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Banned :/

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What is your in-game name? - Runtoheven.


What was your punishment- Banned (most likely for life)


Who Issued your punishment?- Either Beast or an Admin.


Why were you punished? (DO NOT SAY "IDK")- Attempting to buy BeastPK gold.


In your own words please explain why you thought doing said action that got you punished was acceptable and why you should not do it if the punishment is revoked:

Alright, I get what you're all thinking, auto decline. Yes, I DID attempt to buy beastpk gold about A MONTH AGO (DELETED LINK) but all the people there were absolutely shit and tried scamming.

Told me things like "go first with all the money", etc. I NEVER BOUGHT ANY GOLD FROM THERE ON. Today, I got a skype message saying he'll go first with 300% higher rates, and 200% less money. Now tell me:

You get rich, but then lose it all from a smite (rip). Someone messages you that they are willing to go first, pay 300% more than you asked, and 1/2 the price. Who wouldn't at least think about it?

Yeah, buying beastpk gold is bad, but with that amount and that cheap cash, I could get at least 10 people on beastpk to take that deal. Saved up over 100b in cash and items, just to get banned. 


If you think I'm lying about me getting smited for bank, check my trade logs and find a guy who traded me an illuminessence (not what I got smited for) after he killed me. Ask him what he smited me for. (Forgot the name of the guy) (Over 100b+ of hard earned money)


I hope you can understand and revoke my punishment.


Thanks, runtoheven.



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