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Beastpk Update Log #34 (Major)

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Beast    427

+ Drop Catcher

The drop catcher will catch your drop and send it to your inventory.
If your inventory is full, it will send the items to the bank.
You're able to start catching drops by clicking on the item and adding drops to your drops list.
You can filter what drops you want to pick-up, that way you wont pick-up useless items.

The drop catcher is available through the website store at ;;store or clue scroll caskets.

GIF of how it works: 


+ Well of Goodwill

Well of Goodwill is at home, close to the loyalty points chest.
Every 1 bills bag the whole server will get increased multipliers for 2.5 Minutes. As well as 0.01% increased XP & 0.01 increased drop rate.
The Well of Goodwill can contain up to 60 bill bags.

GIF of how it works:


+ Skeletal Dragon

New wilderness boss has been released, to kill skeletal dragons go to the PvM - Teleports (Last Page).
It's Multi-Dangerous, so watch out for teamers!
Skeletal dragon will drop the newly released Infernal Cape, which will be the best in-slot cape.
Ofcourse, it will also drop the pet and other rare drops. Make sure to examine the boss.

The dragon is weak to Range

+ Dwarven Rock Cake Revamp

Made it so you can't die from a dwarven rock cake.
You can now set your HP instead of annoying clicking on the Cake.

GIF of how it works:


+ Redeems Store Revamp

The way Santa & Redeems store worked was very confusing. People didn't understand how to navigate through it and didn't even know what redeems were.
We've given redeems store its own shop, and have added more items to the redeems store making redeems more valueable.
You will now only be able to open the Donator store, L33t Donator store and upgrade your donator rank at Santa.
All donator ranks are now obtainable through the redeems store. You don't have to upgrade from super to l33t through santa, instead you can just buy the rank token.

+ Redeems Store Additions

- Elite Nex Set - 1500 Redeems
- Ice Nex Set - 3000 Redeems
- Undead Dagger - 1500 Redeems
- Undead Bludgeon - 1250 Redeems
- Toxic staff of the Dead - 500 Redeems
- Trident of the Swamp - 500 Redeems
- Magma Helm - 750 Redeems
- Tanzanite Helm - 750 Redeems
- Lava Santa Hat - 1500 Redeems
- Lava Partyhat - 1500 Redeems
- Lava h'ween mask - 1250 Redeems
- L33t Partyhat - 4000 Redeems
- Ice Partyhat - 400 Redeems
- Super Dontor - 500 Redeems
- L33t Donator - 900 Redeems
- V.I.P Donator - 10000 Redeems

GIF of the new Redeems Store:


+ Website Store Additions

- Drop Catcher - 40$
- Infernal Cape - 100$

+ New Items

GIF of the new Items In Beastpk


- L33t Donator
- V.I.P Donator
- Lava Santa Hat
- Lava Partyhat
- Lava h'ween mask
- Infernal Cape

+ New Completionist & Trimmed Requirements

- Regular Completionist Cape

- Kraken has been changed from 25 to 750 kraken kills.
- Celestial Dragon is now a regular completionist requirement.
- Kill Tekton 500x.
- Kill Olmlet 250x.

- Trimmed Completionist Cape

- Make 500 special restores.
- Cut 1500 dragon stones.
- Smelt 1000 rune bars.
- Catch 500 chinchompas
- Rob 1000 rogue chests (added back in the list)
- Kill 1500 abyssal demon (ice)
- Kill 1500 abyssal demon (fire)

+ New Pets

- Tekton Pet
- Olmlet Pet
- Skeletal Dragon Pet

+ Item Stats & Nerfs

- Slayer master's cape strength slightly nerfed
- Max Cape has been buffed (Is now stronger than slayer cape)
- Magic shortbow nerfed
- Magic longbow nerfed
- Heavy ballista accuracy/damage slightly nerfed
- Dinh's bulwark accuracy/damage slightly nerfed
- Wildy slayer armor same stats as regular slayer master's but with better range bonusses
- Toxic staff of the dead stats
- Trident of the swamp stats

+ Bug Fixes / Additions

- Duel arena overall bug fixes (Making it look clean)
- L33t party hat placement on head fixed
- Fire cape texture was going super fast, has been fixed.
- Dying in a Beasty Instance doesn't keep you at 0 HP anymore.
- Removed the scratch ticket yell.
- VIP Donator drop rate changed to 0.25%
- Right click mute fixed for staff.
- Removed the Edgeville teleport option at ;;home
- Replaced edgeville teleport with pvm teleports

Updates that are coded in, but not implemented. (Not used in-game)

+ Duel Arena

Full duel arena, added in with custom options such as e.g abyssal whip only.
Added a feature to toggle duel arena.

+ Edgeville Blacklist

How does this work?

By adding someone to your blacklist, he/he is not able to attack you, nor are you able to attack him/her.
The Edgeville blacklist only works in Edgeville. If you're outside the boundary of Edgeville e.g ancient throne, castle. People on your Blacklist can attack you and vice versa.


NOTE: IF you lost your L33t donator status, make sure to PM "Beast" or any other Staff member in-game.

Hope you all enjoy the update :D

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