approximate guesses, 

ice torva was based on the fact its not much better than standard torva but rarity and cosmetic value makes it valuable.... after looking at beasty torvas price we realised ice would cost more... but probably not to much more.... so 150b for full ice or 50b per piece seemed to be the safe option.


angelics are left at 5b due simply to rarity and because lowering it could really cause economical problems in the longrun


if your buying expensive items like Tormented ss or ice nex you probably should just ask players ingame as those items prices fluctuate alot based on seller.


The concept is in low numbers 50-150 u can buy redeems 100m each easily... so overtime you can make larger amounts from those smaller amounts and eventually after spending 75b in redeems you can buy that shield.... so 75-100b is probably going to be the price tormented ss settles at over time.

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