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Synkxtra's SS application

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Synkxtra    48

- You must have a post count of atleast 30 on the Beastpk forums.  - Check
- Your ingame time must be atleast 2 days. - Check
- You have to have decent english at the least. - Check
- Have skype or are able to get it.  - I can download it again
- Must have joined Beastpk 1 or more months ago.  - Check

Ingame Name: Synkxtra

Rank you're applying for: Server Support 


Age: 27-06-1998 19 Years old


Timezone: UTC+02:00 Norway

Why did you decide to apply for staff?: I decided to apply for staff due I feel 2 staff's for a server like this isn't enough, we do have some server supports but they aren't really on at all. Just being honest. 


What is your relationship with the current staff members?: I think my current relationship with the staff's now is really good, I have never had anything agaisnt them and they both do their jobs correctly from what I've seen.

Have you ever had fights with current staff members?:  Atleast I cant remember fighting with any of the staff's that's been around here on the server once. 


Do you like the current staff members?: I do, but it's only 2 staff member active, I do know we have another server support that's rearly on. (Not trying to start anything on this post here, just from what I've seen)


Have you ever been staff on another server? [Owner doesn't count]: Is this only RS related servers? But I'll write it down anyway's:

  • Last-Resistance.co.uk - Jailbreak Head-Admin
  • Last-Resistance.co.uk - KZ/Climb Server-Manager
  • Last-Resistance.co.uk - Bunnyhop Head-Admin
  • The-Crackers.net - Minigames Admin
  • ZeroGravity.bplaced.net - Minigames Head-Admin
  • Burst.lv - Deathrun Admin
  • VidianGaming.net - Co-Owner (Know this doesn't count but savage)

(All of those server's here is CSGO related)

When did you first join Beastpk?: Not quiet sure when I joined, been here for like a half year?

Are you planning to stay on beastpk for atleast 6 months?: I do, hopefully something doesn't stop me from being here longer.


Lets say your bank is 1t and you get cleaned, will you quit the game?: Like I say to all the people on the server, I really don't care that much about pixels. And I dont gamble so I dont think I will be cleaned that easily unless someone hacks my account.

Have you ever been banned on beastpk, other servers? If so what were you banned for?:  I haven't been banned from any rs server's which is good I guess.

What is your intention as a staff member?: Mainly try to make the server a better place for everyone and punish the people who doesn't comply to the server rules we have.


Please in no less than 3 sentences explain why you would be a smart choice to be added as a part of the staff team: Ehm, I think I would be a smart choice due i'am good experienced with having powers on a server. (Dont wanna make this cocky and brag, lol) And I do know how to handle different situations and I really dont get stressed out when I have to punish someone, because i've done it before. 


Tell us a little more about yourself: Well, I do live in Norway, my summer vication is soon over, so back to work soon. My real name is actually Kenneth. I'am a really chill person to speak with, not quiet sure what more to say other then I like to be active and be out with friends and stuff like that. I would love to speak with the people on the server here on the discord but not many people are speaking on discord so.


What would you do? :


1. A player say's that they have been scammed; what do you do? The first thing I would ask is: Who scammed you, and what did the take? When you're on a server like this it's actually really hard to get the proofs needed to punish someone for scamming (unless if the person got screenshots or a video)  If you do have a video that would help alot, becuase then the staff's would be able to see what acutally happend. If he doesn't have proofs at all I would just tell him/her to send a messege to Beast on the forums.

2. Your friend is online and they are breaking a rule; What do you do?  Whenever I see someone rushing with melee/pray I always run up to them and say: Prayspec? And it's usally becuase they forgot they had it on, or they tought they switched when they rushed. This has happend too me before as-well, good thing I always stop attacking that person for the rest of the day if I accidently pray when I rush them. Sorry, this was kinda off-topic. But if I see someone that I know and they're breaking the rules, I do send them a messege and tell them they should't do that due it's agaisnt the rules. 

3. There's an argument over yell and its gets out of hand what will you do? Tell them to stop, if not, they'll get a mute. Simple as that.

4. A player is needing assistance with things you do not have access to, to assist them what do you do? First thing I would do is try to see if there is any staff members online, if not, I tell him/her you just need to wait for a staff member to come on. And I also tell them to add Beast, Pvm and Mellow2 so they know when they're online.


My playtime: 89ff0488ea59467d201e625db1fd5d9d.png

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Synkxtra    48

Feel free to decline this application, I feel like it should be someone else then me, due I work shifts, I work in the morning's, afternoon and night shifts, and I work 4 12 hours shifts in a month so wont be able play as much as some other's can :) I have been on alot this week here it's because I get a week off every month due the 12 hours. 

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