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Notice: This is feedback that I hope you'll consider either adding, removing or taking another look at since it's really something that annoys me. If I didn't make my point clear feel free to ask me about it and i'll try my very best to do so, this however is mainly only my opinion of how we can improve Beastpk. 


1. Wilderness

Earlier today when I was PK'ing I noticed that there was alot of rushers compared to actual PK'ers, so I decided to anti-rush the rushers. Now most of the rushers here if not all were in rune whilst I were in dharok's so I started anti-rushing everyone I could see, I killed and got killed many times which is expected. However, after a while when one of the rushers I rushed became tired of me anti-rushing him (preventing him to rush his actual target which ofcourse was a risker) for some reason said that I can't rush him if he says "off". So as I continue doing it because that'd be retarded he continues further to contact Pvmzills, whereas he warned me and said the same thing. So to my point: for this to be illegal it must be considered "ragging" (unless there's some other unlogical reason behind it) now I can understand not being allowed to rag someone in welfare, but anti-rushing which btw means "Rushing the Rushers" is not in the same category as ragging. Saying that I can't anti-rush him because he's in rune is retarded  not because i'm trying to annoy him but to avoid him to rush the persons he's trying to rush. This all really is like saying "You can't anti-rush someone in rune". And that is completely dumb. Not being able to anti-rush someone beacuse the person is in rune is dumb because you'll become "un-rushable" which means you can non-stop rush whoever risker you want how much you want but if someone rushes you they can end up getting punished. Anti-rushing no matter what gear the rusher and antirusher is in should definetly be allowed. It's the same as saying "I'm going to rag in spawned gear, but if u rag me ill get u jailed)


2. Staff Related

I will now officially make a rant about things that annoys me that are staff related.

-A) I think we've all noticed how supporters have jail, mute and other commands but they do not have the simple command "kick". Now I can assure you, as important as mute and jail is it's way weaker than kick. Being able to kick someone is more helpful than you think as it'll be needed incase someone gets bugged or w/e it could possibly be. Kick can be abused yes but so can jail and mute, and anyone in the right mindset that would love to abuse someone would jail or mute to cause the most harm towards the person. Having supporters able to kick and not only moderators+ is something that would benefit so insanely much for those who are in need of it. As we fair can say, there's more supports than any other rank - for extra ability to help make supporters able to kick people. 

Moderators not being able to IPban is also quite retarded, moderators are expected to be trusted with IPbans, mutes etc... but no here that's an admin command for some reason. If you don't trust your moderatores enough to give them a command which can help by alot such as advertisers and so on then you shouldn't promote them to mod in the first place. Ipban is one of the most useful commands that a moderator can possibly have. 

-B) As there's been many discussions and complaints that the community truly is toxic and we can all see that it is. There are simply ways that can lower the amount of toxicity by ALOT. Now this method is used on plenty of servers and whether or not you will think it'll be like copying those servers you will notice that those servers have a less toxic community than Beastpk have. What I am talking about is staff members not having access to logs at any time. Beast is the only member who has access to logs which is completely 100% the only reason as to why the community is so retarded as it causes so many problems. Because the staff members who isn't beast does not have access to the logs there is no way they can find proof of any rule-breaking whatsoever, which means - if a player is breaking rules someone HAS to report it for them to be punished. And a simple report is not enough, you NEED PROOF for it to be valid. And that right there my friends is the mistake. Needing to have proof to report someone is what encourages people to break rules in the first place. As they think "wow there's no staff member online or around so unless this noobs reports me im gonna be fine lolololo". Whether you think im stupid or not this is really one of the most annoying things on Beastpk that can be solved so very easily. To prevent people from feeling like they aren't gonna get reported so they can break rules like flaming all you need to do is to give some lower ranked staff members (whether that'd be admin, mod, support) access to the logs. That means that every report you get, you will not need proof to do something about it you can just check the logs and it'll decrease the amount of rule breaking by alot. Depending on what logs you will be giving out you will also notice that you'll have a extra benefit of finding rule breakers that haven't been reported. This means you will be able to take care of ANY report that comes in as long as you have the right logs for it. 

-C) Warnings - the amount of warnings you give out depending on what rule that's been broken like pray specing, farcasting and whatever is stupid. I'm not saying that one specific staff member gives out this amount of warnings but i'm talking about it combined. I have no idea if you ever note down somewhere if someone has gotten warned but if you do so you should really take another look. Under my time i've noticed that the same person's has been warned about the same rule multiple times without getting the actual punishment. Not one specific person but multiple. That mainly being stuff that happens in the wilderness such as the most broken ones (ragging and pray specing). My point here is that you should and most definetly should start with is to note down each and every warning that you give to every player so the same person don't get warned for the same thing from multiple staff members. 


3. Forum Staff Related

I see that there's a forum administrator rank here but I can not possibly see any forum moderators. With the amount of players Beastpk have where alot uses the forum it's expected to have someone moderate and administrate the site. Now if you haven't noticed the amount of spam people do here and there and gravedigging and blahblahblah is because the forum really has no rules. Now you can simply guess that the official Beastpk rules goes for the forum aswell on the server but apparently not. It might be, but seeing that there's no 'active' or well atleast someone that gives a shit about how clean the forum is we can say that there are no rules on here. Being one of those people who really loves having the access to communicate with the rest of the community via the forums it's sad to see how many rules people break in a post that are just being ignored. Whether that'd be due to the fact that theres no forum moderators or that you just dont care about it, it's not very fun to see. It's as annoying to see someone spamming in-game as it is to have someone spamming with posts to boost up their post counts. 


Sorry if there's alot of typos and shit, haven't been focusing on the typing. 


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Beast    423
1 hour ago, 360 said:


server supports should be able to kick, ive had many pm's asking for me to kick them, i can only reply 'i cant kick' or 'ask pvmzills or mellow2' 

Have you also reported why they needed a "kick"? So we can fix the issue.

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