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Vet rank rewards

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`Swagtastic`    142

So we all know that to get vet rank in here is quite pain "90 days ig time". And i was thinking if maybe there can be any kind of rewards to everyone hit 90 days, this will actually make players more active because they know that there is cool shit waiting for them.

You can even make custom weapon/armour to only vets and make it untradeable or even an are for vets with cool shits on. so many ideas about this actually but the main idea is rewarding vets. what y'all think?

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Getting a unique icon is good enough for the rank itself, afterall the purpose is to show that you're actually a 'active veteran', not a rank where you get a bunch of benefits. 

Ofcourse majority of the people who already got the rank will agree because who doesn't like extra benefits? But in the end, adding new items just to show that someone has reached 90 days ingame time alongside with the icon is just a waste of time, especially when there's already a veteran cape & hood in the loyalty shop.

Pretty pointless to add, whether or not it'd promote people to be more active, it's to show your loyalty towards the server.

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Mellow    89

It has already been confirmed by Beast that he would never add benefits to veterans, the rank is good enought as it is and there's no more need of that.

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