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Beastpk Update Log #33 (Major)

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+ Demonic Gorilla


Demonic Gorilla is the newest slayer addition Beastpk.

To unlock Demonic Gorilla you need 25 Slayer Task Points and 98 slayer.
Once you unlocked it you enter the Demonic Lair by going to the slayer cave.

The demonic gorillas switch prayers at a chance of 1/3. If they're on melee prayer you're not able to hit it.
So you require to bring 3 styles of attack methods to kill it.

Demonic gorillas are a new requirement on the regular completionist cape. Check the completionist stand to check how many kills you need!


What do they drop?

Find out yourself!


+ Neon (New Best In-Slot Mage Gear)


With solari, dark lord, we now have the best in-slot mage gear.

Your first question may be, how do I obtain it?
By opening enchanted chests or purchasing it through our website store.

There's a 1 in 100K chance you get a neon mage piece.

In the future, we'll add different ways to obtain neon, so stay tuned.


+ Kraken (New Map Data & Combat)


Kraken will still have the same drops, in fact its drops have been buffed, which you will find out more about reading the update log.

Enough about its drops, Kraken was in an odd place, it really didn't look nice, so we decided to use its actual osrs map data.
As well as slightly editing its combat script. You now have to kill all 4 tentacles to be able to kill the kraken.

Check it out : 



+ Healing Box


The healing box has been a controversial part of Beastpk, you were able to get your spec instantly without any timers nor payment.

We've changed that, from now on the spec timers apply like we had on ;;spec. So when healing you now have to wait a certain amount of time depending on your rank.
You also can't relog to gain your special attack back, we've fixed that issue. So now you're gonna have to wait before you rush, friend.

With this we've removed the ::spec command. Don't worry riskers, you wont have to all the way back to home to regain your special, we've added the healing box in the risk arena.


+ Loyalty Member Renamed (L33t Donator)


It was weird, we've had all the donator names named as donator and suddenly there's a "loyalty member".
It didn't fit so I've decided to rename loyalty member to l33t donator officially, as people were also confused what rank it was.
With that, I've also noticed how l33t donators never had a pre-set title on yell, so we've added a pre-set title for it.


+ My Info (Task Tab)


The option on your task tab, never really displayed that much, especially the monster kills.
We've changed that so it displays more info.

Check out the following GIF.



+ Guide Book (Frequently Asked Questions)


Me and the staff team are kind of tired answering the same questions every day.
We've added a guide book with frequently asked questions on it. So new players will have it a bit easier when they start off Beastpk.


+ A New Server Look


This may sound like a big update, but it's a really small one.
I feel like Beastpk its colors were too 'fruity' too many colors, rainbowish which is really bad for a server.

I decided to give most server announcement a house color, meaning they all will have the same color scheme.


+ General Nerfs/Buffs


- Slayer master's absorb and defense has been nerfed.
- Doomed Armor absorb & strength nerfed.
- Dinh's bulwark accuracy buffed, damage nerfed.
- XP Lamp given XP has been nerfed.
- Flambeed instance has been changed from 1B to 50M.

+ Drop Rate Buffs


- Celestial string drop rate increase from 0.4% to 0.7%
- Celestial amulets drop rate increased from 0.2% to 0.25%
- Toxic staff of the dead drop rate increased from 0.25% to 0.6%
- Toxic blowpipe drop rate increased from 0.15% to 0.2%
- Zulrah coins drop amount increased from 5-10m to 5-15m
- Elder maul drop rate increased from 0.15% to 0.2%
- Dinh's bulwark drop rate increased from 0.2% to 0.24%
- Solari drop rate increased from 0.22% to 0.24%
- Beasty drop rate increased from 0.5% to 0.6%
- Virtus/Pernix ice pieces drop rate decreased from 0.35% to 0.33%
- Torva ice pieces drop rate increased from 0.15% to 0.25%
- All golden pet drops from abyssal demon drop rate increased by 0.10%
- Challenge scrolls (from rock crab) drop rate has been decreased from 19% to 5%
- Frost dragon several drops have been removed


+ Bug fixes & Additions

- Spec command has been officially removed.
- Spec doesn't restore upon relogging.
- Granite maul special attack has been fixed, it now instant specials when switching to another weapon (think claws to ags).
- Removed Avatar & Hope instance.
- Corporeal Beast instance added.
- Demonic gorilla regular completionist cape requirement : 1500 kills.
- Zulrah trimmed requirement : 750 kills.
- Loyalty member renamed to l33t donator.
- L33t donators now have the pre-set title on yell.
- Zulrah npc removed from home (Zulrah is available on pvm teleports).
- Server messages have been rewritten. (Old ones were bad).
- Removed the annoying LP dialogue. Instead it just gives you the loyalty point.
- Rewrote vote exchange dialogue.
- Ancient sword is now 2H.
- Completionist teleport has been removed due to people abusing it. (Teleporting to instances).
- "Donate" has been renamed to store, let's be real the whole 'donate' thing was never really 'donate'. It's purchasing virtual items. That's the reason for the rename.
So if you'd like to purchase redeems or items, use the command ;;store (;;donate will still work since people will just get confused).
- Wilderness Bosses have been removed.
- All wilderness rings have been reset.
- Nomad will now officially drop all wilderness rings.
- It now says if you lost in flower poker (Wasn't telling you, you lost at first).
- When playing black jack it's now clear what the other person rolled, and what he stayed at. So there's no confusion anymore.
- L33t donator store npc has been removed, l33t store is now at santa.


Thanks for taking the time to check out the update log. Hope you guys will enjoy the update!


Kind regards,



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