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Edgeville's Blacklist

Edgeville's Blacklist  

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  1. 1. Do you want to be able to blacklist a User that you don't want to fight? (This would only apply in Edgeville)

    • Yes
    • No

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From my point of view you shouldn't be looking at how the 'new' players find it fun as it'll only give short-term solutions. The main problem about the wilderness are the rushers not the raggers, as there's rules about that in meanwhile rushing there's only 'no protection prayers'. Like really the only problem new players have are the rushers? I'm not a huge fan of ragging nor rushing but if you're really going to go short-term then I can say that litterally all you have to do is to remove the spec refill from the chest.

To be quite legit uh you can avoid ragging easily and there's rules applied to it aswell so ragging shouldn't be brought up as an argument to add the blacklist. If you're getting ragged due to risk - remove it or go to arena, if you're getting ragged because no one likes you ( @Rek3dge ) - change to dh/rune. If you want to fight with master slayer or w/e go to noprod. 

Looking from a bigger POV, if you'd add the blacklist it MIGHT actually make people come back into the wilderness but considering the amount of raggers I would say that it'd be a huge risk to add because it'll drive them away which means their 'fun' in the wildy is no longer. You'd be forcing them to eventually pk normally like any other person but then everyone would have them on their blacklist so rip? 

The root of the argument is truly the rushers and again the problem lays within the nurse. 

My voice in the end is 60/40 due to the fact it might actually kill the wilderness and not resurrect it. But w/e doubt i'll be blacklisted so lets be selfish and +1 :D 

Remove the nurse and it'll be over :) 

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-1, Just Remove Slayer armour out of edge like you did with beasty torva + doom shields etc.. shouldn't be allowed in edge.

In my opinion if you remove these 2 things edge gonna be alive, people can still rush but with ;;gear or with risk armour, also they can rag with other armour than slayer. :) Most of pkers just complain about slayer armour i got 99 slayer  and i hate wear slayer armour in edge lol

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The thing that ruins pking imo is slayer armour/fluressence/doomed claws obviously you cant remove fluressence cause then that would make the item completely useless and make it frustrating for people who donated for it, bought it or grinded for it.

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